What is your name?
Lydia Singer



What is your genre of music?
Commercial music



Give us a little bio about you.
15 year old recording artist who writes her own music



What made you go in to music?
Always enjoyed singing and songwriting and hope to one day have a job doing one or both



Are you a signed?
Not at the moment



You released your new single ‘ Wreckless” , tell us more about it.
Wreckless was my second release from my EP “Just Being 15” and got to no.15 in the music week club charts. It was the third song I’d ever written in a recording studio with a producer.



What was the writing process like?
The writing process was loads of fun, my producer wrote an awesome instrumental and I wrote the top line melody and lyrics to go with it.



What was the recording process like?
I’d already previously had recording experience at the age of 11 recording a track that had been co-written for me by Rob Davis, who wrote Kyle Minogue’s famous hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, so I knew what to expect but recording a song is always an exciting process.



You also have your new EP ‘Just Being 15’, tell us more about it.
‘Just Being 15’ is the first EP I’ve released. It came out on July 28th and it included the song ‘Push Bang Bang’ which got to no.9 in the music week club charts back in April 17 and that’s my third club chart success.



Describe each track in two words.
MTY – Fun and Bright
Wreckless – Sultry and Mysterious
PBB – Quirky and energetic
Higher – Youthful and Sweet
Come Alive – Summery and Lively





Tell us about the writing process.
The writing process was great because each track was so different making it instantly have a different vibe and sound. I always found the writing process enjoyable and exciting.



Tell us more about the recording process.
The recording process would usually be when I might decide I want to change something, maybe a lyric or a melody to make the song sound better, so the recording process would be different every time.




Will you be touring this year or have any shows coming up? If so where will you be heading?
On the 16th of September I am performing during London Fashion Week at the House of Ikons evening show where I will be performing ‘Truth Hurts’ a song from my next EP ‘Rebellious Teen’. I will also be performing at the House of Ikon Cambridge show which is part of the Cambridge Roar on September 23rd.



Tell us what is next for you.
Next for me is gigging to increase my followers because fan base is really important to be successful in this industry. I will also be doing some more writing.



What is it like juggling Music with School?
Juggling music with school can sometimes be tricky, especially going into my final GCSE year. I keep music to my weekends and school holidays and focus on my studies during the week.



What advice would you give to others who are the same age and doing music and school?
My advice would be to work hard. Try and get all your homework and school projects done during the week or if given for the weekend then try and squeeze it in where you can. The way I look at it is if you like doing music bad enough you’ll find the time for your other important work.



Do you play any instruments?
I’ve played piano since a young age, I started doing the grades but had to give it up during grade 6 as I found I simply didn’t have enough time. However I will always love playing the piano and will continue to write songs with it.




Who are your influences?
I’ve always loved Ariana Grande, the way her vocals can go high and sound so effortless, I’ve also recently just started taking a liking to Charlie Puth with his new album ‘Attention’ as I think it has really amazing tracks on it.



How do you get inspiration to write songs?
My inspiration to write songs is all around me. I usually write songs about what I’ve witnessed happen to other people and how it affects them.



Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
I would like to think that in five years I would be a successful recording artist who writes her own music and maybe also writes music for other singers.



When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
When I’m not doing music I’m either studying or hanging out with my friends.



Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?
I would love to one day perform at the O2 arena in London to a great audience.





Would you be up for more collaborations? if so can artists contact you and where to contact you?
I would definitely be up for more collaborations. If an artist would like to contact me then please direct message me on my socials.





If you could collaborate with one UK /USArtists or Band who would it be? If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?

My U.K artist choice would be Elle Eyre because I think her voice is incredible and my U.S artist choice would have to be Charlie Puth.



What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
When I was little I would sing songs such as ‘At Last’ or ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ (Eva Cassidy arrangements) but I also loved listening to Beyoncé’s songs or whatever was played on the radio.



What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
I think the best advice that I’ve been given is to always be original, original is trendy.




What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
Advice I would give to an aspiring musician is to not be put back if someone doesn’t like your sound or you style because at the end of the day you’re not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea.



When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Lyrics, backing tracks, sustain pedal (if needed for piano), Arizona ice tea – (peach), positive vibes



You work with Forever PR, how did that come about?
Forever PR contacted me, but my Mum was looking around for a PR agency at the same time.



Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
All my social media accounts go by the name of @lydiasingerhq . This includes Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
Also feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel lydiasingerhq. My website 

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