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It is founded by myself, Gemma, as an independent music blog that promotes bands and artists around the world. We created MusicOTFuture to provide a platform for independent artists and bands to share their music for free. As part of this, I publish interviews, reviews, takeovers, and many other features along the way. Since March 2014, I have worked with artists/bands and PR companies worldwide. I have also worked with well-known artists and bands. For this I have been shortlisted and nominated for awards such as Young Business Person Of The Year 2018 and the U.K. Blog Awards. I have also done interviews with web based magazine Stereotribe, Nashville Voyager and Canvas Rebel Magazine.

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In 2012 I started to promote an unsigned Artist called ‘Jessica Bell’ from then on i have continued to, in 2014 of March I decided to set up my own promotions company which I started up online via Social Media and now I help a lot more great artists and bands, MusicOTFuture is a Social Media promotion page which are on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr,Vero and this website. I promote up and coming talent whether to be Music, themselves or gigs etc. I also will promote signed artists if they want their music heard more. This is Run by Me Gemma,I am very interested in the Music Industry.