What is your name?
Hey! My name is Cindy Sterling.

What is your genre of music?
I make all types of music, I don’t think you can put it into a box, but I make pop! My latest album that just released has been compared to Lana Del Rey & Taylor Swift but I think it might just be the writing style being very story telling. The sound I think is one unique to its own Cindy Sterling sound, you’ve gotta listen to the album and future releases to get what I mean. Keep an eye out for the next single “Shut My Eyes” releasing either in January or February 2024 as of right now: it’s going to change the direction of my music going forward.

Give us a little bio about you.
My name is Cindy. I love pop, but I also every genre of music – house music, disco, rock, alternative, pop punk, jazz, rap, classical music. I think my life’s purpose while I’m alive is to make art, music, spread love, awareness about things we quite often ignore of could better at; and just to the best I can to practice forgiveness and vibrate at a higher frequency that can tune into others lives and hopefully make a ripple change of effect that’s for the better in some way.

What made you go into music?
I think I struggled with a lot of darkness in my life growing up – from to physical abuse from people who ‘loved’ me, mental abuse, running away from home, other forms of abuse that should only be saved for those in a mutual romantic connection, I’ve struggled with suicide in the past, a ton of heartache from love, family situations and even friendships – but I’ve pushed forward the best I can, surprising myself sometimes, being as positive as I possibly can while looking to my love for music to keep me going. Music has been a saviour for me and God. I hope that while I’m on earth I get to make as much music as possible. To me it’s really the highest form of magic we can create on this planet. I don’t care how old I ever will be, I want to just keep creating and keep going and offer the world something through me as the vessel that can bring music into the world. To me it’s the most beautiful thing, that’s all I want to do, till the end of time.

Who are your influences?
I think my influences are my life stories. Anyone’s life stories but really just a lot of what I’ve seen and experienced. Some of the worst pain and greatest loves have been such a huge paramount part of my life in ways I only know how to translate into music. If there’s any influences I’ve had it’s just this crazy little life haha

Are you a signed?
I am not signed. I have a distribution deal with Record Label “United Masters” in New York who help with guidance in some regard but I am looking to get signed because I really do think my mind has opened up more to the aspect of recording and writing more full time and performing. I want to definitely do that before I decide to have a family at some point, which I definitely want to do but it won’t be until a few years. For now, I really want to find more resources to build my team and put out more art and videos and etc into the world.

You released your album in 2023, tell us more about thealbum and the meaning behind the album.
There’s a lot of meaning to the album, that can be found on the internet now… but, it’s been a journey of reflecting on life then learning about yourself, running into a new direction whilst finding more self-discovery, facing heart breaking hardships, then finding yourself and setting yourself free I hope you like it, because so so much life and emotion has been poured into it. However, I am thrilled for all that’s next. It’s going to be crazy…

Describe each track in two words.
Track 1: Mysterious, Wondrous.
Track 2: Reminiscent, Innocent.
Track 3: Lustful, Regretful
Track 4: Imaginative, Wonderlust
Track 5: Free, Careless
Track 6: Painful, Yearning
Track 7: Hurtful, Reclusive
Track 8: Rebellious, Fanciful
Track 9: Arduous, Excruciating
Track 10: Deviant, Sexy & Accepting

What was the writing and recording process like?
It was insane. Maybe I should vlog a bit more & hire someone to edit them. It’s a bit too crazy to explain…. in writing, especially.

Will we see any music videos for other tracks and if so. tell us more about what can we expect from the creative process?
YES. I have a few different music videos I am writing and in the process of now.
I think I’m bringing in a team of people to help me a bit with that now too since I don’t have as much time. Right now we are looking to do a MV for “Dominoes” the latest and newest track on the album that was wrote 3 days before wrap.
It’s going to sick, I want to tell more about it but I probably shouldn’t.
Dustin & Clark who I’ve worked with on Playboy Shoots who work with many musicians as well & I are hopping a call Tuesday to get videos together for “Red Lights”, “Careful” & another track. I fully fund everything. Which is why it’s taken so long to get another one going. Since I’m not signed yet, just for distribution release. I NEED TO GET SIGNED! ahhhh cause I want to release more & more videos. If I could ideally I would get hopefully 7-10 done this year. 2024 is a luck year for me since I’m a life path number 8.

Do you have any live shows coming up?
Nope! Not yet. I got flown out by UM to start learning the touring process and did my first show right after my almost getting kidnapped incident. So I’ve been taking a lot of time lately with family and to heal and focusing on Music Video Creation & Distribution and funding for that along with finding mental peace, and dealing with a lot of crazy sh*t: But I definitely want to get going on performing. I just want to do it right and with the right people & hire security as well. AND a manager.

Let us know where we can get tickets if so.

What else can we expect in 2024?
Lots of new music with a more jovial & euphoric atmosphere that you haven’t heard before and a lot of new collabs with artists! I’m gonna be out here musically, but honestly locked in inside.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
In 5 years, to be honest… I want to be married. I almost got married, it was a happy soft life while it was what it was, but I’ve needed to run in the direction of my life’s calling. But I really do want to I think in 5 years be more at peace, living in a gentle aura of life and living and back to vacation with my true love, whoever that may be… of course, somewhere beautiful and naturalistic with my dog, Happy, where he can run around and just be free and loving open skies and life!

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
God first. Energy is everything. I believe in Karma, Balance & being a good person. The more good and love you put out in the universe and wish for others the more it comes back to you all full circle.

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
I rehearse a lot. Not sure about the first 5 as I need to get more into the performing scene right now I’ve just been writing and releasing. So I’ll know soon

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yes! @Cindyesterling for everything!
Much love! xx
see you around

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