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What is your name? 
Amanda McCarthy

What is your genre of music? 
I consider myself a multi-genre artist. I write music that blends influences of country, pop, rock, pop-punk and even a little bit of folk. Life is not just one color or emotion and I don’t believe music is either!

Give us a little bio about you. 
I have been in music for 10+ years. I honed a lot of my abilities performing full time in bars/restaurants, but in 2019 took the next steps in developing my original music path as an artist and a songwriter for other artists. I’m grateful that my music has been recognized through the Grammy Nomination Ballot, Great American Song Contest, International Songwriting Competition, Nashville Daily, YEP Nashville, SongDoor, Cornell University’s Emerging Artist Series, NYC’s Coffee Music Project, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Atlanta’s ISSA Awards, New England Music Awards, and more. I have also had the opportunity to open for artists like Steven Tyler, Hunter Hayes, Hawthorne Heights, Jason Lancaster of Mayday Parade, and have held side-stage slots for several other bigger artists. That slowed down after covid, but I hope to get back to those shows again soon.

What made you go into music?
 I was always into music naturally from a young age and singing was always my passion. However, I really dove into songwriting at the age of 15 as I was going through some traumatic things that I didn’t feel safe to tell anyone about. Writing songs helped me process and navigate those feelings, and even as I moved on from those things, the passion had already taken hold and I had no intention of slowing down.

Who are your influences? 
My influences are all over the board, but I’ve always loved artists/bands like Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes, Aerosmith, Kalie Shorr, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Green Day, Sasha Sloan, Kelsea Ballerini and more.

Are you a signed artist? 
I am not. I have been in some management situations in the past but ultimately found I was able to do more for myself than they were able to do for me. I would like to pursue that path again when the time is right, but I am in no rush until it feels genuine.

You recently released your new single ‘Don’t Stop Me’, tell us more about the single.
“Don’t Stop Me” is my first release as an artist since moving to Nashville, and my first heavily promoted release in almost three years. It blends my influences from the country, rock and pop genres into a cohesive “Amanda” sound. And I knew I wanted my first “come-back” single to be something upbeat and empowering.

What is the meaning behind the single?
I think there is a very special power in finding the courage to walk away from something that is no longer serving a positive purpose in your life. For me – that was the past demons of my hometown, but it could also be an abusive relationship, a toxic family member, a job that drains you, etc.

What was the writing and recording process like?
I never expected to be the one cutting this song. I wrote this on a cold New England day with my friend Ty Openshaw about stuff in his own life. When his music went in a different direction, I toyed with the idea of pitching it to a few other artists. But something in this song clicked in me. I had just moved to Nashville and was playing this song at rounds. Not only did I see it connecting with people… but I felt it connecting with me. If you’ve had at least one conversation with me, you probably know I’m not a huge fan of my home town for a lifetime laundry list of personal reasons. And as I found myself singing this song in Nashville, Tennessee… all I could think was “I did it. I walked away.” And the load that took off my shoulders was astounding, so I decided to release it.

Describe the track in two words. 
Walk Away.

Who did you work with on the single? 
I wrote this song with Ty Openshaw, and it was produced by my best friend Kristian Veech with guitar laid down by my brother, Mark McCarthy. My fiance and drummer Tom Shubsda was also a big part of the song’s success.

Will we see a Music video for ‘Don’t Stop Me’, what can we expect from the creative process?
Honestly, I am unsure about this but I am not opposed to it. I have always been very self conscious of how I look on camera, even photo shoots can be hard for me sometimes. But I think with the right person that I feel comfortable with, we could make something really powerful and fun to watch.

Will we see an EP or Album and if so, can you give us a teaser of what to expect?
I am currently working on an EP that acknowledges traits I don’t like about myself and growing past them into the person I want to be. “Don’t Stop Me” is the first single from that EP. I am also writing a full-length album that puts some past romantic demons to rest, based around the fact that I am getting married in 2023, with the happy ending obviously being that I’ve let those go and have settled down with the right person for life. I expect that to come out probably a few months after the wedding.

Do you have any live shows or a tour coming up and if so let us know where we can catch you at?
I tour often, and all of my band dates can be found at or at under the “Tour” tab.

What else can we expect in 2022? 
Along with my own music, I work with other artists as a songwriter and help them write their own music. I have quite a few cuts coming this year that I am excited for everyone to hear!

Will we see any collaborations and if so, can you tell us more about them?
Some details are still being worked out, but what I can tell you right now is that I am currently featured on a track by my friend Sam Ferrara, on a song we wrote together called “Get Out of My Town.” The song has been re-recorded at a much higher quality standard and we are pumped for an official re-release to give it better justice.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
My goal by that point is to have a publishing deal writing for other artists full time. I am unsure of what my artist career holds after I complete the upcoming EP and album, but I am a big believer in “feeling it out” so only time will tell!

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
 I read a fortune cookie message when I was 14 that said “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships are built.” – and I have lived by that message ever since.

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Capo, tuner, guitar picks, coffee, and… my guitar. (Yes, I have done this!)

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Instagram (Spotify) 

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