What are your names?
Our names are Julian and Jovani Jara

What is the band’s name?
The band’s name is 99 Goonsquad 

How did you come up with the band’s name?
We came up with the name when we started our YouTube channel, we wanted our name to be different and our neighbour would always say to us “Goonsquad rolling up” every time he saw us but the name Goonsquad was taken so we just added 99 in front because we were born in 1999!

What is your genre of music?
Our music genre is electronic pop 

Give us a little bio about you.
We are 21 year old twin DJ’s from Boynton Beach Florida. We also have been making tiktoks and YouTube videos for over 5 years!

What made you go into music?
What made us go into making music was the energy it gives you when making and listening to music! We also love to just perform too.

Who are your influences?
Some of our influences is Skrillex, Chase Atlantic, Avae, Ryxen, and Ookay 

Are you a signed?
We are not signed to any label

Your new Single ‘Make A Move’ is out, tell us more about the Single.
Make A Move was made at the start of quarantine, we were just getting back to feeling inspired to make music after going through some rough patches.

What is the meaning behind the Single?
The meaning behind the track is about building the courage and confidence to go and make your move.

It also features LV, how did the collaboration come together?
The collaboration came through after running into LV at the studio and we all just clicked very well and everything just worked out from there.

Who did you work with on the Single?
We also had Ida Rose help write and structure the song!

Describe the track in two words.
Beautiful chills 

Will also see a Music Video for the song. What was the creative process like making it?
The creative process of making the music video was a process because we took our time on everything making sure it was going to be the best.

Will we see an EP or album and if so what can we expect?
Definitely will see an EP in the near future, can expect a lot of features and sick collaborations 

What else can we expect in 2021?
You can expect a lot more performances and remixes, releases and music videos

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
In 5 years we see ourselves all across America and doing real estate haha

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
It’s not a bad life it’s just a bad day

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
We can not forget our music, headphones, towel, hat, and ear plugs

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
99goonsquad is our name on all platforms


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