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What are your names?
Markus, Simon, Uwe and Daniel

How did you come up with your bands’ name?
The name of our band is quite new, as we chose to rename us just this year. We made a list of 50possible band names or so, but none of them really worked out for us. At that time, our bassist Markus was in Singapore for a few months, where he saw stickers on the subways with a mascot called “Stand Up Stacey”. That cute figure reminded people to offer their seats to older people or pregnant women. As soon as he came back from Singapore he told us about it, and we instantly liked the name and the story behind it. So we kicked the “e” in “Stacey” and decided to go on with that one.

How would you describe your overall sound?
With the stuff we have in the works now we left behind the typical punk rock sound the band was known for. Sure, we still got those tracks, new and old, but we mixed it with some very special alternative rock songs that got so much energy and power. Some got a more aggressive approach, Some stay smooth and quiet, some wanna make you dance and give it all. So the most fitting would be diverse, but consistent.

What made you go into music?
In our early days, like at 10 or so, all of us got into rock and especially punk rock music through friends, the older brother and other people around us with great taste. A few years later we felt the need to create something like that, after listening to bands like blink-182 or Sum 41. And here we are to day.

You released your new single ‘Something to Believe’, tell us more about the single.
That one came out of nowhere and changed our understanding of the band as soon as we heard it. The sing-along finale is something very special and sounds so different to the rest of the song, that it feels like an unknown force wants you to hit the “repeat”-button as soon as the song ends.

What is the meaning behind the single?
Lyrically, it’s about a negativity that seems to infect a lot of people these days, where so many little problems build up to one gigantic mess of depressive, staggering thoughts you can’t escape from. The song wants to remind you that it sometimes can be easier than you think to step away from those feelings, and that it all starts with you and how you see yourself.

Describe the track in two words.
Starting Point

What was the writing process like?
We listened to some programmed instruments and demos of the track for quite a while, and Simon, Our drummer who writes almost every line for all instruments, tweaked and changed the song here and there, until it became that complex dance-track-but-rock-anthem you can listen to now.

What was the recording process like?
It was so different than before, because with our earlier work we had a timeframe in which we should finish recording. May it be some deadlines, some rental fee for the studio or something like that. This time we were fortunate enough to take our time, and make everything absolutely right and as we wanted it to be. So we have those great background vocal tracks or guitar riffs that give the song and our tune a new and anthemic touch, where it won’t get too boring to listen to the song too soon, as there is so much going on.

Who did you work with on the single?
Nobody, it’s 100 % Stand Up Stacy in writing, recording and production.

We also see a music video, what was the creative process like?
It’s a live video we planned just the day or so before the gig it was recorded on. We asked a friend to do a one-shot recording for us as we play through the song on stage. It even was the first song of our set we performed on that evening, so we really started the recording, started the concert, and looked what would come out of it. A few days after the show our guitarist Daniel checked through the video recordings, took the one-shot and some scenes from the rest of the set, and made the music video out of it which you can find on Youtube or Facebook now.

Will we see an EP or Album anytime soon and if so, what can we expect?
Our single “Something To Believe” was the starting point for the first really big thing of our band we’re happy that we can finally talk about our new album “The Magnificent You”, that will be released in Spring 2020. Those are exciting times, as we finally took the step and recorded and self-produced a record with a runtime of approximately 40 minutes, so there will be a lot of room for us to explore and enhance our sound. And in our opinion that worked out very well, as the album really makes some progress and shifts from those anthemic punk rock songs that we’re known for to some more brutal stuff or feel-good rock dance tracks. It really feels and sounds like something special, and we’re very excited to hear what people think about it as soon as it’s out.

Do you have any shows coming up? If so where will you be heading?
We already got offered some festival slots for next summer, and are in talks with even more. After the album drops and our visits to those festivals, we’re planning to make our first big tour which will lead us through all greater cities in Germany. After that, we’ll see what’s waiting for us. It’d be a big dream for us to play some shows in Britain or America.

What else can we expect in 2019?
In 2019 we’re planning to release a second and maybe even a third single, coming with new music videos, too. We already scheduled some shootings for them, so there will be a lot to do on those. But2020 will be our big year!

Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? and who would they have to contact?
Of course! As our album is recorded and done by now, we’re already working on new tracks where we already thought about some artists who could give a track that very special feeling or sound we’re always trying to achieve. And we’re always willing to be featured on songs from bands and artists across the world, as our technical setup allows us to do some good-quality recordings within hours. So every artist who wants to borrow our guitar sounds, our vocal skills etc. may hit us up on Instagram, Facebook or where ever you find us, or just write an email to

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
There’s so much going on aside from our song writing an recording process, that our band really feels like a little business by now. That’s not a bad thing at all, by the way. We’re neck deep in the production of a bunch of music videos, where we got partners who help us get cool performance scenes an little stories together. We’re about to hit the road and play lots of shows, soon. And we always love to talk to our fans on social media, so every single day we got some nice conversations going on with people who are interested in what we’re doing. So there’s so much to do, but none of it feels like work to us at all, as it’s so cool to see everything you’ve built up grow into one big and very cool project.

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more into the music scene?
It’s hard to think about that one song, as we always dive right into a band’s sound as soon as we heared of them and think that they got that very special thing. Of course there is stuff from Green Day’s American Idiot record that sounds so huge and was so f*cking impressive. “All The Small Things” by blink-182 is the typical kind of simple but awesome punk rock track that makes people dance and sing along, all over the world. But there are songs like “The Black Parade” from My Chemical Romance or “Waiting For The End” by Linkin Park that can show you how large well produced rock music can become, and that there are no limits and restrictions as long as you want to follow that path.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
That might be “Art always reflects the standing of our social and political surroundings.” That’s the case with our album “The Magnificent You”, too, as there are many references to mental health, the everyday risk of falling into depression, and all those sick games that are going on in politics, where it seems that hate-speech populists become more and more and seem to be celebrated by so many people who should know better.

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Before our gigs we need to have some Indian food, so we always look out for a fitting restaurant close to the gig’s location. We always got a setlist prepared, as we try to predict which running order of songs will make sense on that day. We’re always taking our merch with us to have something to offer and a place to be to get in chat with our fans. Some stickers for the venue’s toilet of course. And we hardly try not to forget our drummer Simon, as we forgot him once on a trip to New York during Christmas, and the day we came back the house was a bloody mess. You wouldn’t believe us.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yeah, of course. And as said before, we always like to chat with people who are interested in our doings. So people can find us on
where they can write us a little message. We surely will write back and tell them something about us. When you’re more into visuals, you find all of our songs and music videos at YouTube. So make sure to check that out now, as you’re done reading this interview!

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