What is your name?

Tadhg Daly

What is your genre of music?

That’s always a difficult question! I’m going with Alternative pop at the moment. I just see it as pop music to be honest.

Give us a little bio about you.

So… I’m a 25 year old artist/songwriter based in London. I’m originally from Jersey Channel Islands and part of a huge Irish family! I started playing guitar when I was 12 and ive been hooked on making music in some way or another ever since. I am blessed to have an incredible family and I had a great childhood but I struggled a little bit socially and personally growing up. Throughout my teenage years I had a difficult time with substance abuse issues and was going down a seriously dark path. With the support of friends and family I was thankfully able to move away from that life and directly from that began writing songs. The fine line between light and dark in life is a consistent theme in my song writing and the issues I faced growing up are a big influence in my music. My ultimate goal is to build a platform with my music from which I can help people from all walks of life to achieve their goals and dreams.

 What made you go in to music?

I think I always had an inclination towards music as a child, particularly after my neighbour (thanks Angus) gave me a beaten up old Spanish guitar when I was 9. I was always more into sports as a kid and was an avid footballer. I broke my leg badly when I was 13/14 and it kind of forced me to pick up my guitar as I couldn’t do much else! I fell in love with it pretty quickly and spend day after day learning Nirvana songs on this fender squire my dad bought me.

Are you a signed? Not yet!

 Your set to release your new single ‘  Hit The Ground’  ‘ tell us more about the single. 

Hit the Ground is a really important song to me. It sort of represents what I consider to be my “re-birth” as a person as terribly cheesy as that sounds but I can’t think of another way to put it. It’s about letting go of the fear that stops us from pursuing what we love and from being the version of ourselves we dream of being.

I’ve always been lucky enough to have a loving family around me despite my own mistakes and shortcomings as I was growing up and one particular guiding voice that I’m grateful for has been my mum. I find a great deal of comfort in having my mum talk through situations with me that I’m troubled by and I suppose I kind of look to her as a bit of a spiritual guru/teacher in a lot of ways haha! I wanted to tap into that comfort with this song and write the lyrics in a way that sort of narrate a conversation between myself and my mum. Throughout the song (a good example being the first verse lyrics: “somewhere out in the crowd you found me looking down, the ground moved underneath. I found silence in sound you told me look around and hold your breath, close your eyes and feel alive”) I’m kind of switching perspectives between my myself and my mum like we are having a conversation. I find a huge amount of cathartics in playing this live and it’s like I always have a piece of that comfort with me when I play the song live.

 Describe the track in two words. letting go

What was the writing process like?

It was actually one of those songs that’s worn many different outfits over the past few years. It wasn’t until getting it into the studio with Eliot that it found its place. I like that in a song sometimes because when the penny finally drops you know that it is absolutely right.

 What was the recording process like?

It was dope. We recorded it at Eastcote studios in Northwest London which is a great spot. I remember Eliot telling me that I needed a new vocal melody for the middle 8 and to go for a walk and figure something out. It was my first time in a proper studio like that working with professionals so I thought it was all a little strange. Low and behold I went for a walk, drank some juice and wrote the new middle 8 on the back of a parking ticket I had in my pocket.

Who did you work with on the single  with?

Eliot James

Where can we buy the Single  from?

Its available to buy worldwide through all major retailers but I’d suggest getting on Spotify and adding it to your playlists and then coming to a show and seeing it live.

Will we see an EP or Album this year?

I’m not exactly sure yet. As an unsigned artist sometimes you just have to sort of play it by ear. Right now I’m enjoying putting out individual singles and living in each song for a couple months at a time.

Do you have any shows coming up or a tour in planning?

Yes I have a bunch of shows coming up! I have 2 single launch shows soon which I’m so excited for. 13th March at The Blue Note Bar, Jersey and 14th March at Noting Hill Arts Club, London. Aside from that I have a bunch more London dates and also a run of shows in Germany and Hungary.

If so where will you be heading?

Jersey – 13th march, London – 14/03, 30/03, 02/04, 05/04, 30/04, Berlin – 10/11/12/13/14 April, Budapest – 04/05 + more tbc

What else can we expect in 2019? Lots of exciting things! I’m not exactly sure what yet… But you can trust me.

 Do you have any collaborations coming up with any upcoming artists?

I do indeed! But nothing I can divulge for now I’m afraid…

 Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? and who would they have to contact?

I am always up for collaborations with other artists/creatives! Best thing to do is hit me up in my instagram DM’s – @tadhgdalymusic

Do you play any instruments?

I do! Guitar/bass/drums/keys (badly)

Who are your influences?

Ohh this one is my hardest question always! I feel like I have a super diverse range of influences in my music. The artists that inspire me on a more general level though are: Maggie Rogers, Ben Howard, Nirvana, Milky Chance, The Chainsmokers, Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Jason Isbell, Dispatch, Krishna Das, The Smashing Pumpkins, Vance Joy, The tallest man on earth – to name just a few!

How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Sometimes I choose a topic that’s on my mind and write to that particular vibe. But usually I just play around with melodies and the lyrics begin to work themselves out.

 Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

In 5 years I see myself with music in the charts, touring the world and travelling/writing consistently.

 When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

I love to cook/surf/spend time in nature/travel. If I could travel and surf all the time I absolutely would.

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

I really don’t think I could give you one song. Ben Howards debut album was a big one for me. Let’s go with “black flies” – ben Howard.

 What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Don’t compare yourself to other artists. Everyone has their own time frame in which they can achieve what they want and if its right it will happen.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and  just as an artist?

Similar to above really – With how over saturated the market is right now I think its super important to be authentic and try to create something that’s unique to you as an artist.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

I don’t have a particular quote I live by. I tend to latch onto different mantras as different times but I just generally try and stick to the whole “treat people as you wish to be treated” vibe.

 Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?

St. Ouens beach, no doubt.

You’re coming off tour;

1/ Where do you go first? Jersey/Ireland

2/ Who do you see first? My family

3/What do you eat first? Popcorn, lots of it.

Do you have social media for readers to follow you?



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