What is your name? Katey Brooks What is your genre of music? Indie Ethereal Folk… with hints of Americana, Soul and Pop Give us a little bio about you. I’m a singer-songwriter producer from Bristol (UK) living in London. I grew up between Bristol and London, with many trips to Arizona, USA in between. My dad was a singer-songwriter back in the 70s and my mum was a dancer so I grew up with a lot of music around me. I’ve been playing live in one way or another since I was 15 and my music has taken few different forms. I’ve been fortunate enough to play all over the world from dive bars to concert halls and big festivals (Glastonbury, WOMAD, Australia’s National Folk Festival) and record in beautiful spaces like Abbey Road and Real World Studios. But my favourite place to record is at home in my pyjamas. That’s where I feel most inspired. Tell us more about your music. It always comes from the heart/something that I’ve experienced or am presently experiencing. I’d say my music is a form of catharsis/therapy for me, always with the hope that it’ll bring that to others too. It’s often melancholic or sentimental and introspective, with the occasional passionate up-tempo song. I’m obsessed with harmony and chorale vocals and always have been. What was the writing process like? Very simple. Some songs fall out of you effortlessly – almost in spite of you. I wrote it on my trusty old acoustic in about 20 minutes…shedding a tear along the way ha. What was the recording process like? The day I wrote it my mix engineer and pianist Paul Quinn was driving up to London to record another song with me. The moment he arrived I said “I’m parking that song, I need to finish this and record it immediately”. The whole thing was done within a day and a half because I could hear the arrangement and the sound I wanted to create as I was writing it, so it was so easy to produce. Paul engineered, mixed and mastered it, and I think he did a really beautiful job, as he always does. You also have a video out, what was the process like creating the video? Again, unlike many experiences I’ve had in the past with music videos, so simple. I worked with a fantastic director Michael Sides and his brilliant team. We did it all from a studio in my hometown Bristol, and it was pretty seamless – just me, my guitar, a white jumpsuit and a dance floor. Will we see an EP or Album? You will indeed. An LP. It’s been a long time coming with many twists and turns along the way. I’ll be releasing the album in spring 2019. What else can we expect from you this year and 2019? I released a Christmas cover of ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ with the wonderful Samuel Jack, which I’m grateful to say was well received. 2019 is all about making and sharing records. After 3 years of not being allowed to release an album (what happens in the industry sometimes) until earlier this year, all I want to do now is make and release what I want, when I want. There will be some special shows along the way too. Are you a signed? Yes. To my label True Speaker Music. Do you have any shows coming up or tour in planning? I have two shows at beautiful church venues on Feb 1st (Bristol) and Feb 2nd (London), and we are currently organising other shows for the year. The best place to follow for my show announcements is Where will you be heading? Watch this space…. 😉 Who are your influences? So many there wouldn’t be enough space to cover them all haha. Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox, Otis Redding, Elvis, Tracy Chapman, Beach Boys, Mamas and Papas, John Martyn. The olds and greats. Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years? Happy. Peaceful. Healthy. Surrounded by good people and love. And of course, making plenty of music. When you’re not doing music, what do you do? I watch a lottt of Netflix shows and movies. I love getting lost in them. Catching up with friends and family. Drinking red wine, in moderation 😉 Putting off getting back into sports, which has been on the agenda for a while now. Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown? It would have to be the main stage at Colston Hall. Would you be up for collaborating with an unsigned artist or band? If so how can they contact you? Always, if there’s a musical fit. Through the contact form on my website What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? Carey by Joni Mitchell. I had Blue playing on repeat when I was 20-years-old, and that was my favourite of all the songs on that album. I wanted to be Joni for a while there. Where is your dream festival to perform? I think I’ve already played it! Glastonbury. Bu I’d love to play West Holts stage. I think that would make the most sense with my music, and it’s a wonderful patch of the festival. What made you go in to music? Feeling like I needed to share what I had to say. It was quite simple really, “I’ve got these thoughts and feelings and I’ve got to get them out” haha. What’s the best advice you have ever been given? What will be will always be, just do your best, and let go of the results. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not just about the industry also just as an artist/band? Remember why you started making music in the first place. Keep reminding yourself. Focus on the music. Be grateful for anything good that comes your way, and keep the focus on the music. What quote or saying do you always stick by? This too shall pass. When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? My guitar, my capo, a 9v battery, a decent pair of boots, and mascara. You come off Tour 1/ Where is the first place you go? Wales where my folks and my dog Rufus live on the side of a beautiful peaceful mountain. 2/Who is the first person you see? The above 3/What is the first thing you eat. If it’s breakfast – a New York bagel with a lot of butter, some marmite and a big mug of sweet tea. If it’s dinner – a big roast if my step-mum is in a good mood with me haha. Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you? I do… Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube

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