Hey Nambyar, how have you been?
I’ve been really good, thanks!



For those new to you and your music, give them a bio about you and your music and what made you go in to music?
Nambyar, born Jesse Nambiar, Dutch musician, songwriter and producer based in Amsterdam.

In the 70’s my dad –  who was born in Fiji – took a trip to Europe and there fell in love with my mom.

I grew up in a small town near Amsterdam and was always surrounded by nature.
I’ve played the guitar since I was 9 years old and have played in several bands. After my last band broke up it was time to go solo.

My dad was a hippie. I grew up with a lot of the music from that era. In addition, I was listening to a lot of stuff like Hall and Oates, but also Nirvana, 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Prince and D’Angelo. All of whom inspired me to get into music.




Are you a signed?



When we last chatted when you Debuted ‘Warm In The Winter’ , how has the response been since last year?
It’s been really good year. The song has generated almost 2 million plays since then. I’ve played a few shows like Pitch Festival and ADE and am currently in the studio writing.




You have now got a brand new track out ‘Darlin’, tell us more about the track.
Darlin’ is a track that me and my buddy, Full Crate, wrote. We had a really organic vibe in his studio and this song just came to life in a matter of hours.





What is the message behind the track?
I feel like some people get stuck in very vicious cycles of their own making. They don’t really realize that they are chasing their own tail, making the same toxic life decisions over and over again. This song is about recognizing those patters and breaking them.




It features Full Crate, how did the collaboration come about?
Full crates has been on My radar for a long time, I am a fan of his productions and we’re both living in Amsterdam. I was thrilled when I reached out to him to find out that he was also aware of what I am doing. I was playing some chords while Full Crate was making this crazy beat. It really caught my attention, I knew I had to lay some vocals on it straight away!




Do you have any plans of an album or EP?
Yes! I spent some time in NYC writing, I am heading up to Sweden next week for some more sessions.




If so what can you tell us?
I’m always trying to renew myself while trying to identify new things to write about… I’m excited cause I feel like this next set of releases will be pretty different from the first EP.




Do you have any gigs coming up?
I’m currently focused on writing and recording.




If so where will you be heading?
You might catch me at a festival or 2 in Holland this month 😉



Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?






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