What are your names?

Amory & Sam


What is the story behind the name Tonica?

The name was inspired by a few things. Firstly, the definition of tonic – a substance that invigorates and strengthens – sums up how we feel about music, no matter what’s going on around us.

I’d dreamt we were in a band called Tonica a while before we started the project, I couldn’t tell you what inspired the dream but I told Sam and we both loved the sound of it.

We’d completed work on ’Save Yourself’ before we’d decided on a name for the band, Tonica was brought to our attention again when we were with a few friends in Madrid. We were toasting to the new project whilst drinking ’gin y tónica’ – it felt right.


What is your genre of music?

Alternative, Electronic Pop



Give us a little bio about you as a duo and individuals

We started Tonica in early 2017, we’re releasing our first single ‘Save Yourself’ on 11th August. Me & Sam met in Manchester, we’ve both been part of the local music scene for a few years now.




Tell us more about your track ‘Save Yourself’

The track was recorded & produced at our home studio in MCR, mixed by Lewis Gardiner (formally or Prides) & mastered by Chris Gehringer (Drake, 1975) at Sterling sound.


What was the writing process for Save Yourself?

It started with a demo Sam sent me, I spent weeks listening to it over & over. Eventually I came up with a lyrical theme and melody, we then arranged and produced the track in our studio.


What is the message you’re trying to get out? 

Save yourself…


Will you be releasing an EP or album?

We’re currently working on a follow-up single. We’d like to release an EP early next year.


Will you be touring this year?

We’re a really new band so we’ll probably delay the touring till early next year. We might play a couple of secret shows to warm up though..


What made you get into music?

Difficult to say. I suppose some kids like football, others like hook-heavy electro shit


Who are your influences?

I think our influences and eventual output sound quite different from one another. I feel with songwriting, we’re just a product of everything we’ve listened to our entire lives, but in terms of production ’Save Yourself’ was inspired by contemporary alt/future-pop acts like The Weeknd, Banks & Honne.
Despite the specific production influences, I think our music has more of an indie/alternative feel to it. Not entirely dissimilar to CHVRCHES, M83, 1975 and The XX.


Where do you see yourself in.5 years?

Playing music, to anyone who’ll listen.


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Read, sleep.


What’s your dream venue to play in your home town?

We’ve been fortunate enough to play a lot of cool venues in Manchester with previous bands. One I’ve never played at is the Apollo, I’d love for Tonica to play there some day.


If you could collaborate with one UK artist or band who would it be?

I’d be more keen to work with producers than bands. It’d be cool to work with Mike Crossey.


If you could collaborate with one US artist or band who would it be?

Lana del Rey


What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more into the music scene?

I don’t think there was ever just one song. I suppose listening to Hunky Dory by Bowie made me want to play music for a living.




What advice would you give to aspiring musicians, not about the industry, just as an artist?

Love what you do or do something else. It can be a real grind if you’re not completely into the music you’re playing.



What quote or saying do you always stick by?

Same as above.


When you come off tour,

where do you go?

My bed..

What do you see?

The inside of my eyelids

What do you eat?



Do you have social media accounts so fans can follow you?





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