What are your names?Adam Walsh, Dean Glover and BJ Robbo

Tell us the story behind the name ‘ TY PES’.

It was originally a piss take out of all the other monosyllabic band names with weird spellings, except ours is actually spelt correctly. 

What is your genre of music?

It’s been called post-post-punk… it’s like atmospheric weird guitar music with synths and electronic stuff going on? who knows

Give us a little bio about you as a band and individuals.

after years of being in other bands and other projects – we decided to try and take a new approach to putting music together, once we’d done that we then had to figure out how to play it live so rather than recruit new musicians to help us play it we preferred the challenge of doing it all just as a three piece – so after we’d set up all this new equipment and figured out how to use it live, that then became our blueprint and template for new music, most of which became our new LP.

Are you a signed?

we’ve not signed anything at all up to now.

You are releasing new mini Album/EP The Future Is Close Enough’, tell us more about it.

it’s a collection of songs about the modern world, about how trade, shipping, delivery and consumerism in general is taking over all our lives and there’s not much we can do about it – and while we’re not the only band in Manchester who are writing music concerned with the world around us, we tried not to be so aggressive and direct with it, we tried to put a more reflective and personal perspective on things and ultimately, even if it is bad now… it won’t be long before it breaks up and everything slowly comes good again. or will it?

Describe each track in 3 words?

untitled building society intro and interlude were some of the first tracks we used to test out all our equipment with and they just became good starting points

overhead power lines is about being in one place when you’re on your way to the next place… wherever it may be
it’s like a morgue in here is the dark, fucked up minimal track that’s kind of about articulating the more awkward, difficult conversations in life.
mild learning difficulties is about risk taking, all our futures are currently being gambled away on a daily basis sometimes without us even knowing it so we might as well just fuck the consequences and do whatever it is we’re considering doing.
k-wave was a song wrote fairly recently — when we wake up in the morning, and we check our smartphones with only one eye open and read the devastating news notification on the lock screen… that’s what set it off anyway, if you google what a k-wave is, then the lyrics make a lot more sense – it’s a really positive song, and kind of sums up the whole LP – the future is close enough, so don’t panic. 
china shipping is about when we’re eventually surrounded by shipping containers everywhere.
tropical? even i don’t know.
What was the writing process like ?/What was the recording process like?

pretty straight forward, it was basically let’s play it together until the song kind of figures itself out and then when the feel of the whole thing is right, just go and record it… quickly.  

you are playing The Blinders – The Feeling Weekender, how did that come about?

i (Dean) produced their first EP and i’ve been to see them a fair amount of times so watching them develop into what they are now has been pretty cool, so yeah when they announced they were planning on some Manchester dates it made sense for us to support them.

What are you most looking forward too?

when the LP goes live on spotify and i can play it through 

Will you be touring this year with your EP? 

maybe, we want to start putting on our own club nights, events, shows first though

Do you play any instruments?

on stage we’re a live drummer, live guitarist and a live singer… and all three of us are in charge of controlling other sound sources and various sonics.

Who are your influences?

influences on this LP have been a lot of Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Caribou mixed in with our usual taste in music of Interpol, Ride, DIIV, Tame Impala etc etc.

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

producing other band’s music instead

Do you have social media pages for fans to follow you? 

all our links and stuff are all listed here –

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