What are your names?

Finnegan Bell (vocals, guitar, piano, bell),
Max Toth (lead guitar),
Mya Greene (Viola),
Ryan Stevens (bass)
Ale Sierra (drums, vocals)

What is the band name?
Love Ghost

How old are all of the band members

We are between 13 and 19 (our violist Mya is 19, Finn the lead singer/songwriter is 15)

What is the genre?

Garage rock, experimental grunge

Tell us more about ‘Friday Afternoon’ 

The song’s inspiration came to me in an epiphany I had on top of my roof.  It was a particularly difficult time in my life and I knew I had to stick up for myself.  The song is about finding your voice really.

What’s been the best experience so far? 

Opening for Ozomatli at the Canyon Club.  Ozomatli is an amazing band and Ale Sierra, our drummer, his Dad is in Ozomatli- so it added a new depth to the show.  The show was connected to family, not just music.  They also included us in their set, which was groovy.

Are you signed? 

not yet.

Will you be heading out on tour? 
If so where will you be?

We do not have a tour scheduled.  Right now we are playing plenty of shows in the Los Angeles area.

What is it like working alongside Mark Renk?

Well- Friday Afternoon was produced by Asdru Sierra not Mark.  Asdru is a very talented producer and really pushed us to get the best out of us.  Mark Renk produced the rest of the EP.  He is an amazing producer, amazing artist and a good friend- so it was a very enjoyable experience.

Have you been given you any advice?

Asdru Sierra told me it was very important to master the hills and valleys of my songwriting, to have good dynamics in our music.

What made you go in to the music industry? 

Music is where my heart is.  It is a form of communication that can make more sense to me.

Who are you influences? 

Elliot Smith, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, Kurt Cobain, Dimitri Shostakovich

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Dunkin Doughnuts

If you could collaborate with one UK   Artist or band who would it be? 

The Joy Formidable

If you could collaborate with one USA Artist or band who would it be? 


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform at in UK?


What was the song or band that most influenced you to go in to music?


If you could have  your music played on a Tv Show, which would it be?

American Horror Story

What do you do in your spare times 

Watch movies, hike, read, play the piano, go to concerts (a lot)

What advice would you give to others in the music industry? 

Well- I am not really experienced enough, but I guess I would say be kind.  It is simple- but the sound guy, the booker, the audience, try to be kind and let them know you are grateful for the opportunities.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Check out ‘Friday Afternoon’ by Love Ghost

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