The new single ‘Love You Like Crazy’ is set to release on 15th April, and I got to get a sneak preview! YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!

Hello Monroe are back! 

Once a five piece now a two piece Aimee and Rona Monroe are ready to showcase their new music!
The intro is very catchy with the vocals and drum beat starting off the track establishes a great beat which follows through the whole track letting you capture your imaginations through the lyrics as well.
Aimee and Rona have always had an interesting sense of vocal melody from when I personally first heard them and they still have it to this day strong and memorable.
For the lyrics I think these are a lot more personal two the girls and it really shows throughout the song and makes you understand what they are trying tell us. Letting their fans invade and relate and do something about it or to be on the safe side of the law…Maybe not.
These two as artists are professional,creative and talented and I can not wait to see what’s they have up their sleeves for the future! 
Check out the lyric video for ‘ Love You Like Crazy’ below

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