REVIEW: Giulia is Set to release brand new and DEBUT ALBUM ‘Raze Me To The Ground’ on 27TH APRIL 2015.

Giulia is a Singer and Songwriter from Rome but has travelled and had many experiances which she puts into her music making it unique and her own.
Giulia’s brand new album starts with soft vocals which lead straight into the lyrics of the first track’ Turn Your Light On’. It’s a personal song which reflects on Giulia’s life but also about how she is ready to explode onto the music scene by “turning the light on”
Second Track ‘Road Trip’ seems more country than the first with guitar and a drum start which lead straight into Giulia’s powerful vocals,

These are just two of the amazing tracks on the album and with the vocals so modulated and silvery throughout.

This album is one to listen to whenever and wherever.

The Single is also out on Youtube be sure to watch,share and comment.

Make sure you get your COPY on the 25Th April, All links will be on my Facebook and Twitter on the day

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