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Alex G is a Singer/Songwriter all the way from Colorado, USA, With a Genre of Pop and unsigned.

With a HUGE fan base already, I think it’s safe to say that this is a singer to watch for because she’s going GLOBAL!

Starting with the track ‘Butterflies’ which has a slow beat, and great harmonies throughout.

Still with the slow ish beat ‘Bones’ is the next track of the album but still a very catchy and you could listen to over and over.

‘#LittleMissPerfect’ an upbeat track which seems a lot more personal but has a great edge with the guitar strums and drum beat. Also the video has a vintage look which I think goes fantastic with the track.

Instead of reading what I think now I think you need to get out there buy it and have it on repeat because words can’t really describe fantastic music through words so go buy it and don’t forget to tell everyone how brilliant it is.

My favourite track off the Album has to be ‘Make A Move’ its sang with so much passion and having a great beat which gets you in the mood to get up and do something.

A Summer Album but not always, I think this is an album to listen to when you are getting ready to go out with friends or at a BBQ, id have this on REPEAT!

All the songs being personal experience to Alex, it tells the story of her and when you listen you can hear its coming from the heart. This is an album to buy and tell you friends!


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