1InFive Released their DEBUT EP a few weeks back but im going to review it now!!!!

1InFive are 4 Piece Band from Brighton, releasing their latest EP ‘Hold On’.

This is a EP what shows who the boys really are, A unique Rock band with great vocals are great and the dark smooth guitar strums  and fantastic beat of the drums sets the 4 track EP.

You could just listen to the first track and you will be hooked!

‘Something in The Water’ a Rock filled Music fest which gives it an upbeat feel to the EP

which I think sets the EP very well.

‘Black Lake’ carries on with the powerful voices and fantastic use of the guitar and drums once again.

Listening to the whole EP would be a lot better for you because me writing it down won’t let you hear their great voices and fantastic written songs so make sure you go check it out!

A great time to have this on repeat is when you are at a BBQ in the sun in the garden and just having Lots of fun!

Get the EP and you can be sure to hear a lot more of 1InFive!



Listen to Hold On By 1InFive : https://soundcloud.com/1infive/sets/holdon

Follow 1InFive On twitter: https://twitter.com/1inFiveHQ


Like 1InFive On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/1inFive?fref=ts


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