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US band East Of Eli and I have been chatting for over a year now and since then I have helped with promotion and working with Charity Pulse, a media solutions based company helping charities all over the world!I got the chance to head out to their Liverpool Show for St Vincent’s School for the Sensory Impairment to help out during the days they were there.Little did I know that 2 dates turned in to 5 dates and a whole load of memories  on my first tour!

29th May 2017  Manchester Train to Liverpool;  Taking a walk back to hotel with Nathan’s mum to meet up with Chyler and Brittany to head to Casbah Coffee Club where the launch of The Beatles began and I’ll tell you, that was an experience I think for all of us! From the first ever press release to hand written notes from each member just amazing!

Taking the tour bus a whole new amazing experience for me and it’s just crazy in the best possible way and i can’t thank EOE enough for having me on board.
With the guys already having soundcheck  under way, Chyler jumped straight in with them and  got straight down to sound checking.

Check it out right some footage right here’



Getting the equipment  from The Casbah Coffee Club to the tour bus  to coming back to the hotel for a nice drink and then on to some food.

It was nearing 12 am and we just sat downstairs in the hotel dining area and chatted away, the last four standing at 4am  were myself,Nathan,Chyler and Angelo so we decided to take a selfie too just before bed!




Next Day ….


Soundcheck completed,doors  nearly open and with a beer before then  me and Brittany did  a run round Liverpool for change,Let me tell you when you forget its a bank holiday and no banks are open it was a nightmare, we had about 1 hour before the the first show.

Running out the Cavern to the nearest place open, a bar which wouldn’t give us change, getting this from the first couple of places we went in so I see a Betfred I said to Brittany ” they have to have change in there but you’ll have to ask I always get ID” turns out we both look under 18 because we both got ID but it did start our money changing adventure off! We literally did a whole square and the last place we went to was a small pub who changed all the rest for us, we should of tried the small pub first considering it was a cross the road from where we started.

BUT GIRL POWER! WE DID IT,WENT STRAIGHT BACK IN AND GOT OUR SELF A WELL DESERVED BEER just in time for  showtime the Merch table was open for business with me,Brittany and Angelo and all the change we needed!

Doors fly open fans jump in, raring to go! With the Guys and Chyler warming up ready to get the early show started  and a bit of chatting with some of the children from St Vincent’s.

Back to music, lights goes down and Nathan jumps straight in to Hail the Queen, vocals so clear and a rough feel yet so easy to listen too and picking up the lyrics so fast that by the second chorus your singing along.

Next up was my favourite ‘Crazy Beautiful’, this is such a special track from being one of the first to review this when it first got released to seeing it live AND WITH a full band was just incredible!The crowd starts screaming and singing along, the performance just made everyone in the room erupt smiling ,dancing and taking in the story of the track.

‘Childs Play’    is a track that instantly grabs you attention as soon as you here the instrumental, a very fun beat then when Nathans vocal so modulated and smoky and glides through just in time for Chyler to make her entrance vocals so silvery and sweet.As soon as you hear and see the two sing you are instantly smiling, it filled the room with so much joy!

With a cover of ‘Message In A Bottle’ giving the crowd a classic in their set that completely gives you a new love for the song, a brand new energy to the track which electrified the room for sure!

‘Nowhere’ a song that just gives you goosebumps when you hear it and puts  you  in complete awe when you see Nathan and Chyler on stage carrying the song with  all of the professionalism.

Each performance not just ‘Nowhere’ you just see the two catching glances at each other even without the other knowing and it just adds the extra special moment to being at the show that has been created with so much love and passion no just for fans but also the whole team and its so rare to see this.

Here is a few videos of some more songs performed;

Love Lit The Sky


Video Credit – Richard


Going out with a bang in the best possible way, both shows equally rocked and It will be a memory that I will never forget!

It was all about fun and EOE definitely gave everyone including the wonderful kids at St Vincent’s a night to remember!


Tour Nights equal Late Nights … let me tell you,We had the meet and greet, me and Angelo were like a double act, one greeting and one taking photo’s but as soon as the fans started coming, Nathan and Chyler’s face lit up actually the whole room did, ending at 4am all we could think was ‘ At least the hotels 2 minutes away’ it was nearing sunrise,it was a joy to be there and met so many people at the gig and meet & Greet , Leah ( @EOEAngels & @COSSavages) , Zoe and more!

Up at 7am two coffees and I was ready to go,I text Angelo to meet in the Lobby because we had a couple hours spare and so I took him on a fast tour Liverpool… literally a whole circle, I was convinced I was going to get lost back to the hotel but I didnt, we got back in time that was after we headed to Albert Docks… which I may add raining heavy and winds and so in this weather we thought lets just do it looking at the Liverpool wheel and we did,here’s a selfie before we both said ” Im actually scared of heights’ and it went round about 5-6 times so that was fun! We also had a look in the Tate Museum and everyone that knows me I love America so here is the only photo I snapped in The Tate.


Press day for EOE and Chyler, heading down to St Vincent’s School to have a chat with the kids and get to know even more about what they do and where they can help to their Interview,I got to hang out on a Games bus called ZAPZ Gaming an Karaoke  so i was in my element playing pacman, so much fun quite a stress relief to be honest with my morning crisis regarding my gig.( I can laugh about it now)

Next day… well couple of hours in my case; It was the MANCHESTER date … my first event lets just say from the morning I had i didnt think it would go to plan… im just being honest here.It had set out that EOE were doing an acoustic show for 35 minutes but instead we had the full band Nathan,Jordan,Christoph,Ali,Johann and Chyler and staying on longer an starting the night off with a bang! I cant thank them enough for stepping in longer.

John Thacker was up next then Kid cupid ending the night, for being my first one and stressed it ended on a pretty damn good high except saying goodbye to the EOE Fam!

With the EOE crew heading off to London I had to say my goodbyes which was rubbish because it was just rubbish, Heading on the bus to say bye to everyone Evelien, Jordan, Angelo, Nathans Mom,Brittany to Nathan and Chyler hugging me and asking me to stay on the bus to go with but I couldn’t.

THIS WAS THE END OF EOEXMOTF!  🙁 …. That’s what they thought! I tried to make it to their Paris date or Dublin date but I was determined to surprise everyone and I did, I got Angelo in on the plan and i headed down to Glasgow, turning up I went straight to Angelo’s room to work on the price list and get ready for the surprise.


Straight to the bar for a drink and to waiting for everyone’s reaction, each one just hugged me and were  happy to see me 🙂
Loading the car to get ready for the meet and greet and show but first a catch up on the way there!  We chatted about anything and everything from the other dates I missed to what was going down at the Glasgow show.

Check out 48 Minutes of the Show



This was such a special show in my eyes, it just showed a complete different side to EOE and it was so special to witness!

Nathan had worn a burgundy wool hat all tour and on the night of surprising them i joked to Chyler i was going to take it home..after the set  i had seen a fan wearing it and cheekily asked Nathan could i try it he then turned round and offered it me saying ‘Give Gem the hat she got us the gig’.After the gig we all got in the car back to the hotel,Jumping out car and said ” I might get away with taking this home” joking again to Chyler ” You totally rock it, you never know” carrying equipment in.We had drinks, food and again carried on chatting till early hours about anything and everything which was just a wonderful way to end the night.




THE FINAL FINAL SHOW DOWN! Berlin what an incredible way to end the show with EOE, 2 planes and a car and I meet up with Nathans Mom in the hotel, walking to the front desk to seeing Nathans mom in the Elevator waving at me, coming round the corner she gets me booked in and hugs me.I quickly go up to my room and get changed to go back to the car to head to the venue, pulling up to the venue in Nathans hat to give it back to him. The hello’s start rolling in and hugs again then straight away Nathan says ” Nice hat Gem” and smiles and I say ” I know but honestly , Ive come to  give it back ” and still taking no as his answer he did let  me keep it.getting the merch stand set up with Angelo and chatting to Ali about his music.

At each show it was a complete new experience for me, a creation of music that just engulfs you in to a different universe which makes you feel so happy grateful to be there.

Such a powerful performances throughout and deep messages being sent out, the connection to EOE and each track is shown which makes you really take in each lyric and be like I can relate to it and help you but at the same time you have such a brilliant time.

Instrumentals that get you dancing where as some lyrics will have you crying but without a doubt they put on a show that will stay with you forever!

‘PiPi Song

Video Credit – Thus, Spoke Bianca




Video credit – Thus, Spoke Bianca


All im saying is be ready for your East Of Eli to be all over your TV screens, radios and countries because without a doubt these guys are going to take over
Music from East Of Eli is music for every occasion whatever the whether! Check them out below;


On another note Im taking this last moment to Thank Nathan  and Chyler for inviting me on tour to experience this epic journey of your FIRST Europe tour and the band members Jordan, Johann,Christoph,Ali, for being so welcoming and Brittany, Evelien too!
I didnt just gain experience, I gained a whole lot more… A family, so Thank you everyone!


Nathan West ” Music Is Medicine For The Soul”

“We Didn’t Know We Were Making Memories, We Just Knew We Was Having Fun”