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Jessica Bell is Singer/Songwriter from Blackpool. When she was younger she was in a Band called ‘The Tommy’s’ which they toured for 3 years.This gave Jess a good insight of the music industry but now she is deciding to take to the Music Industry as a Solo Artists. Jessica has a range of genre’s including Pop, Rock,Rap and more. Jess debuted her Single ‘Dandelion’ late blast year with her debut video to. Also at 11 Years old Jess was in a Pop Band which was Signed to Virgin Records. So much experience and ready to take it Solo! As well as doing all this Jessica Bell has had Soundtracks on films including Xenon 3. Jess will be one to watch for the future.



David Coslett is a 20 year old Acoustic Singer/Songwriter from Surrey.He has a Single out now called ‘I Hear a Voice” and a EP called Chasing The Dream. He is definitely chasing his dream as he is currently planning his own ‘Chasing The Dream Tour’ and more things coming up.

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Liam McClair is a Acoustic/Folk singer Songwriter from Wilmslow,Cheshire. 2013 Liam brought out a EP called ‘How’ which got played on many local radio stations.Gigging in so many places and building himself up in the Music industry and building his fan base up.Liam will be also releasing another EP called ‘Honey’ Coming soon.
Liam is Unsigned. Be sure to check him out.

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Melanie Taylor is a Singer/Songwriter from the USA Town San Diego but currently living in Hollywood perusing her career in the music Industry.Having a soulful pop genre which lets her stand out more. She has a Album out now ‘ All About Today’ which has a different range of backing music and genres on the Album. Melanie has won awards and been on many radio stations in the states.

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Luciee Closier is Just 17 Years old and From Essex. Having the experience she did on the voice it has made her come out of her shell more. Singing from the age of two and getting as far as she did,she is ready to take to the music industry fast.Luciee has done some ‘On’t Sofa’ sessions and ready for more. Luciee genre of music is pop and she is ready to show the world her own songs which she will write and fill out stadiums on her own tours. keep an eye on Luciee’s musical path.

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Emilia is a singer/songwriter who has loved music since a very young age.Coming from Bolton she has won 2013 AAGM Live competition and was a grand finalist in 2013 open mic night. This hasnt stopped her from pursuing   her career in music as she debuted her single ‘Get On This’ and made a video for it. Emilia is also a patron for Annabelle’s Challenge.Doing all this and still in college she has definitely not stopped here… Emilia and college friends set up a Electronic Festival in Manchester in February which this had a lot of interest and it was a fantastic night.Now at Storm Management so if you want to book Emilia you can do right here:
Be sure to follow  and watch out for more music from her,

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Jessica Agombar is a singer/songwriter from London,Bow.Jess has always loved her music and in 2009 she joined girl band Parade and in which they reached a top 10 and top 40 but deciding to go solo and bringing out her debut single ‘Double’ and debuting the lyric video as well.Jess is ready to take to the studio and gigging scene with a bang! Jessica released 4 more huge tracks ‘Bam Bam, Bam BamP2 , Pree’in and her latest Cookie Cutter…. just get ready for her to take over! Jessica Agombar is a Singer to watch out for in the future.

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Flying Points is a 4 piece Indie pop band from New York City.Once i listened to these i was hooked to them.Made up of Barnes Benson who is lead vocalist,Dave Bradley who plays guitar,Jonathan Julian plays the drums and Kellie McCormick plays bass.Having great success with their EP ‘Sex Toys’ they had interviews and great reviews from and now they are going harder in to the music scene. This is a band that will be global check them out.

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Alexis keegan is a Singer/Songwriter from Maplewood, New Jersey.Currentley living the LA life and spreading her music out there and getting noticed more.Having a different range of genre’s from Rock, Pop to R&B and Blues, having a wide range of genre gives her a wide range of fans which is what she has. Alexis has brought out her debut EP ‘ Clean Slate’ in Feb 2014,This is a great EP which has had great feedback. Just cant wait to hear more of her music she brings out!

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Club Drive are a 4 piece pop/funk boy band,been around for a couple of years which they exploded in to the Music industry in 2012.Securing a Record Deal in 2016.
Made up of Tommy,Aaron,Steve and Christian. 2013 September they released their debut single ‘Breathless’ and Writing their debut Album and gaining a bigger fan base all over everyday and taking to the gigging scene outstandingly. In July are heading on tour. 2016 saw the four piece have a whole vamp of their name from Tides to Club Drive .. with a record deal and headline tour and more! Be sure to watch these guys!

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Andrea Magee a Belfast singer/songwriter pursuing her career after her appearance on The Xfactor 2013. Having only reaching judges houses, this hasn’t stopped her.Taking to the gigging scene after The X factor and making her music be heard she is touring America and ready to take the world with her musical talent.Andrea is ready for the Music Industry and i think the Music industry us ready for her talented singing and songwriting. After The X Factor Andrea went quiet and did some small gigs then went off the scene for a bit then later came back and announced her duo’s name Beat Root which later got changed to Beat Root Revival. Made up of her self and Ben Jones and are doing outstanding in the US and other countries! Go check her out.

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Leon James is a 19 year Old who has a very good voice covering many songs on his youtube channel but also writing his own. Leon has a solo single coming out soon ‘One In A Million Girl’ which this will will be a hit Leon joined a band and made some great friends and tracks with the boys but decided he wants to go solo. 2016 saw the release if his track ‘Im Waiting’ and video.
Be sure to watch Leon’s space.Also in boyband Remedy.

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Josh Kemp is singer/songwriter from Nottingham, Singing from the age of just 4 years old Josh burst in to the music scene in 2012 when he played a crowd of 18,000 people with his acoustic guitar. Having released 2 EP’s , Josh is a singer songwriter to watch. You can also catch Josh on Tour with David Coslett in June 9th till 14th check him out for more info. Since then Josh has released a lot more music and gigged a lot to get it heard and still continuing his passion.

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Sound Of The Sirens are a duo made up of Hannah and Abbe,Hannah is from Cornwall and Abbe is from Exeter.These two met at a night club and built a strong friendship straight away, singing on the way home from nights out, these sang different genres. Hannah and Abbe experimented with bands such as The Fab Beatles and done acoustic gigs. They built their confidence when joining a wedding band called The Loose Cannons but also learnt a lot.Being inspired by so many bands and artists has egged them on to bring out their own material and perform in as many places as possible. Writing songs about their personal lives and getting them heard so they can help their audience. Watch their space.

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Joe Waller is a acoustic/folk singer/songwriter from Aldereshot. Music was not a path Joe thought he would be talking but in 2013 he picked up and guitar and learnt himself from there.Having gigged some places, Joe loved it and wants to carry on building himself in the music industry and he will. In the near future he will record his debut EP with all original songs on what he wrote himself. This is a singer/songwriter to keep an eye for.

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The Marivaux are a 4 piece indie,pop band from Manchester. Been around since 2009 where they were creating the music but later bought a tour bus and went on tour fro 3 weeks.These guys are dedicated and will be a credit to the music industry. The band is made up of Phil,Ben,Rik,Matt. These have also just released their Single Insides, go check these out now.

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Josh Massey is a Singer/Songwriter from Ealing who has a passion for music,Putting his music on social media and getting it heard and getting good feed back which helps Josh further his career in the music industry.Not having a big enough fan base yet but that doesnt matter because he sure will make a great impact in the music industry. Be sure to watch this guy!.

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Liberty Deep Down is a 5 piece Alternative/Pop Band from Columbus,Ohio USA. These have been around since 2011 and having losing a band member they decided to bring in a new member called Dom Frissora who is the lead vocalists and plays guitar. Halen Bouhadana plays the Guitar and Keys. Tyler Rose plays Rhythm Guitar and sings the Backing Vocals.
Noah Bouhadana plays the Drums and Dalton Dye plays Bass. After working hard and building their fan base Liberty Deep Down brought out Love Worth Making EP which had great reviews.
These are a unsigned band but it wont be long until they are snapped up and be touring the world be sure to keep an eye on these guys.

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The Leylines are a 5 piece guitar folk rock band made up of Steve Fowell who is lead vocalists and acoustic guitar.Matthew Wilkins who is backing vocals and lead acoustic guitar.Hannah Jones who is also backing vocals but also plays Violin and viola.Peter Fealey who plays bass guitar.James Dyer on drums. This is a band which only formed in 2013 to get together with their voices to make music which sounds original and great to listen to.Individually they have had lots of plays on a lot of things but now as a band these are ready to get their music heard. watch out for these!

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Debbie Silva is a Singer/songwriter from Essex.Her genre of Music is pop. Debbie has only put covers up on her youtube and soundcloud but she is ready for the whole world to see her music.Having already done some performances for birthday parties and choirs, she will be ready to perform anywhere.2016 Debbie told us she has finished her debut EP and now a date is all we need! Getting her music heard and soon to be participating in a Open Mic night be sure too watch her space.



Estelle Rubio Maslen is a Singer, Songwriter, Music Maker and Producer who has had her work featured on the TV such as ITV, Sky not only on the TV but also had Radio air play which this gave Estelle more recognition.Latin, Jazzy genre which 2014 Estelle has changed her genre to Dance get the experience and makes amazing sounds with the knowledge she knows and ready for everyone to hear her new stuff she has planned! Be sure to watch her space.

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George Simpson Singer/Songwriter from Leicestershire, Having released is Album in 2013 George had great success with as it sold in over 20 different countries, having the success of his album the single he then released had a great success as well with many radio airplays and great reviews .Having a range of genre’s pop, rock and indie and gigging in many places and performs acoustically as well.2014 will see George finish his second album and building his fan base which you will need to watch out for this guy.

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Sophia Ben-Yousef is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool, Sophia has a Soul and Pop genre and adding the piano or acoustic guitar to her tracks makes it her own. A young singer/songwriter and won the Liverpool International Music Festival One to Watch last year, i think it safe to say that you will be hearing a lot more or this singer/songwriter. Being caught by BBC Introducing and getting national TV coverage and performing to over 10,000 people this is impressive. Keep watching her musical path.

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Casey Barnes is a singer/songwriter from Tasmania, Australia. Casey Started singing in his hometown and decided to make a move to get his music heard more.Having his music played on TV shows and having it heard around the world shows us how good he is. Casey was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition with his amazing song ‘Flesh & Bone’ which he titled his new EP this too.

Performing with many stars with his acoustic,folk Country and pop genre and amazing lyrics. Check this guy out and watch his space!

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Risa Hall is a New York City born singer/songwriter but now relocated to Manchester. Having many radio plays with her songs and lyrics which have a great impact in the music industry. Risa has many genre’s which she likes to mix them up to create her own sound. Her Genre’s include; Electric,Pop,Jazz,Folk and Punk, Risa has toured with many other performers across the world.
Be sure to check out Risa Music and watch her space!

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Amy Milner is a 20 year old from Suffolk with a passion for music, having revolved herself around music since an early age, i think we can see that she has a passion for music. Singing/Song-Writing and playing the piano has helped Amy along the way of her musical career and with her great vocals and songwriting skills, Amy has had a lot of support from various places which one is BBC Introducing as she recently had her track ‘Have It All’ played on their show. Wanting to get her music heard all over the world,Amy is currently working variety of producers on her new material .Check her track out now and be sure to watch this singer/songwriter.

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Daniel Pearson is a Leeds based singer getting his music heard. A range of Genres inc indie rock, and classic guitar pop a mixing them up too! Being named one of the new best singer-songwriters upcoming.Daniel’s Music has took a shine to many out there having airplays on a numerous of Radio Stations inc , BBC 6, BBC Introducing and others.Also having many positive write ups in magazines gives Daniel the confident that his music is getting heard and well liked. After sharing the stage for other bands and artist its time to take his own stage. Noq 1/2 of duo ‘Tooth & Nail’ .Watch his space!

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The Mantells are a three piece Indie band from up north. Made up Tom Barrow, Dale Moran ,Lewis Moran. Tom is the lead vocalist and also strums his guitar where as Dale and Lewis do backing vocals but also Dale strums his Bass and Lewis hits his sticks on the drums.This is band is ready to see what the industry throws at them and showcase their music and build their fan base bigger. Check them out!

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YOUNG are a Manchester five piece made up of Chez Davis, Benjamin James and Jamie Skehan, Graham and Tomall having a musical background but completely different. Coming together bringing their vocals together to create this brand new pop band. Songs are written by them, their music is produced by them and these boys are ready to get it out their and have lots of fun performing for their fans and make new ones. Check these boys out!

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John Thacker is a 19 Year old singer/songwriter from Manchester. John released his first 15 track Album ‘Colourful Eye’ in August 2013, it was distributed on many websites including Amazon and Spotify for download. John is soon to be releasing new material and changing it up a bit so watch this space! Be sure to check him out!

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Lianne Kaye is a Rock/Pop Singer songwriter who has been a Youtuber for 3 years now, uploading covers and originals which has had a lot of views.With the release of here EP ‘Vacancy’ in January 2014, has shown that Lianne has a lot of potential and would be a huge add to the music industry,Lianne is writing and doing gigs as much as she can and also recording covers for her fans. Make sure you check her out and watch her space!

Twitter: @LianneKayeMusic


Charity Vance is a singer and songwriter born in 1993,Singing and writing is what she loves to do and does so well,From Auditioning for American Idol in 2010 to straight in to the recording studio to get her own music heard which led to her first EP release in 2012 ‘Lets Pretend’ but releasing a number of singles first.Having played festivals and having Radio plays already i can safely say this is a singer songwriter of the future so make sure you check her out and follow her musical path!



Ronnie Eaton is a USA Singer/Songwriter who has performed as acoustic artist and released A EP and LP which later got joined by Derek Guthrie, Byron Mason and Aaron Dick, creating Ronnie Eaton and The Cold Hard Truth. Releasing a Solo Album Ronnie is determined to get all of his sounds and lyrics out there and tour across the world. Gigging in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico as in his Band and plan on releasing an Album with the band. Watch his space because these are great.

Twitter: @RonniEaton


Juliette Ashby is a Singer/Songwriter from London with a range of genre’s which gives her own voice. The Genre’s are R&B, Reggae and neo-Soul. Working hard and getting her music out there Juliette has got the support from many radio stations inc. BBC Radio and BBC 1Xtra and getting support from TV shows this has given Juliette a massive boost to where her music career will take her in which she will be a huge star. Make sure to check out her music and follow her music path.

Twitter: @JulietteAshby


Lauren Marsh is a Singer/Songwriter from Princeton, NJ, Winning awards for her music she has a Pop genre and unsigned. A voice that should be heard Lauren is definitely a Singer watch out for, having a huge amount of views on YouTube videos. Lauren maybe a Pop genre but she also uses some other genres which makes all of her sound her own and being able to play the piano and ukulele will add more uniqueness to her sounds. Getting support by a lot of people over social media and also a film company, it will be safe to say that you will hear a lot more of this singer/songwriter so check her out.

Twitter: @LMarshMusic


Alexa Dark is a Singer/Songwriter from The Big Apple what we call New York City and having a Indie /Rock genre and a guitar, she is making her own sounds. Working and living in London and gigging, to get her music heard. Make sure you check out her music and watch her progress in the music industry.

Twitter: @alexadarkmusic


Cally Rhodes grew up in West Wales and started singing from a young age, moving to London when she left school; Cally is focusing on her EP, composing her music herself with her guitar or Piano. Cally also puts covers up on YouTube. Having a Pop Genre with an edge then you sure need to check out Cally material.

Twitter: @CallyRhodes


Josh Healey is a Singer/Songwriter from Shetland Islands – Lerwick.Josh has a variety of genre’s which lets him get his own feel to his songs. The genre’s include; Acoustic
Folk, Alternative Rock. In March 2013 seen the release of ‘Lifeboat and Relationships’ which Josh manage to get a top 40 on Singer/Songwriter Charts, from this 2014 will see the release of his second EP ‘Lost ,Found,&Lost Again’ which we hope to see do well like his first EP.With Many collaborations on the EP Josh is ready to get it out and heard and ready to get gigging and getting his music heard more. Josh also has the support from radio stations and being unsigned, all I can say is watch out for Him!

Twitter: @JoshH_official


Exit Black are a Rock / Alternative Rock / Progressive Rock band from Luton/London, a four piece made up of Tony Bignell, Joe Devine, Jamie Byrne.
Tony is lead vocalist and plays the keys, Joe strums the guitar, Jamie hits the drums and Henry plays Bass. From being on TV, playing Irish music at Buckingham palace, dropping out of uni to peruse his dream in music, self taught bass player, this is a band that are determined to get their vocals and lyrics heard and play all over. Having a lot of radio and magazine support it’s safe to say this is a band to watch!


Kaiya Pelletier has a genre of indie/folk and with a passion for music; singing, writing and listening is everything to her . Going through a lot when she was younger this is one strong singer to check out! teaching her to play the guitar and then started writing to help her through the hard times, it really brought her to life and getting on stage when she did for the first time sealed the deal for this singer songwriter. Make sure you check out this singer songwriter and be sure to hear a lot more of her..Kaiya writes amazingly and she is ready to show the music industry what she has to offer. 2015 saw Kaiya create her own band called Kaiya On The Mountin and have released some great tracks and you will be hearing more of them .. alot!

Twitter: @imakaiya


As The City Rumbles Underneath are a duo that consist of Cat Forsley and Ashton Price, these hit the music scene in 2012, with a dream pop genre and mixing it up with guitars and synths to give them a unique sound. Their music has been a hit with being played on many podcasts and blogs which all getting great reviews. This also was helped by getting their track ‘Heart Expires’ on a TV Show giving them more credit for their amazing vocals! Looking more opportunities for their music to be heard, TV shows films you should get in touch! A band to watch!

Twitter: @AsTheCity


Haley Klinkhammer is a Singer and Songwriter from Wisconsin, Teaching herself to play the guitar, Haley then went on to teach herself the Ukulele and Piano. Haley has a big love for music. Uploading her first video which got a lot of attention , Haley decided to upload more and building her fan base, it’s safe to say she has many fans out there.2011 saw her release her first EP ‘Freedom’ with all four of the songs being originals.2013 saw Haley release a second EP ‘ Finding Myself’ which was also originals. Working on her first length album, make sure you are following this musician of the future!

Twitter: @Haleybop5726


Jack Evans is a young Singer/Songwriter. His love for music came from a young age, learning the Piano from age 8. When he was 16 he taught himself the guitar and a year ago he started writing and releasing his own music.On the 16th of June 2014 he released his début EP “Stripped Back”. He is currently about to start recording his 2nd EP along with doing gigs all over Brighton.
This is an artist to watch, he is ready to give it his all!

Twitter: @JackEvansUK


Leanne Weiss is a Country-Pop,Singer/Songwriter all the way from Riveredale,New Jersey.Singing from a young age, Leanne always knew she was ready to step in to the music industry, with her unique country sound, this is a singer to check out.Voted one of top 3 best country bands by Radio Station ‘Nash FM’ but it doesn’t stop here and i dont think it will stop, Singing the National Anthem in Madison Square , i can honestly say i am looking forward to Leanne’s future in the music industry and  you should too. Now a duo in October Rose s so be sure you are following her!

Twitter: @LeanneWeiss – @octoberrosectry


Joe Symes & The Loving Kind are a Acoustic/Rock Band from Liverpool. The four piece is made up of Joe Symes, Colin White, Paul Hetherington, Chris Giblin.
Joe is the lead vocalists,guitarist and plays the harmonica. Colin plays the drums,percussion and sings backing vocals. Paul strums the guitar and the synth guitar. Chris strums the Bass. Wanting to have all the say in their music, they opened their very own label called ‘Truly Independent Records’. The 4 lads have played many gigs and got their music heard and also have had Radio plays/ live sessions which have got their rmusic heard and themselves heard to as they have had interviews with magazines. Check out their selt titled Album which is out NOW.
This is a one to watch band!

Twitter: @JoeSymesandTLK


April Moon are a Canadian Duo, all the way from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to Southport,UK, who have found their Name merging both of their last name!
Jamie April and Jason Moon both have the stage with their fantastic vocals and great guitars skills!
Coming to the UK has seen Jamie and Jason build up their own little band who are all gigging a lot getting their music heard and out there and take on the music scene in the UK.
These are ready for more and i can guarantee you should be following these now!

Twitter: @aprilmoonband


Toni Etherson is a Singer/Songwriter from Scotland,Glasgow.Singing As much as she can,anywhere she can , she is a dedicated singer and ready to get her music out there.Toni is a singer songwriter with a Folk/Pop genre with a soulful voice. Collabotating with an Aussie pop star already and writing with songwriter Steven Malcomson this was the beginning.Signing with Street Jazz Records this is the start of a talented musician of the future so be sure you are following Toni! Toni is also 1/2 of new Duo ‘Siights’ as well.

Twitter: @ToniEthie – @Siightsofficial


Verity&Violet are a Duo made up of Loui Batley and Jessica Dolman , Having a Vintage style to their music mixing new and old, this duo is ready to get out there and carry on doing what they love doing. Gigging in the french alps and many other places these girls are great performers. These girls give everything to their performance and their style on stage to give the performances of their gigs. I am looking forward to what Loui and Jess bring to the music industry now and later because these are a duo to watch out for.

Twitter: @verityandviolet


Pleasure House are a four piece Indie,Dance Pop boy band from Birmingham.Made up of Abbas,Alex,James and Jon.Ready to get more of their music out there and get gigging this is a band to check out. Novemeber 2014 will see the release of their NEW Debut EP which will be a must get EP. Be sure to Follow and watch their music journey and be ready for them to get more on the music scene!

Twitter: @pleasurehousuk


The Apparells are a Indie/Rock Band from Glasgow. These Four lads came on the music scene in 2011, when building their fanbase and getting their catchy lyrics and guitar riffs heard.
Made up of Lee Cuthbertson, Stevie Lynch, Jay Murray and Stephen McCartney, all having a bit to do in the band and making the band their own. Playing a various amount of gigs and ready to get their material out there and show their fans they are not going anywhere soon! Be sure to check them out and watch grow as a band in the music scene!

Twitter: @TheApparrells


Nemesis is a four piece rock/pop band writing their own songs and performing and getting themselves heard.Nemesis are with the record label AJam Records. Forming in 1995 they decided to just get out there and gig as much as they can and they did a lot and now decided to get their music and themselves heard more by putting new material up online and carry on gigging but in many more places. Make sure you have checked these out and follow them.

Twitter: @NemesisMusic1


Luke Potter is a Singer/Songwriter with a genre of many but classed as a Pop Artist, delivering his songs from his heart and performed to get them heard a lot.Luke signed to a big management company and has spent 2013/14 recording in many different countrys. 18th November 2014 saw the release of his first debut Albumand with this Luke is doing school tours across the UK.The music on his mind at the minute is promoting his first album and working on his second for it to be released in summer 2015. Releasing more material and planning a lot more for 2016. Watch out for this new pop sensation!

Twitter: @LukePotterMusic


Charlotte Howard is a singer/songwriter from Kent , Charlotte has decided to take her stage name Charley Monroe as she continues to wow her audience with her fantastic vocals. Previously being on the X Factor and once supported Eliza Doolittle this has only encouraged Charley to carrying on doing what she loves to do. Everything Charley has done so far, this girl is ready to explode in to 2015 with amazing new music and getting herself heard more. So make sure you are all following her and watch this space!

Twitter: @CharleyMonroe96


London Ellis also known as Gabriella Ellis, has been singing and songwriting for a bit now and in August 24th saw the debut release of her Single ‘London To LA’ and later in October London Ellis released her Debut EP which was also called ‘ London To LA’ showing it was a personal record and gives you an insight of London Ellis. Having a Pop/Urban genre and worked with many other great artists, London Ellis is an Artist to watch because this EP is just the start for her.
Make surer you follow her and watch out for more music from her.

Twitter: @Gabriellaellis


Jethro Sheeran also known by Alonestar is a Singer and Songwriter, with an Hip/Hop and Pop genre also a producer Not just the Releasing of his 6 track EP ‘Warrior’ with some fantastic collaborations, with Alonestar’s skills i think its safe to say you will be hearing a lot more of this guy and being with two labels ‘ Urban Angel and Reel Me Records’
Be sure to follow him for more music

Twitter: @ALONESTAR1


The Fireflys are a Six piece from Runcorn, Made up of two ladies and four men! Lee Wylding is a guitarists and vocals,
Adele Halsall is a vocalist, Stephan Roberts strums the bass and ukulele, Andrea Packer hits the the drums with the drumsticks, David Packer strums the guitar as well, Chris Tann plays the keyboard and piano. Having their Record Label owned by their very own Lee Wylding which also offer CD manufacturing. This is a six piece to check out and be sure to follow,sub and be ready for these to get all their music out there and storm through the music scene all over the world. I really cant wait to see what 2015 offers these! 2015 Offered a lot for the Firefly’s and this was just the start! keep watching them!

Twitter: @thefireflys


Jordan Pass is a R&B singer and songwriter from Sheffield. Singing from the age of 4 years old Jordan is a artist that has a love for singing and since doing this from a young age, its safe to say that this is an artist to watch. This is Jordan’s dream and ready to get out there. 2014 seen Jordan be on the X Factor and got to boot camp but this hasn’t stopped him from perusing his music.
Jordan also released ‘Supernova’ in November 2014. Jordan has won an award for BEAT100 Silver Song A&R Award and BEAT100 Silver Video A&R Award.

Twitter: @IamJordanPass



Robyn Regan is a singer and songwriter who has been performing from a very young age and is from East London. Already performed at some many great venue’s around London including London Palladium, Her Majesty’s Theatre and more. Robyn is signed to signed to a management and 2014 saw the release of her original track ‘My Song Home’ which saw her reach number eight on the Itunes singer/songwriter charts.This was a track was used in a ‘ I Support The Troops’ campaign in America. Please support this and make sure you go buy it on Itunes. Robyn is a dedicated artist and is ready to get out there and be heard with her powerful voice and her Pop genre. be sure to be following Robyn.

Twitter: @RobynlouRegan


Court Royal are a four piece from Liverpool signed to SWCArtistManagement and Fly On The Wall Records.
The four piece have a Pop/Funk and Soul genre. This is a band that are ready to be heard and upon this the four piece will be releasing debut Single ‘Cant Get Enough’ on 2nd March 15 so make sure you watch out for these and be ready to be hearing more from them with their own music.
follow them on their musical journey.

Twitter: @CourtRoyalMusic


Jess and The Bandits are a 5 Piece Pop/Country band.Jess is from Houston,Texas with London Lads. Made up of Jess, Ricci,Steve and Louis and all ready to get all their music heard by the whole world. Touring with many artists to Jess sitting down with Lorraine on This Morning chatting all things music and er clothing line. get ready to hear these show you what they are made up even more!

Twitter: @JessTheBandit


Paddy Clegg is a Singer and Songwriter with a multiply of genre’s which include Acoustic/Pop/Rock/Alternative/Skiffle.Paddy has been in bands before becoming a solo artist and picking up his guitar.Being at ‘Fly On The Wall Records’ and Signed to ‘SWC Artist Management’ put Paddy in the right direction to persue his dream to become a professional Singer.Having plays on Liverpool Radios and others and also performing at many venue’s, Get ready to hear more from Paddy Now in a band as a lead singer in a band called The Bad Habits and signed with the same label make sure you follow them

Twitter: @Paddy_Clegg – @BadHabits_UK


Emma McGann is a Singer/Songwriter, with a Pop Genre.Starting out at singing competitions and local gigs and getting herself and music heard.Emma has always been a lover of Music which she went on to University to better herself, graduating in Music Composition with a First.Having BBC1 Radio Air Play and building her fan base Emma is ready to be heard more and show the world her music.Starting a Younow channel and becoming nominated for a shorty award for it in 2016 is pretty damn good, a lot more to come from Emma so Follow Emma and her music!

Twitter: @emmamcgann


This is a London Trio, Made up of Charlie Ferriday who strums the guitar and sings vocals, Roger Connick who strums bass and sings backing vocals and Stuart Connick who hits the drums and backing vocals.An Acoustic – Indie band with a mix of Folk/Rock which lets them experiment with what sound they want their fans to hear. Be sure to check these out and be ready for more!

Twitter: @NarrowPlains


Life Outside The Window are a Five piece made up of Marina O’Shea who is lead vocalist, Ben Kapur who is lead guitarist,Steve Tanton who is the drummer,Alex Edworthy who plays the keys and Tom Burns strums the bass. As individuals all of the members have had experience in the music industry and decided to put all their creativity in to one.
This is a band ready to get out there and be heard and is from South Wales.Get ready to hear a lot more from this band because they are just starting out and will be a great add to the music industry.

Twitter: @LOutsideTWindow


Lindsey Harper is a Singer and Songwriter who has been in the spotlight for quite a bit now, Backing Selena Gomez on tv appearances and tours, but this is where Lindsey is ready to take a step down and get her own Soulful/Pop material out and perform as an Artist herself. Already having a Single and one Album and ready to release a new one soon. Be ready to follow and watch her shine through the music scene.

Twitter:  @LindseyHarper


Giulia is a Italian Singer and Songwriter with a Country Rock genre with a pop twist.Having a love for music Giulia has been making her dream come to from the get go of leaving school and with her unique and silvery vocals this is an artist to check out, also supporting Anastacia but is ready for her own gigs and tours.Not only is her love for music, her love for fashion is the same level and set up her own fashion line and combining music and fashion she is ready to take it on the road and get her music and fashion heard and seen, make sure you are following Giulia and be ready to hear more.

Twitter: @giuliamymusic


Delta Rae are a Six Piece, Made up of Ian Hölljes, Eric Hölljes, Brittany Hölljes, Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee, Grant Emerson.They have an Americana genre and vocals to die for throughout their tracks.With the Record Labels Sire and Warner Bros,Records , its safe to say that this is a band that you will be hearing a lot more of and will be dancing and singing along to all their songs. check them out!

Twitter: @DeltaRae


Little Sparrow is the stage name of Singer/Songwriter Katie Ware. Taking music inspiration from the likes of Kate Bush,All About Eve and PJ Harvey but making her own more unique and shows her powerful vocals when being on stage. 2014 Little Sparrow released her debut album ‘Wishing Tree’ which gained a lot of attention for the singer and this is just the starting for her, so be sure to be following Little Sparrow on her music journey through the music scene.

Twitter: @littlesparrow


Phase Five a Los Angeles based five piece but all come from all over the world. Jay C is from Indiana. Lee Brown is all the way from the UK. Nelson Gabriel is frorm Puerto Rico. Alex Odon calls Belgium his home. Jeremiah Neil is from Florida. These boys are a Urban Pop band that all share a love for music and dancing and doing it at the same time, having been inspired by one of the best boybands ever ( in my opinion) NSYNC these boys got together and became a group that should be listened to worldwide, one listen to Phase Five, you wont have it off repeat. Be sure too check them out and give them a follow for all updates.

Twitter: @PhaseVMusic


SHEL a Four piece from Nashville with a genre of Alternative. These four are a band of sisters literally.Made up of Sarah Holbrook Hannah Holbrook Eva Holbrook Liza Holbrook
The four piece all sing vocals but also play a range of instruments and put a show on to remember and a CD to put on repeat. Having music in their lives from a young age and finding their musical path, its now time to say that the four piece are definitely ones to watch out for.Make sure you give the girls a follow and be ready for them to be performing all over the world.

Twitter: @iloveshelmusic


Pete Gardiner is a singer/songwriter with a Acoustic Soft Rock genre. From Newtownards in Northern Ireland but London based and with record label Nusic Sounds. When Pete was younger he started a band with his friend and progressed from there but now ready to be a solo artists, already released some EP’s and gained radio airplay. A lot more to come from Pete and be ready Buy his music.

Twitter: @thepetegardiner


Street Made Innovators also known as S.M.I are a music production duo at Boss Music. Made up of Leon Vandol James ‘Carnage’ Carn with a range of genres including Urban,Funk,RockSoul and Jazz. These are from London Town and hit off in the music scene straight away in 2012 and now they are carrying on what they love and building their fanbase even more and performing their tracks as much as they can. Follow then and be ready for more.



Miss D is a young Artists with a passion for her music coming all the way from Portugal.Miss D has had her new single ‘LOOP’ at the number one spot for two weeks form 8th – 15th and 15th-22nd August 2015 which is very impressive. The track is fantastc so be sure to check that out. Miss D has a genre of Pop but with many influences in the music scene she belts out some RNB and Soul genre’s as well which sound amazing. This is a Artists to watch because she’s already number one in her own country get ready for her to take it global. MissD is signed to Independent Record Label ‘ Boss Music’ . Be sure to be following MissD.

Twitter: @MeMissDOfficial


Mariann Rosa is a Vocalist and DJ. Mariann is a Sc-Fi Pop artist but adds a some other genre to create a new and own sound which she certainly does. All the way from Oslo, Norway to now making her latest mini album in London,UK. from 2000 to 2010 Mariann was the vocalist and songwriter for thrash-pop punk band SURFEROSA who headed on tour with the likes of ‘The Killers’ ‘Electric Six’ and more which this is impressive and gained her lots of experience in the music scene. This got her scene a lot as she also was a Judge on Pop Idol in Norway, which allowed her to help up coming singers by giving them advice they needed. now 2015 is the year for Mariann to get her solo work out, she is ready to finish up recording her songs and getting her mini album out there. be sure to get following Mariann Rosa because you soon will know a lot more about here. get following and share with your friends!!



NJ Taylor is a pop singer/songwriter from Montreal, Canada. NJ has been playing music and singing since she was a child. Her first choice of instrument was the violin, she later began singing and writing her own songs as a teenager. NJ’s infectious, energetic dance tracks are enough to get your head spinning. So watch out for this soon to be pop queen. NJ’s new single ‘So You’ is out October 30th, and her new self-titled EP will be out early 2016. NJ Taylor is ready to take on the world with her amazing music and tour it too!

Twitter: @njtaylormusic


Lisa Ronson is a Alternative Rock/Synth Pop artist on the rise. Lisa will be best know for guest singer David Bowie’s supergroup but now time for Lisa to fly solo and be the artist she wants to be.
Singing from a very young age its safe t say Lisa has always been around music and has picked up all the stuff she needs to know to be heard. With Record Label ‘Maniac Sqaut Records’ and in November Lisa is ready to give you a full insight of what she is ready to offer you and I can say its a Album to get in your wishlist now. BE SURE TO BE GETTING THIS WHEN ITS RELEASE Emperors of Medieval Japan Also be ready for Lisa Ronson because she is one that will be headlining many shows/tours!

Twitter: @LisaRonsonMusic


The Ambition are a four piece from Liverepool made up of Jack Morton,Scott Mealey,Max Mealey and Anthony Brady, the four lads hit the music scene in the early mist of 2014 with their pop/rock genre. Creating their debut EP in 12 months they definitely gave it a great name which they will remember for a long time because it would have been incredible the ‘Journeys’ they’ve been through througout the time in the music scene so far. Already having a great fanbase and these are ready to get their own tour undereway/gigs intead of supporting others.
These four have support great artists already including Rebecca Ferguson, Scouting for Girls and Basement Jaxx and more and have done festivals. So if you haven’t heard of these boys yet then you sure will, be sure to be following them.

Twitter: @TheAmbitionBand


Fame On Fire is a Band of Four from Orlando, Florida made up of Bryan Kuznitz, Blake Saul,Paul Spirou and Alex Roman. Bryan is lead singer, Blake strums guitar, Paul also strums but the bass and last but not least Alex hits the drums. With a Pop, Metal Genre these boys have been showing everyone what they can since the age of 16 years old and as these are unsigned they love the fact they have all control as an independent band. Ready to bring our all their music and ready to tour all over if safe to say this is a band you will be hearing a lot more of and you should be following.

Twitter: @FaneOnFire


Georgia Denton is just a teenager with passion,only deciding to take Music as a career a couple of years ago, she definitely has the dedication and the voice to do so. Georgia grew up in the UK just outside of Manchester and when she was 8 years old her and her family moved over to Australia. Taking a dive in to the whole music industry Georgia signed up for X Factor Australia Season 7 and made it in to the TOP 10, with every performance Georgia got better and better and this is just the start on a magical journey for her. Be sure to be following all her social media’s for all her updates. Watch her SPACE.



Bronnie Hughes is just an 18 year old with a voice that electrify’s straight through. Loving music from a young age, Bronnie is artist from Wirral studying Music & Sound Tech to expand her music knowledge but definitely a true performer and writer. Having a genre of Pop/Rock. Studying musical theatre for 7 years as well its safe to say this is an a artist that can sing any genre and still sound fantastic. Having performed from a young age and having her first solo gig at 14 years old, with all the confidence Bronnie is ready for her to bring back Pop/Rock for the girls and bring it back she will! be sure to be following her!

Twitter: @BronnieMusic


Rock N Roll band ‘Tall Bones’ have been doing music for around 15 years and still have that passion they had when they first started the band two years ago and now ready to get their music out globally. Made up of Jacob Dean, Max Ramm, Lorenzo de la Loza, the three describe there genre as Rock N Roll but with a bit of psychedelic or even have that true acoustic american vibe going on and its beautiful all round. Jacob hits the drums and percussion, Max strums the guitar but also plays the keys and organ, Lorenzo de la Loza sings vocals but also strums the bass and acoustic guitar. On the 9th March 2015 the lads released double a sided BlindLove/Son Of A Gun and January 2016 saw the trio announce a EP is on the way be sure to be following the trio and be ready to watch them show the world what they have to offer!

Twitter: @tallbonesmusic


Sklyer is just a teen with a dream and at only 16 at minute (2016) if safe to say this is a singer/songwriter you have to be watching, she is ready to show the world what she has to offer. Skyler spends her time between the UK and US. Having a passion for music from a young age its safe to say she has the talent to persue. Skyler recently got discovered by Snoop Dogg which led to them collaborating on her upcoming Single ‘Fire’ where he wrote his own verse for the song to make it Sklyer’s own! Be ready for Skyler because she has a lot coming up then after that she will most definitely be on your playlist.

Twitter: @skylersmusic


Nick Green and Dave Rosser have been doing music for a very long time and using different alias but now found the perfect name and the perfect sound the duo have come out of secrecy and ready to release their music under a name Nicky Davey with their soulful voices. Having already being nominated for a GRAMMY, this has just made the duo work even harder to get their music heard even more. Taking their time and really working on their EP due out spring 2016 be sure to watch out for this duo!

Twitter: @NickyDaveyMusic


Miller Blue an artist from Leeds with a variety of genres that he mixes them up and creates a whole distinctive sound throughout all of his music .
With Alternative RNB, Soul,Electronica and Hip Hop genre. Persistence Self taught song writer and Producer Miller finally found his sound and created his DEBUT EP ‘Persistence’ from his bedroom studio. Getting ready to show everyone what he will bring to the music industry Miller is definitely one to watch.

Twitter: @MillerBlueMusic


Amy Eckersley is 19 years of age and a unsigned singer/songwriter. Studying at Leeds College of Music in my 1st year. Amy’s genre of music tends to be mainly acoustic R’n’B, but some alt pop too (influenced by the likes of Lana Del Rey) also plays the violin (folk fiddler), and I sometimes accompany myself on acoustic guitar and piano. be sure t like her Facebook page ‘Amy Eckersley’, and also will be setting up her a youtube channel under the same name so keep a look out!Amy has a soundcloud account too. Very keen to show the world her music out there so keep a look out!

Twitter: @AmyEckersley

Jimmy Moore & Cas.D

Hailing out of Auckland New Zealand Jimmy Moore & Cas.D clawed their way out of the local rock scene, slowly and surely progressing into the realm of Pop, Hip Hop and Electro. Their new sound encompasses elements of their vast musical and spiritual journeys. Songs about love, loss, sex and the human experience. This all culminates in Jimmy Moore’s cantankerous yet empathetic vocal offerings, soaring from sultry highs to Husky lows. Backed up by Cas.D’s sly sounding musical arrangements, soaked in Hip Hop flavor and set alight by relatable lyrics. Listen Up.

Twitter: @JimmyMooreCasD


Adriana came to the Big City in 2011 from Poland, Warsaw to study at London College of Fashion in which 2015 came round the corner ( not literally) where she graduated with a BA in Fashion Illustration, letting er work with some fantastic companies but her love fashion is the same for her love for music. 2016 the debut of ADRIANA first single was released called ‘One Day’ on 6th May 2016. The passion for music shines straight through this single and definitely is ready to explode in to the music scene with a bang. Adriana probably has many hidden talents which we don’t know about … yet but Adriana also directed her Music video for her single ‘One Day’ Two Award nominations AS WELL at the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh African International Fashion Film festival for Best Fashion and emerging talent. If this doesn’t say follow Adriana and get ready to see her nationwide… make sure you are following her!

Twitter: @adriana_blogs

Almost Honey

Almost Honey are a Duo from Stockholm , with a Indie/Electro genre and they are here to show everyone who they are. The duo consist of Stina and Josefin whose vocals both clash together and create their own unique sound in a beautiful way! With releasing their release date for their Album back on the 17th May 2016 its safe to say this duo got a lot of love and cant wait to see what is next for them. Looking in to touring the world and creating more music be ready to hear more of these two and be sure to follow them!

Twitter: @AlmostHoneySwe

Mytton Sanneh

Mytton Sanneh is a new artists on the block, you may have heard from this young singer/songwriter when he appeared on BGT in a boyband called ‘New Bounce’ from coming third on here to now is a complete different story, still having the love for music he decided to go solo. Working even harder than before and worked with Darren Martyn a platinum selling producers to create his new music. As well as working on his solo material Mytton had the time to get on the London’s West End Production of Thriller Live playing the King of Pop Michael Jackson’ which I can imagine inspiration came from as well. This is now time for him to get his own sound out there and do what he loves and I cant wait to see what is next for him .
Follow him to keep updated.

Twitter: @MyttonSanneh


Raw and emotive hard rock collective Shikobi, has quickly found success with their unique blend of experimental hard rock, funk and hip-hop. The group formed in January 2014 with Australian brothers Aaron and Luke Hession writing songs in their Gold Coast home. Fueled by their intense live show, Shikobi went from a local garage band playing DIY gigs to a successful touring band selling out high-profile venues in less than a year. The hard rock group also landing a coveted #1 spot on the top 100 countdown on Australia’s famed Triple J Unearthed radio station.
With a twist of fate, Aaron and Luke decided to relocate to Los Angeles where drummer Dylan Hayden and bassist Marco Barrientos, joined the band to complete the lineup in April 2015. Since then, Shikobi has been building a steady following in the US.

Twitter: @shikobi_


Dan is a talented music producer and DJ and has many TV appearances, radio shows and live performances under his belt. Amongst many other gigs he has played Rock in Rio in Lisbon which attracts around 80k, Sumol Summer Fest – 40k plus attendees and at the beginning of August this year he will play RFM Beach Power for approx. 40k party goers. He is sought after for features and later this year he will be releasing at least 2 banging hits. A Little Love is currently featured on a hit TV show in Portugal as well. The theme was composed by Dan Maarten, Alon Dreesde and Janieck Devy from Lost Frequencies (number 1 in over 10 European countries. The full team involved in the production of “A Little Love” is incomplete without mentioning Kevin Grainger from Wired Masters, who mastered the song, and he has worked with artists such as Galantis, Tiesto and Kaskade. The music video was created by Davide Polder, producer in the Netherlands Film Academy, and Sebastian Crayn, who studied cinema in London and is a well-respected producer in his own right.

Twitter: @danmaarten


Leat is a singer and songwriter who studied at Rimon School of Music for 2 years in Isreal. At just 23 years old Leat found her way in Australia to peruse her music and she did so by performing there for 6 months for 3 days a week in a variety of music venues which gave Leat more confidence and passion to further her music career.At 21 Leat began writing her own music to find her own sound instead of working in bands and covering other artists songs, getting to work with Quite Great PR in the UK has really given her some great opportunities and its definitely safe to say that Leat is ready to perform all over with her own music so be ready!

To contact Leat please contact  Twitter: @QuiteGreatPR

Molly Reinold

20 year old Molly Reinold from Boston,US , knowing singing is what she wanting to do from a young age she’s definitely ready to take to all the stages and create the music she loves to perform for her fans.Already performed at a variety of amazing venues, Molly is ready to take on the world and see what the new year brings for her. Vocals so powerful which you cannot wait for the next release she does.Molly released ‘Movies ‘ this year (2016) and it really shows who she is about and you will want to hear lot more from her. Make sure you are following her now and be get ready to hear so much more from her.

Twitter: @mollyreinold

Teddy Grey

Teddy Drummond aka Teddy Grey is a young singer and songwriter all the way from the USA! Always having a passion for music Teddy decided to get out there in to the world and share his music and he sure did that as soon as he could. With a catchy pop/ rock with melodic guitar lines giving Teddy his own originality. His latest release has been know to be his best recording to date,a 3 track EP called ‘The Price Of Youth’ which just tells you what and who he is about and really intrigues you a lot. Teddy has much more to come in the future so make sure you drop him a follow.