What are your names? 
Tony Goff – Guitar – Vocals 
Tom Paley – Bass Player 
Ashley P Saunders – Drummer 
Daniel Franssens – Lead Guitar 
Russell Spencer – Trombone 
Kenneth Brown – Trumpet

How did you come up with the band’s name? 
Ex drummer Max Whtiting came up with ‘The Broken Colours part of our name, meaning they are the Colours splattered upon Tony Goff’s musical Canvas so to speak.

What is your genre of music? 
Indie Rock, with sprinkles of Funk and Soul

Give us a little bio about you. 
With an array of impressive live shows behind them, having already played with indie music legends The Ordinary Boys, Carl Barat, and The Blockheads, the band and their much-lauded live set have also gained slots at the Great Escape, Camden Rocks, and PENN Festival. The band has deservedly received great acclaim since first arriving on the scene.  With the promise of more music on the way, and a bundle of UK shows in the pipeline, Tony Goff & The Broken Colours are gearing up for a whirlwind phase of the bands career, with a collection of new material that’s sure to accelerate their momentum, and cement their place amongst the UK’s indie elite.

What made you go into music? 
It was the Guitar that really got me in to music at 13 years old after seeing my older cousin play it, but 16 I had my 1st band ha never looked back, all the guys started out in a similar way.

Who are your influences? 
Tony Goff
– The Kooks, Johnny Cash, Doves, Stereophonics, Frank Sinatra 
Tom Paley – Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, Ripe. 
Ashley P Saunders – Led Zepplin, Feetwood Mac 
Dan Franssens – Freddie king, Lynyrd Skynrd, Pantera, Sturgill Simpson, gary Clark Jr 
Tom Paley -Kenneth Brown – Snarky Puppy, anderson pack, fat freddys drop. James Morrison’s trumpet player and Gordan Goodwin 
Russell Spencer – The Specials, Joy Division, Bring me to the Horizon and Enter Shikari

Are you signed? 
We have been but I chose to go independently until we can sign the right deal. 

You released your new single ‘Mirrors’, tell us more about the single. 
Idea was a simple one, trying to reflect the emotions coming from the track, the song itself is about the lead singer TONY GOFF, and his journey basically becoming a better man and references Loving again, and looking in the Mirror the song is about Self Reflection.

What is the meaning behind the single? 
The meaning is about self improvement and self reflection, trying to change our errant ways covid lockdown gave us all time to think, the song was written to remind Tony he has to open up more and all focus on being the best version of himself. 

What was the writing and recording process like? 
This particular song was quite swift in terms of writing, s it’s a fairly simple tune the band picked it up and put their stamp on it very quickly, but 1st off when tony was writing it, it just fell on to the page and Tony feels a close connection to this track, once we got it in the studio we started mucking about with harmonies and adding the trumpet, were really proud how it came out.

Describe the track in two words. 

Who did you work with on the single? 
The band as normal and producer Antonio Hannah

Music video for ‘Mirrors’ is out now, what can we expect from the creative process? MIRRORS –

The Video was Directed and Produced by Ashley P Saunders, he cpmes up with the premise then we make a game plan, of what we need, venues actors etc

Will we see an Album or EP this year and if so what can we expect from it? 
Our Debut album is currently being worked on and out in 2023 dates TBA

Do you have any live shows or a tour coming up and if so let us know where we can catch you at? 
May 28th – Lechlade Festival 
June 3rd – Wychwood Festival 
June 18th – Swanmore Festival 
July 13th – Hoxton Underbelly 
July 22nd – Penn fest 
Sep 3rd – HMV – Bucks UNI 
Sep 10th – Trinity Bar London

What else can we expect in 2022? 
2022 you will see us touring a lot this year, while in the background working on finishing our Debut Album out 2023

Will we see any collaborations and if so, can you tell us more about them? 
We are unsure for this album there might be but I cant say for sure just yet. 

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years? 
5 years I would hope to be playing the Top venues and working on 3rd or 4th album. I want to tour America in this time also.

What quote or saying do you always stick by? 
Worry is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do but gets you know where, 
I say it a lot it doesn’t mean I follow my own advice ha

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

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