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What is your name? 
It’s LexMo, bitch. 

What is your genre of music?
Ah, my favorite question. I can’t pick a genre or emotion to cling to to save my life, so it’s kinda all over the place. Mostly based on where I am in my life and the situations around me. Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I feel like a bad bitch, and sometimes I’m really angry. So it just depends what mood you catch me in.

Give us a little bio about you.
I was born in Venezuela and raised in Miami. Left the confines of Florida to study English and literature in Boston, and that’s where I got into the underground music scene and started writing and producing.  Shortly after, I got a degree in music production from the Los Angeles Recording School and I’ve been making music since.

What made you go into music?
I can thank my English teacher for this broke-ass struggling artist life I’m living. She pushed me to pursue my writing, and I realized I was pretty good at it. In class, I realized all my stories and poems sounded like songs, and I’ve always had a passion for music and knew I could somewhat hold a tune. So, I merged the two fields, and here I am. 

Who are your influences?
My influences are mainly artists who are songwriters first. Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Freddie Mercury. All those old dudes really knew how to tell a god damn story. It’s unbelievable. 

Are you signed?
Haha, no. Not yet.

ou released your new single ‘PST, tell us more about the single.
PST is a song about a long distance “situationship” that really gave me a run for my money. A long time ago, I vowed I would never do anything long distance but naturally found myself in a complicated situation with someone across the friggin’ country. This song is just me telling that story in hopes of figure out what the hell to do. 

What is the meaning behind the single?
The meaning is that if I like you, I cannot be trusted with my phone to not drunk call you and fuck things up by saying some dumb shit because I’m scared of my feelings. Plain and simple. Self-sabotage is my speciality and I saw that alot with this situation, and I was just like grow up sister… You’re too old for this. 

What was the writing and recording process like?
The writing process was a breeze. I literally just told the story in the form of a song. I woke up to the idea and the lyrics just running through my mind, but recording it was a different story. It was a totally new way of singing for me that challenged me a lot. We did so many different takes in different keys with different melodies, and of course ended up going back to the sweet sweet original take.

Describe the track in two words.
Does FML count

Who did you work with on the single?
I worked with the unbelievably talented KTLN and Guaico. My rocks. My lifelines.

Stream PST here

Will we see a music video for ‘PST’ and if so, what can we expect from it?
You will not, unfortunately. I was too busy working on the next one, so if you wanna see some more LexMo visuals, you’ll have to wait until January 2022! 

Will we see a EP or album, and if so what can we expect from it?
Oh, hell yeah. Totally different vibe from PST. Between you and me, its called “Baddies Have Feelings Too,” and it’s going to be banger city. 

Do you have any live shows or a tour coming up and if so let us know where we can catch you at?
I do not! I just moved to LA and am building my tracklist slowly yet steadily, but definitely in the new year you will see this old cat stage-hopping in LA. 

What else can we expect at the end of 2021/ Early 2022?
You can expect a single accompanied with a music video in January, and then “Baddies Have Feelings Too” in March! 

Where do you see yourself now in five years?
I see myself performing left and right and making music non-stop. Working with other songwriters and producers and building my brand and team. 

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Fake it ‘til you god damn make it, boys and girls.

When you are at a gig, what are five things you cannot forget? 
Extra outfits in case I bust through a pair of leather pants again, hairspray, whiskey, lipstick and fashion tape.


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
of course

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