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Hey Thrillchaser, how have you been doing?
Hi Gemma! We’ve been doing quite well. Very happy to be active as a band again and looking forward to releasing even more new music in the coming months. Thankful for all those who have shown their support since we announced our return back in April.
– Rob

Give new fans/readers a little bio about you all as a band and your music.
We are THRILLCHASER; an east coast alt-pop band consisting of members from Providence, RI & Philadelphia, PA. We originally formed in 2017 out of the ashes of our previous band American Wolves, releasing our debut album in 2018 and going on hiatus shortly after. Fast forward to 2021 and we have now returned with a new lineup, so far having released two new singles from our upcoming album titled It Was Always Gonna Be Like This. – Rob

You have finally released a new single ‘Game’, tell more about the writing/ recording process of it.
GAME was actually the second-to-last song we had written for our upcoming album. Much like the writing process of our other tracks, I composed a demo of the instrumental at my studio back home in Providence. When working on this track I was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson’s Speed Demon. The main bass line I created using a soft-synth known as Trilian. Additionally, the use of chorus & tape saturation plug-ins helped me hone in on a weird retro sound for the part. As far as the overall beat goes, I sought to make use of the many odd percussive samples that you’ll hear throughout the other songs on our album. Variances of different 808, hi-hats, wood blocks, snaps, kicks, metal, the sound of a glass jar being hit – you name it haha. Our vocalist Nikki crafted the melody and lyrics writing alongside snippets I had been sending to the band email throughout the demoing process. Honestly, she was well-prepared lyrically for any sort of instrumental that I threw at her. It was a smooth collaboration for the entirety of the album in that regard. T he last piece of the puzzle for any of our songs is getting together in person at our long time producer/collaborator Taylor Larson’s studio in Bethesda, MD. Here is where the final version of every THRILLCHASER song is produced. We completed this song during the last stretch of our time there working with him. He truly has the ability to take any of our ideas to the next level. –Rob

What is meaning behind the single?
GAME is a song about regaining your power from mental and emotional abuse. Be it at the hands of a relationship, a family member or even just something as simple as shitty comments that you receive online. A song about understanding that often times you can’t control other people nor their words or actions; you can only control how you react to and engage with what’s thrown at you. Learning that it’s pointless to let negative people live rent-free in your head. That often times those who hurt you are only doing so because they themselves are hurting or insecure in some way. These lyrics describe the cerebral approach of not necessarily stooping to an aggressors level, but seeing through their projected negativity for what it really is and using that knowledge to your power. -Rob

Will we see a video for ‘Game’?
We currently have an animated lyric video for GAME available via our official YouTube channel! As far as a traditional music video goes; it’s totally possible, I’ll never rule anything out – but you’ll likely see one of those for a newer track down the line! -Rob

What else can we expect in 2021?
You most definitely can expect the release of another single in the near future, as well as the eventual release of our full album later this year! Plenty of visual content as well. -Rob

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
I’d say at this rate we’ll be just about to release what would be our 4th album haha. – Rob

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
I forget who exactly opened me up to this mentality early on in my career (so my apologies), but basically the philosophy that this band lives by is no matter what we keep showing up, working hard and acting like we belong where we want to be. I was told that “Eventually if you keep knocking, someone will let you in” – well perhaps in our case the door is about to fly right off the hinges after years of relentless pounding haha. – Rob

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yes! You can find us at: Instagram & Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
– Rob

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