What are your names? 
Jordan (Hookway) Vocals and Guitar
Jake (Hodgson) Lead Guitar
Noah (Groves) Bass and backing vocals
Mack (Hodgson) Guitar and backing vocals

What is the band’s name?

How did you come up with the band’s name?
It just sort of happened. A conversation at the very early stages of the band getting together and we were Quorum. Something along the lines of, one of us turned up late, “ah we’re all here now, quorum.

What is your genre of music
Our style has evolved as we have progressed musically. Our first EP “Art Is Dead” was certainly indie/punk. “The Boyfriend Trilogy” took us in a much more indie direction and with “The Death Of Intellectual Success” we are driving more towards indie/pop. Genre is difficult to define though and we wouldn’t want to be pigeon holed, we just  want people to enjoy our music as much as we do.

Give us a little bio about you.
Quorum – Ridiculously exciting original indie pop. Blending the post millennium indie sound with today’s indie pop vibe Quorum have created something that is vibrantly different and uniquely familiar.

What made you go into music?
We have been around music all of our lives, going to gigs, playing music together and so on. It was sort of inevitable that we would end up forming a band.

Who are your influences?
Are musical interests are so varied that we take influence from everywhere, rock through punk, new wave, indie pop – our playlists are so random it’s unbelievable. . As we said before, we don’t want to be defined by a genre.

Are you signed?
No, we are independent but we are lucky that we are [currently] work with some very good friends

Your new single ‘Still Can’t See’ is out, tell us more about the single / What is the meaning behind the single?
Still Can’t See is a pretty personal song to me [Jordan]. It is a bout a relationship I was in that was quite clearly failing. All of my friends and family could see it, and the affect it was having on me but I just didn’t. Whether I just didn’t see it, or whether I didn’t want to see it I am not sure? but the song is about being trapped in relationship that is ultimately destined to fail.

Who did you work with on the single?
The single (and the whole of The Death of Intellectual Success) was recorded and produced by Josiah Manning at Momentum Studios. It was mastered at Star Delta Audio.

Describe the track in two words.
Poppy, catchy

We are also set to see a brand new EP ‘The Death Of Intellectual Success’ . Tell us more about the EP creative process.
The Death Of Intellectual Success was written during the first lockdown period on 2020 and is based on a personal exploration of relationships along side an increase in time spent on social media. The first lockdown changed the way we [society] lived and functioned in every conceivable way. As a band this gave us time to reflect and to try to understand those changes. The Death Of Intellectual Success is our expression of that whole experience. One of the things that we love about being in Quorum is that the band and the music can be anything to anyone. We hope that people love The Death Of Intellectual Success as much as we do and that they find something within the tracks that resonates with them.

Describe each track in two words.
Prologue – Synth Intro
Could We Be Different – Angsty, Romance
The Death Of Intellectual Success – TV Influence
Still Can’t See – Head Bopper, poppy
Somnolent – Dreamy, calming
You Said – Summery, Positive
Sea Breeze – Angry, advice

Will we see a Music Video for the any of the tracks and if so, what can we expect?
There will be a music video released for Still Can’s See and we are planning something a bit different from our previous videos for Boyfriend and Doubts. We are also planning a video of our experience at Chagstock in July.

What else can we expect in 2021?

2021 is shaping up to be a good year with gigs, festivals and a tour.
All dates and links are on our website and you can join our mailing list to get the most up to date news.
Big festivals include Chagstock and The Godney Gathering and the tour sees us travel to Exeter, London, Nottingham, Newcastle and Manchester.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Who knows but if people enjoy what we do then we will  [hopefully] still be playing and entertaining people.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
“play it like its Wembley”

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 
1.       To speak with as many people as possible
2.       To have fun and enjoy ourselves.
3.       To support the other bands on bill.
4.       The set list.
5.       To play it like it’s Wembley.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

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