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What is your name?
Becky Lawrence

What is your genre of music?
Country music.

Give us a little bio about you.
I spent the majority of my life living on the Isle of Man but moved to London to pursue my dream of being in the West End when I was 22 years old. I was thrilled to be involved in some brilliant productions whilst on the Isle of Man, including the part of Kim in the European Premier of Miss Saigon which was very special! Unfortunately living in London wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, so I moved to the South West of England and started a new life here. I then become involved in a few bands and started writing my own music resulting in my first EP ‘A Child’s Tears’. Country music had always been apart of my life and music in general, so it felt so natural to sing this genre and it’s where I think my voice sits best. In 2017 I released another EP called ‘What It Takes’ and have just released a new single called ‘Now’ which was two years in the making. Heading into 2020 I’m working with a new co-writer and can’t wait to release more music!

What made you go into music?
It was a natural progression for me, coming from a musical theatre background singing was always my true passion. I couldn’t imagine my life not singing!

Are you a signed?
No, Independent

You released your single ‘Now’, tell us more about the single.
This single came out due to a rollercoaster ride over the last two years where I experienced huge highs and hard-hitting lows. I lost my grandfather which hit me very hard as I hadn’t experienced grief as an adult before so there were all the emotions that go with that. Now is a song to remind listeners that sometimes the best thing you can do is just be in the moment and try not to worry about the future as it hasn’t happened yet.

What is the meaning behind the single?
As I mentioned before the main message I wanted to get across is that sometimes all you need to do is take sometime to just be in the moment and enjoy what’s in front of you instead of getting worked up on making plans for the future. Over the past 2 years I’ve learnt that sometimes going with the flow really isn’t a bad thing!

Describe the track in two words.
Authentically honest

What was the writing process like?
The writing process for this song was one of the easiest yet. The words just flowed onto the page. I’d managed to get a few verses written but with the help of my co-writer Hugh Webber we managed to get a good structure and a good flow to the song.

What was the recording process like?
We managed to get this song recorded quite quickly which was great. Some songs can take days to get done but we managed to get the lead vocals done in one day and my guitarist did the production over a few days.

Who did you work with on the single?
I had a great team helping me with this song. First off, my co-writer Hugh Webber and my guitarist David Griffin who did the instrumentation and production on the track alongside his daughter Kate Griffin who added some wonderful moments on the Dobro and beautiful harmonies. Antony Cull from Antony Cull Music Services then did the final touches by mastering it.

Will we see a music video for the track?
I currently have a lyric video for this track, but I would love to do a full music video for this track for sure.

Will we see an EP or album and if so what can we expect?
We are currently working on a few more tracks for future releases so there’s a chance there could be another EP or a full album in the future!

Do you have any shows coming up?
I do have some in the new year which I’m looking forward to. Dave and I are heading to Derby in June and have secured a spot at a local country music festival. I also have plans to get some gigs back home on the Isle of Man. All gig information can be found on my website.

What else can we expect in 2019/Early 2020?
As I’ve mentioned we are currently working on more new songs so I’m hoping to get another single out in January 2020.

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any upcoming artists?
The beautiful Molly-Ann and I are hoping to work on a song or two together next year so that’s very exciting!

Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? and who would they have to contact?
Absolutely! I have a long list but on the top is Joey Clarkson who I met in February this year after chatting on social media for months before hand. She is incredibly talented and has a wonderful soul so I’m looking forward to getting something sorted for 2020.

Do you play any instruments?
Not very well! I can play a few chords on the guitar and piano but I’m much better at sticking with the singing!

Who are your influences?
I’ve been so lucky to have been brought up listening to so many amazing bands & artists. I was brought listening to heavy rock bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Saxon and The Carpenters, Genesis and Dolly Parton but I would have to say my main influences are artists like Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert to name a few!

How do you get inspiration to write songs?
I can get inspired by the weirdest things in the most random places! My first single ‘That Guy’ was written whilst doing a temp job, at my desk in about 10 minutes! I’ve found that because of my drama school training, I can try and put myself into certain situations and emotions which can really help with song writing.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Hopefully engaged haha! I’d also love to have had a few country music festivals under my belt, more singles released and just continuing this journey!

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
I also do a lot of vocal coaching and private singing lessons so that keeps me busy. I also love to spend time with friends, family and my 5 gorgeous guinea pigs, affectionally known as the Fluff nuggets!

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
Gosh, this one is a tough one! There’s been so many incredible songs that I’ve listened to over the years that have made me want to pursue this journey. The few that stick out to me are ‘Jolene’ Dolly Parton, ‘Fancy’ Reba McEntireand ‘ Diane’ by Cam but there are so many more!

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
Try not to worry about things you have no control over

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
Always stay true to who you are and your values. There is only one you so embrace it!

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Run your own race.

Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?
I’d highly recommend going to The Isle of Man at least once in your life! Even after leaving in 2013, every time I go back to visit, I’m always stunned by its beauty. There’s some great tourist attractions and museums like Castle Rushen that explain the amazing history the island has. There’s also some beautiful beaches and vast amounts of sea views.

Your coming off tour;
1/ Where do you go first?
Home for a cup of tea!
2/ Who do you see first? My partner Wayne and my gorgeous guinea pigs! 3/What do you eat first? Probably a huge bag of sweet and salted popcorn.

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Going by the last gig I went too which was Maren Morris& Rae Lynn at the O2 Academy in Bristol, I won’t forget how close I managed to get to the stage and how amazing the band was. I also remember the venue was great, intimate but still had plenty of room for the audience to get their groove on! It’s great when they sing your favourite songs and you go home singing them for ages afterwards! I also love seeing what merchandise is on store.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
I sure do!

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