What are your names?
Tom (Vocals), Dale ( Guitar), Fin (Bass), Dave (Drums)

What is the bands name?
We are The Trusted

How did you come up with the bands name?
Trying to come with a band name that’s a) Not taken b) easy to remember and C) not too stupid, is difficult. Everything seems to be taken. We took the name from a Nick Lowe song called ‘Peace, Love And Understanding.’ We were surprised it wasn’t already taken. At the moment, we believe we are the only band called ‘The Trusted.

What is your genre of music?
I guess we fall somewhere between the indie, alternative and pop rock but who knows

Give us a little bio about you.
Well Dale and I started writing music in 2015 and it just felt special. In late 2015, we decided to form our own band so we picked my brother on bass and then Dave on drums. Once we played all together for the first, it just worked and felt right. We found our own frequency and decided to call it ‘The Trusted’ . We’ve been exploring that frequency ever since and it still feels pretty good…

What made you go into music?
I have always loved writing and performing music so it just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Are you a signed?
At the moment, no

Your set to release your new single ‘Wild Love’, tell us more about the single.
Yeah, we’ve been excited to release this one for a while. It’s one of those open arm type songs. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

What is the meaning behind the Single?
Lyrically it’s kind of inspired by the some of the ideas Springsteen puts forward in ‘Born To Run.’ That whole notion of just running away/getting out. I took this concept and wrote about a character who’s grown tired of pain and dreams of running away to find something better

Describe the track in two words.
Big Hearts

What was the writing process like?
Well it took about a year to write. We had the verse idea but no chorus, so we just left it for 9 months. We knew we had something good but we just didn’t know where to take it. Then all of a sudden, the chorus just landed in our laps and that basically unlocked the rest of the song. Once we had that chorus, we constructed it in a couple of hours.

What was the recording process like?
It was actually pretty good. Everything fell into place pretty quickly!

Will we see a music video for any of the tracks?
Yeah, we are just making the last few adjustments to it

Do you have any shows coming up?

If so where will you be heading?
We’ve got out single launch on the 9th November at The Camden Assembly. Its going to be a special one so get yourself down to London.

What else can we expect in 2019?
We’ve got a big hometown show on the 28th December at Chinnerys in Southend and who know, maybe some more new music.

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any up coming artists?
Currently, we have nothing planned to

Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? and who would they have to contact?
We are a very open band. We are up for anything. Someone would just need to drop us a line on our Facebook page

Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar and a bit of piano. Most of the time I leave the ‘playing’ to the other three guys.

Who are your influences?
Everyone in the band has a different set of influences, they cross over sometimes but we all like different things. I think that’s what makes The Trusted work.

How do you get inspiration to write songs?
Inspiration always comes out of nowhere. Most of the time it just comes from jamming together. Sometimes it comes after listening to someone else’s music and sometimes it comes after something random, like a conversation.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Hopefully still playing and writing music together.

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
Depends what member you ask. When we are together and not making music, we listen to it and drink haha

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
Hmm, I don’t know, there has been so many songs that have done. Recently, that new The 1975 song, ‘People’ has really rattled my appetite. That tune is such a radical departure from their other stuff. So inspiring.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
‘Give it your all.’
Its cliché, I know but when it comes to music, it’s so true. If you want to make authentic tunes, you’ve got to throw everything you’ve got into them.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians about the industry and just as an artist?
Probably, don’t change for anybody. The music industry is built on personal opinions. Don’t let people change you to fit their own ideas.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
‘Follow that killer’- Jerry Lee Lewis

Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?
I guess the world’s longest pier haha. Southend is the home to the world’s longest leisure pier. We’ve also got a lot of really cool bars/ pubs. The railway Hotel is a must.

Your coming off tour;
1/ Where do you go first?
– Bed
2/ Who do you see first? –  My pillow
3/What do you eat first? – something healthy

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Instruments, leads, drum sticks, batteries and Dale 

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

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