What is your name?
Laura Davidson 

What is your genre of music?
My main genre is pop although recently my music has been becoming more alternative

Give us a little bio about you. 
I’m 16 years old and I live just outside London. I started making music and writing songs when I was about 10 years old. Alongside singing my other interests include chess and acting. Last year I actually won the title of British U16 Girls Chess Champion! 

What made you go into music? 
I have always loved listening and playing music ever since I was little but when I was about 10 years old I performed on the Wembley Stage in London. It was one of the greatest feelings seeing the crowd enjoy the music I was performing and that’s when I realised that singing and writing music is what I wanted to do.

Are you signed

Your set to drop your debut single ‘U Want Me.’, tell us more about the single.
I wrote the song to focus on the twisted darker parallel of a relationship that is often hidden from society, however overall the song is uplifting as I want people to always feel good listening to my music.

Describe the track in two words. 
Twisted and cunning. 

What was the writing process like?
Writing this song was really enjoyable as the lyrics, since they are upbeat, got me in a great mood so it only took about an hour to write!

Who did you work with on the single?
I worked with my current music producer Ben Stancombe from AMS Music Group.

Will we see a music video for the track?
You’re going to have to wait to find out

Will we see an EP or Album this year, if so, what can we expect?
I’m looking to release my EP soon which I’m really excited about! It mainly consists of dark yet upbeat sounds that explore the hidden realities of society.

Do you have any shows coming up? 
I have nothing booked in yet but aim to have some performances lined up soon.

What else can we expect in 2019?
I have some exciting music videos planned for my upcoming tracks which I can’t wait to film and share.

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any upcoming artists? Not at the moment. 

Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? And who would they have to contact?
Right now I’m mainly focussing on my own music but it’s something I’d consider in the future.

Do you play any instruments?
I play the guitar, piano and violin. 

Who are your influences?
My main influences are Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. With my music I try to aim for a hybrid of all their unique sounds.

Where do you see yourself now in five years?
Performing on a sold out tour

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
Most of the time I’m either at school studying for my A Levels or I’m representing England in Chess competitions internationally and around the country.

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go into the music scene?
New Rules by Dua Lipa. This song will always be one of my favourites as its so upbeat and meaningful at the same time. I love the theme of girl power and how Dua explores this during her music video.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
To never give up and always chase your goals. 

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
Don’t be afraid of sharing your music and to be patient as the writing process can sometimes take time.

What quote or saying do you always stick to?
Surround yourself with positive people and influences.

Where in your hometown is a must go visit?
Windsor Castle.

You’re coming off tour: 
Where do you go first? Home to see my dogs.
Who do you see first? All my friends. 
What do you eat first? Fish and chips!

When you are at a gig, what are five things you cannot forget?
My phone, my makeup, a hairband, my jewellery and of course my lyrics!

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yes, my Instagram

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