What are your names?
  Patrick McWilliams and Mike Hindert

What is the band’s name?
Gone Sugar Die

How did you come up with the band’s name?
Patrick: It’s based on my admiration of Mark McGrath and Sugar Ray.

What is your genre of music?
Mike: Dark-Dazzling-Punk-Dance-Pop

Give us a little bio about you.
Patrick: We started Gone Sugar Die in a storm between love and hate. Our hate stemmed from the inner workings of the music industry, but the love started with a mutual appreciation for each other. It’s almost like a high-school crush that we didn’t know what to do with, so logically we blossomed it into a band.

What made you go into music?
Patrick: Haha, well frankly, I was advised not to go into music for my “lack of talent”. But after hearing most of the music people were obsessing over, I felt the need to create essentially a counter-culture. I love Post Malone, but I also love Beach Fossils; I’m not a genre wave rider. When I see people obsessing over the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Florence and the Machine as if they’ve reinvented the wheel, it makes my stomach physically hurt. Like, that must be a medical condition or something. So anyways, yeah, look what you made me do.

Are you signed?
Yea, we’re signed, and I apologize in advance to the guy at home reading this offended in his beanie, non-prescription glasses and rolled-cuff jeans. Dang, I hate that being signed is un-cool now, cause I did my due diligence with the DIY bedroom thing for years and I can tell you being broke and alone sucks. Labels are rad and maybe in the 70’s the dudes with cigars and suits existed to scam people, but if you get scammed now it’s your fault you didn’t just google “how to be a musician (and not get scammed)”.

You released your new single “Heartbreak Jewelry”, tell us more about the single
. Patrick: It nearly didn’t exist. I was playing around with synth noises on my laptop while I had my morning coffee, and usually I try to see how creepy or weird I can get with them. I love avant garde horror soundtracks. Luckily Mike stopped me, and alas “Heartbreak Jewelry” was born.

What is the meaning behind the single?
Patrick: Lyrically, it’s about giving an ex a locket necklace and realizing that something I shared with so much love now is just worthless metal.  

Describe the track in two words.
Patrick: Jewelry + Heartbreak

What was the writing process like?
Patrick: Mike and I were hidden up in Canada for most of the writing process on the EP. A lot of cartoons, coffee, and speculation of the world. It was the most fun I’ve had as a musician, because he became my best friend through it and made me realize how shitty other people are. Get yourself a Mike, everyone. 

What was the recording process like?
Patrick: We recorded the single and the rest of the EP in a 10 foot by 10 foot practice space in Los Angeles. The whole thing was completed in maybe 3 days, a lot of improvisation and adding to each other’s ideas. It was very intimate and raw, which I think you can actually hear and makes it such a beautiful thing. There’s a video on YouTube of it, actually.

Who did you work with on the single?
Patrick: One of my favourite bands is “Teenage Wrist”, which you should check out if you love feeling emotions. Their guitarist Marshall produced and mixed the EP, and also played guitar on the tracks. Anthony did all the drumming, and I don’t even think he heard the songs previous to the session, which speaks volumes for the talent that guy has.

You also released an animated video for the track, tell us all about the planning and making process.
Mike: We were making little doodles one night for t-shirt ideas and thought they were pretty cool, especially a doodle with a car we had done.  We decided that if looks pretty cool on a t-shirt, surely it’d make a cool video.  So, we had a million cups of coffee and drew each frame by hand and let the song and the coffee dictate the story.  We woke up the next day with a caffeine hangover, and a finished video!

Will we see an EP or album, if so what can we expect from it?
Mike: The full EP “Blaack Heaart” will be coming out soon, along with some limited edition vinyl. You can expect more dark tunes you can dance to, rock out to, or cry to; which ever your preference.

Do you have any shows coming up or a tour in planning?
Mike: We have a show August 24th at the Moroccan in LA and are planning some more west coast shows .

If so where will you be heading?
Mike: We are also headed to Germany and beyond!

What else can we expect in 2019?
Mike: Besides the vinyl and EP, we also have more videos we will be releasing this year.

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any upcoming artists?  Patrick: Well, this entire EP was a big collaboration, and I think that will be a continuing theme for Gone Sugar Die. Music is such a powerful bonding tool, and I think showcasing that on recordings is almost like listening to a conversation between the artists. I really want MSTRKRFT or Justice to remix the EP, though.

Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? and who would they have to contact?
Mike: ABSOLUTELY.  They can contact us directly, our manager, our mothers, whatever they prefer, even by carrier pigeon if they must.

Do you play any instruments?
Mike: We play many instruments, including the kazoo.

Who are your influences?
Patrick: Kenny Hotz; a true Canadian hero. He’s so underrated. When I grew up, I only had 2 CD’s which were the Beatles’ “Greatest Hits” and the Beach Boys’ “Endless Summer”. Then a few years later I got a copy of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”.

How do you get inspiration to write songs?
Patrick: A lot of heartbreak, and a lot of introspection. I realized this year that not everyone just sits and thinks about things, and that is really weird to me

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Patrick: Hopefully a major label has picked us up by then so we can keep this thing going. I want to do arenas, but also the option to do sweaty club shows.

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
Mike: Surf, drink coffee and bet on horse racing.
Patrick: Ouch, dude, you nailed me there.

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 
Mike: Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistable
Patrick: Death From Above 1979 – Little Girl

What’s the best advice you have ever been given? Mike:

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
Mike: Be real. Be true to yourself. And most of all, have fun!

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Mike: “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” -Gandhi

Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?
 Patrick: First of all, I would applaud anyone who made a vacation to Langley. But if you find yourself here, go to Gabby’s; you’ll know exactly what I mean.

You’re coming off tour:
(Answered by Patrick )
1/ Where do you go first? The casino
2/ Who do you see first? My dogs
3/ What do you eat first? Oatmeal

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Mike: Instruments, a designated driver, a good attitude, hairspray, and candy.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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