What are your names? Kriss Stainton Hayden Marshall Ashley Houlden Andrew Holland What is the band’s name? HABBERDASH How did you come up with the band’s name. Well that depends who you ask, it’s either because we thought it was a very British sounding word. Or a haberdashery is a shop that deals in small things by adding the extra b creating HABBERDASH it shows we deal in big things. What is your genre of music Alternative pop rock Give us a little bio about you We’re a four-piece rock group formed out of the Steel city of Sheffield, England, coming up in a post-grunge/brit-pop music industry, we’ve transitioned from a hard power chord enthused punk sound, to synth-filled riff-hard pop rock, we pride ourselves on our stage presence and interaction with the crowd, we love to feed off the energy of an auidence and give them everything we have, it’s the main reason we love to do what we do, we’re musicians but we’re also entertainers. What made you go into music I think the main reason we all got into music was having the freedom to say whatever you want in front of a crowd of people while sweating yourself stupid hitting tasty riffs and being all-round ridiculous, what more could you ask for? Are you signed? No, but we do have a team of individuals that we are currently working closely with to ensure that our music and the way we go about releasing it is of the highest quality. We are super greatful to those who have helped the band along on our journey both in the past and in the present. You’re set to release your brand new ep the morning after the madness tell us more about it. The EP is basically a concept piece based on our own experiences either going out drinking with friends or having parties together, we’ve had some ridiculous scenarios play out and some of that is definitely present in the songs. What was the writing process like Each member of the band has such varied taste in music. We try to use this to our advantage when writing , by bringing the positives and unique touches that these genres have to our sessions. We usually start with the riff/chord progression and build from there. Heavily focusing on the choral melodies if the track making sure they are catchy and fun to play and sing along to. What was the recording process like We recorded out latest ep at tree house studios with Daniel Jefferies. Dan has been a friend of the band for a long time. This paired with his excellent work as a producer made him a perfect fit to work with us on this ep. Dan brought a lot of ideas to the table that we wouldn’t normally have considered and his work on the synths really helped round out the ep and make it something that we can all be proud of. What is the message you want listeners to take from the ep. That to keep in mind it’s all not serious, we like to have fun with our music and it shows here in places, there’s a time for “being real” with an audience and “having a laugh” you know? That’s our mindset anyway. Describe each song in 2 words. Hear You Say: Unexpectedly satisfying. Like A Lover: Take chances. What Do We Know: Tasty riffage. Superstar: Tongue In-cheek Do you have any shows or a tour in planning We’re planning a tour early next year to help promote the new EP, and believe me when I say we can’t wait to get back on stage and show everybody the new sound we’ve been working on! What else can we expect from you this year We have a new EP OUT NOW and we’re really excited about it, it’s a big leap in a new direction for us and we can’t wait to hear what people think of it. We’re also planning on heading back into the studio very soon to start work on the follow-up for next year, so we’re pretty hyped right now to say the least. What does 2019 have in store for HABBERDASH . Witthout sounding too optimistic 2019 should be a good year for us! We Will be touring an entirely new sound which is already recieving great reviews but mainly we want to just keep playing together and enjoying the music. Do you have a collaborations coming up with any up and coming artists no Would you be up for collaborations and if so who would they have to contact? We defiantly would. We’re always on the look out for new opportunities and interesting sounds to get mixed up with ours. If anyone ever wants a jam all they have to do is drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll hopefully sort something Do you play any instruments? Ashley plays the guitar, Hayden plays Bass and Andrew plays the drums, Kriss used to play guitar but primarily sings nowadays. Who are your influences? We have a vast range of influences ranging from Nirvana to Don Broco, The Beatles to Kanye West, The Doors to Eels, the list is endless when you include everybody in the group and I think that really benefits us as a band, because we’re more open to new ideas than most musicians. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If I close my eyes I and dream I can almost smell the 1000s of people stood watching us at Glastonbury if I dream really hard I can just about taste the beer that is included in our rider. When you’re not doing music what do you do? Probably writing new music, going out for a drink or working to save money to get back in the studio/purchase new gear. What’s the best advice you’ve been given? “don’t be a d*ck” we were told this by a drunk bloke in stockton. He didn’t seem to have much else to say but his advice was reasonable… If no one likes you no one’s gonna want to listen to your music. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians just as artists? Insure your gear! Best advice you’ll ever get, and always write/play/sing from the heart and actually mean what you’re playing/saying, nobody is gonna’ buy into what you’re doing if it comes across as disengenuous. Where in your hometown is a must go to visit? There are a lot of places worth visiting in Sheffield, the Peace Gardens is always nice in the summer, and the Showroom is great if you’re looking for cool independent cinema. Also Corporation! This venue is like a second home for us. You’’ll often find at least one of us there either watching a gig or having a good time at the club night! Coming off tour: Where do you go first: The shower! Who do you see first: Family and significant others What do you eat first: Pretty much anything that’s in the fridge! When you’re at a gig what’s 5 things you can’t forget? Batteries- almost all of our equipment requires batteries so each show we’re up to our ears in spares to ensure nothing goes wrong. Cables – If you can’t plug it in, odds are you aren’t gonna’ be able to use it. Written setlist – Though we used to wing it most of the time, nowadays we like to have one set out before-hand, you’d be surprised how much it helps with effiency. A spare shirt – You’re gonna’ sweat. A lot. Always bring a spare shirt with you for post-gig socialising. Have fun! – The most important thing of all to remember is have a good time! You’re there to entertain others and that bond with your bandmates on stage is vital, if you guys don’t gel or show that you’re enjoying yourselves then the crowd’s gonna’ feel that and it just ruins the whole vibe of the show. Social media accounts Facebook Twitter Instagram

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