What is your name?
Natasha England

What is your genre of music?
All Genres….My roots are church, folk ,blues, jazz, soul and rock. My big love is Blues and blues/jazz but I love all genres of music from the classical, through to blues, jazz, soul, rock, Folk, country, R & B , electronic. pop., dance,house, dubstep, trance techno and more I have probably missed out. I have written and performed songs in all of these genres…You must keep an open mind with music. There is so much good music out there.
In my mind there are 2 types of music,,,good or bad….if music can move , transport you, make you smile, cry, laugh ,dance or think and inspire you, I love it. It could be a voice, a song, a lyric, melody or emotion or all of these at once that does it. There are many instruments that can also soar and sing and inspire, guitar, sax, percussion, bass, brass, piano, drums, Strings and wood and wind instruments..and who can resist the cry of a guitar when it’s pure emotion hits you at the centre of your spine……..When you achieve the perfect balance and complement of music and voice and the listeners/audience is loving it there is no better feeling…. it is magical.

Give us a little bio about you.
There is a biography out there and it is difficult to be brief but here goes…. Born in Scotland, had a very active and happy childhood with wonderful parents. I was very much into animals, nature ,music and sport. I left Scotland at 17 as I had been performing in bands in Scotland and I wanted to take this to the next level and have a career in Music. I had won a dance competition in Scotland and I decided to continue dancing as well as singing when I moved to London. I had to pay my rent so I thought I may as well work in the industry I wanted a career in and I was very lucky to land my first job in the Music Industry working as secretary/assistant to Tony Defries, David Bowie’s Manager. Whilst working for Billy Gaff I was headhunted again by Tony Visconti of Bowie days and Good Earth. It was a wonderful opportunity to work in Promotion as well as management…I helped set up and run Good Earth Promotions and Agency. I was still in management when I had had a few singles out on Decca [breakin’ down the walls of heartache’] and Magnet Records [The Flirts ‘he’s the kind of boy you can’t forget’] and I had one release on Towerbell [I can’t hold on’] before IKO IKO came out on Towerbell, these were great songs and the feedback and reviews were great but again they failed to get airplay. Iko Iko was the first of my releases to get significant Airplay and it was an immediate hit, highest entry and highest Climber in the charts and Video of the month….I had top ten success with Iko and I had a Hit album ‘Captured’ both which were produced by Tom Newman who has now produced my new album and single. I went on to do my second album ‘Don’t Walk Away’ and release a couple of tracks from this album which were minor hits as again I did not get the airplay that these tracks deserved. Around this time I got back into horses and rode and competed in cross country whilst rescuing horses, dogs, chickens and various other animals, bringing them on and finding good homes for the ones I could not keep permanently.The animals kept me sane during a very emotional and musically frustrating time. In the late 80’s I decided as I could not do much in the UK I would go and live in Canada for a while and I continue writing and playing with my Canadian musician friend and writing partner Greg Deckert who I had met a few years before in London when he was playing with the David Gilmour Band and going out with my best friend and Top percussion player Jody Linscott who was also in the Gilmour band. ..Gregg is a world class Keyboard/Piano Player and singer who could have played with anyone including McCartney who wanted him to play in his band after he finished the Dave Gilmour Tour…..Gregg loves his beloved Canada and wanted to return there. I was financially and contractually screwed and I could do very little in the UK so I decided to go to Canada to live and write for a while….I lived in Listowel outside Toronto. When I was in Canada as well as writing Greg and I put together a band ‘Why’ and we performed live at many gigs. Dave Kalmusky, was the guitarist in the band, he was only 18 when he joined and he was an incredible talented guitarist and person. He has gone on to become a top Producer in Canada and is a Juno award winner a few times over. Gregg and I were so close to getting to getting a deal with Capital/EMI in Toronto when I had to leave due to a death in my family. I travelled back and forth to Canada over several years to work and write with Greg and Greg came to London for a while and we continued to write. I have plans to go back to Canada and work with Greg again as soon as I can.We were a great and prolific team.a very special writing partnership and we have a close friendship , we wrote so many great songs [one more chance and me to god on album are 2 of these] whilst I was in Canada, a truly wonderful and inspiring country. I loved everything about Canada and the Canadian people and the active and outdoor life and I made many good and true friends there. My father had emigrated with his family from Scotland to Canada when he was a young boy and had told me so many wonderful things about the country. Unfortunately he and his family had had to come back to Scotland when he was a teenager after a younger sibling was born with a health problem and the family felt they should return to Scotland to bring him to the Specialist doctors there.. When I first got to Canada I immediately felt at Home, it was my type of country and I missed my friends and the country so much when I had to leave.The music industry in Canada is so much more refreshingly healthy and diverse…a breath of fresh air to musicians. Airplay seems more based on ability than trend and they don’t seem so far up their backsides as they can be in the UK.After some time in Scotland I eventually came back to London. I did eventually get out of my contractual mess but I had been screwed financially, a situation created by my ex husband which he never settled. Several months after I left him he left the country in a blaze of publicity owing me everything I had worked so hard for. Despite this I continued writing and playing and I made plans to relaunch myself. Unfortunately I was unable to carry out theses plans as I got diagnosed with cancer for the first time and it took over my life. Having had cancer and gone through the treatment I went through instead of letting it take me over it just seemed to make me more determined than ever to continue my music.. I still intended to finish what I started and some more. A few years ago I reunited with Tom Newman for this album and I was flying back and forth to Northern Ireland to Record. Tom lived in the grounds of Narrow Water Castle in Warrenpoint and Steve Fearnley the engineer and co producer of the album had a Recording Studio also in the grounds of the castle, ‘Narrow Water Studios. Everything was recorded at Narrow Water Studios which was situated in the most beautiful Castle grounds, surrounded by fields and a forest overlooking Carlingford Loch. Unfortunately I did not have too much time to enjoy this beautiful part of the country as I was in the studio every day during my time there. Tom has since moved to the Isle of Wight and I have travelled down there to finish off some backing vocals and do some final mixing on the tracks for the album. Unfortunately I could not get back there or to Ireland[ due to hospital commitments here in London] to finish off the remaining 3 tracks that I would have liked on the album.. I will finish these and release them at a later date and here we are now……Im still alive, contrary to popular belief, In fact I have never felt fitter or looked better. Having always been very active I now have a new level of health and energy. The album and single are out and I have had nothing but wonderful Music reviews…Airplay is extremely hard to get but not impossible I hope…….You can have the best voice, song, track, band in the world but if you do not get the Airplay then the song is not heard and if the song is not heard it does not exist. It can be a tough and cut throat business…The music reviews confirm that the music is deserving of Airplay and if I had one wish it would be to get this Airplay, then the listeners could decide for themselves instead of the Industry …

What made you go in to music?
I always have had a love of music from a very early age and I performed in school and church choirs and folk bands from the age of 7. I sang in a blues band when I was 13 and I performed at a few clubs singing Jazz before I left Scotland….When I came to London I was in a Rock Band. and I went on to sing soul, and some gospel along with contemporary and experimental. I have sang and written and performed in most music genres…as I said previously I am passionate about music…

Are you a signed?
No I am not signed to a label…but I am loyal to the label…..I work alongside Ewan Mckenzie who has his own label, Platform Records and all my releases since 2007 have been out on Platform… Ewan is a great guy and works hard for me and I am more than happy to continue this arrangement…Whatever happens in the future Ewan will be a part of the team.Both Ewan and Alan Connor were trying to find and connect with me for several years with no luck. Then in 2007 we all managed to hook up. I went on to release my music through Platform Records. I got all of my back catalogue transferred to digital and my Anthology album ‘Back From the Mists of Time’ and the Iko Iko Mixes were released first. Alan Connor is an artist in his own right and he has also helped me promote my music and get it out there.Two musicians and fans of my music who have been instrumental in getting me and my music back out there…

Your set to drop your new record,tell us more about it.
I will say that having written so many songs over these past years and as I continue to write I have more than enough songs to do several more albums… I hope that I get the chance to record and release all of this music….which includes many genres….I would like to think that I write honestly and from the heart and if I can inspire one person to rise above any adversity. obstacles and setbacks in life and love I will be very happy indeed…It is my intention to inspire and encourage the inner self to relight the flame ,strength and positivity that is in us all so as nothing and noone will stop us from following our dreams and free;y expressing ourselves for the person we truly are….Happiness and peace of mind will follow. This album is a very intimate and personal collection of songs that deal with the myriad of emotions and feelings that surround the minefield that is relationships…Love is the most important part of human interactions and a necessary component to happiness. Everybody needs love in their life. Relationships can be tough sometimes and I tell it how it is, good and bad but ultimately it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. There are always solutions to every problems even if you have to just walk away. It is about growing and learning from your and other’s mistakes and moving on when necessary, finding someone who loves you for who you are and who would never hurt you. Most songs are about love and relationships no matter how thinly disguised they might be. If my music can inspire one person to face adversity and overcome these life challenges and move on and upwards and be free to be themselves and express their feelings honestly and openly, I will have achieved my aim.

With your new music you have gone in a new direction, why did you choose to go this way.
There is no change in direction, these songs are only one part of me musically. The difference is that I now have the freedom to express myself and my music freely. I have control over my life and my music. I don’t have the many restrictions that were put on me back in the eighties. I love all genres of music and I have many ballads in my repertoire as well as uptempo.. I need freedom and space within music to express myself, my feelings and emotions . My roots are blues but I have sang Jazz, folk, soul , Rock, R & B and worked in all areas of music. I also have done tracks and mixes of house, dance, trance, dubstep, techno, drum and bass and most other genres in my time and I will continue to experiment with different genres and feels….and I will continue to do this.
They are personal and intimate songs and experiences that I and so many people will have gone through and have experienced. I am not alone in this and neither are they, I understand this hurt and I wanted to convey these conflicting emotions and express how it makes you feel and how you can overcome this pain and hurt that can often follows the joys of love and to inspire myself and them to move on with your life to a happier and brighter place..

What is the single called and the meaning behind the track.
‘Somehow’ was inspired by my own experience but many people find themselves in this sad and sometimes frightening situation and have felt hopeless, trapped and dreading their partner coming home.
It is a sad but ultimately empowering and liberating song about a previously loving relationship that has become a oppressive and dysfunctional prison. It is the realisation that you know in your heart that the other person is not going to change, only you can change, break free and rediscover yourself and your dreams….and whatever it takes, ‘somehow’ you will do it.
My hope is that this song will inspire others in this situation to break the chains that hold them down, in love and in life, walk away from bad situations and be free to live and love again and to express themselves for who they truly are..and be ‘out of the dark and back into the light’…

When can we expect it and where can we pre-order/buy?
The ‘Somehow’ single and the album of the same name are both available on itunes and the Physical CD can be obtained via : or the official site : , or via for now. I am hopeful that I will have vinyl copies and CD’S in the shops in the near future.

What was the writing process like?
I am very lucky that I can write quite spontaneously anywhere with or without music. Wherever I am I get inspiration from many different situations, feelings and emotions and then I just tune in and go..when I start to write It can be a chord , a note or sound that I hear that inspires me and my imagination and I just start to sing and construct a song…..Whatever it is that inspires me whether nature, life or music I very rarely change a working lyric , idea, melody or expression from the birth of the song through and demo to the full on recording. I don’t overthink this I just pick up on the mood and expression of the song and start to sing. The first place I go or where the music takes me is the most honest and natural place for me to go and it starts from there. I write and arrange the song simultaneously as part of the natural feel of the track.

What was the recording process like?
I had had to wait so long to start this album and I was so happy to begin the recording and the whole process from start to finish was great but full on. As previously mentioned I flew back and forth to Northern Ireland to record there. I was in the most beautiful setting in the grounds of Narrow Water Castle inWarrenpoint N. Ireland but I had little time to relax and enjoy this beautiful place as I spent most days and nights in the studio or asleep at Tom’s. I recorded this album over a period of 2 years, and I would fly to Ireland whenever Tom and Steve and myself were available .
The studio was very professional and comfortable with a great control room and 2 sound rooms, one for drums and the other that could accommodate the full band and a very warm and comfortable vocal booth. There was a very comfortable and cosy separate lounge with a log burner, and a kitchen and bathroom. On my breaks I would sit outside have something to eat and watch and engage with the chickens and horses that were spilling out from the Narrow Water Riding Stables that adjoined the studio . Unfortunately I was so busy that I did not get the chance to ride whilst I was there, which was a real shame especially as I would have had the most amazing grounds and countryside to ride and explore in. I consoled myself by knowing that having had a steeplechaser there was probably not a horse at this riding school that would come anywhere near to my horse…It would have still have been great though if I had the time…After the recording finished in Ireland I made a trip to The Isle of Wight where Tom now lived to finish off some bv’s and mixing on some of the tracks but was unable to go back to either Ireland or the I.O.W. in time to finish off the other 3 tracks that could have been on the album.In Ireland I used several really good Irish Musicians on the album and one English guy, Paul French who plays the beautiful Piano that is so integral to the album. We recorded all the piano and vocals live and a few tracks live with the band. On the few days that I was not in the studio I would explore the grounds and check out Warren point, the harbour and Carlingford Loch and the surrounding area. It really was a very beautiful part of the country.

What message would you like the listeners to take from the single/Somehow the single and meaning?
My hope is that this song and title will inspire people to rise above adversity in both Love and Life and to break free from anyone or any situation that causes them pain and sadness and be free to express themselves openly with no fear of reprisals. It is all about freedom to express yourself and to be who ‘you are’ not what others want you to be. The word and title of both album and single ‘Somehow’ means whatever it takes, you will do it, and you will get there….there is no giving up until you succeed.

Describe the track in two words.
Sad but Liberating it’s 3 word.

You are also set to release a brand new album,tell us more about it.
The album is a selection of very intimate and personal songs relating to the myriad of emotions and feelings [good and bad] that you can experience in and around the minefield that is ‘relationships’. It is from someone who been there to others who have had these experiences or who will have in the future. No matter how bad it might get there are always solutions and ultimately it is still better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all….We all need love and the joy of love but not the pain and sadness of a bad relationship. Love does really mean Love.
This album should have had 16 tracks on it but I was unable to finish off 3 of the tracks I had also began recording that could have also been on the album because of my latest Cancer diagnoses in Sept. 2017 I could not travel to Ireland or indeed the Isle of Wight where Tom now lives to finish off these tracks due to hospital commitments and surgery. These 3 not quite finished tracks were all up tempo and I plan to release them as soon as I can.
Therefore the new album is a little ballad heavy, but all the songs are quite different in their sound, atmosphere and content. I wanted to strip some of these songs back to Piano and voice to capture these emotions rather than do a big production on them….these are personal and intimate songs and experiences that I and many people will have gone through…. I wanted to convey these conflicting emotions and express how it makes you feel and how you can overcome the pain that can often follows the joys of love and if need be walk away and move on with your life. Love is all we need’, true . Love and the search for Love consumes all humans, it is what we seek most in life. You can encounter many disappointments in love before you find the ‘Right One’ but for every disappointment you will grow and learn from your own and others’ mistakes and you can achieve future happiness with someone who truly loves you as much as you love them. Love and companionship is what we live for and to be happy and content with your soulmate.

What was the recording and making process like?
It is long days [11 hours in the studio every day] and weeks in a soundproofed studio with no natural light [which is hard for me as I am an outdoor person and I don’t like confined places] and you start with a blank canvass on the desk . You and the producer[s] are attempting to recreate the vibe and atmosphere of that ‘original feeling and emotion’ that was there when you wrote the song….adding some more magic along the way You also get to work with different musicians and watch them add their sparkle to the mix. There is always great comradery amongst the musicians and it can be fun as well as work and there was a lot of laughter and good fun in the studio throughout the recording. It is a long process but it is worth every second in the recording studio which is like a second home to me….I will never get tired of recording. . The best part is that in the end you get to hear your music how you intended it to be heard. It is like watching your child from birth grow to adulthood and turning into a great and good human being and feeling so proud of them and their achievements… I am very lucky to do what I do.

Describe each track in two words
I will do my best but I might need more than 2 words….
Oh, that is a tall order…It is very difficult to describe any one one of my songs in 2 words , all of my songs on the album and beyond are self explanatory…I tell it how it is , warts and all, the good and the bad but ultimately there is always a solution to every problem, you just have to find the solution and make the changes necessary to fix it the problem..
Somehow….Freedom and Liberation ok It’s 3 words…..
Such a Shame Reminiscing of ‘what could have been’
Lost in You…….Uncertain Love and vulnerability
work it out….Positive Encouragement ….to move on and let love back in your life…..
Me to God …..Faith and Hope
Sighs…… ‘Honest Reflection’ of ‘How you feel when you feel that way’…….
Bad breaks and Heartaches …..Past Mistakes ‘not to be made again’…
Brightest Light……Enlightenment and unselfish loyalty
2 of a kind…..Attraction & Obsession……
I’ll Never Let you down…..Trust and Loyalty
One More Chance……..Last attempt …to fix something worth fixing….
One Step Too Far……Rescue Mission … one friend to another
Hook Line & Sinker…….’Powerful Women’ in a Male Chauvinist world…

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any up and coming artists?
I am hoping to collaborate again with Robert Logan who I did the album ‘Deeper Into Reality’ with, whenever we are both free and in the same place at the same time…..I loved working and being creative with Robert we just channeled and it was the most natural process, it was all very spontaneous, from a blank canvas to a finished track in Real Time…we just pressed the record button and painted the picture….this was a meeting of minds and very easy process. I would love nothing more than to collaborate with Robert Logan again.
When I worked with Robert there was no prior plan or indeed anything written at all. We just pressed Record and we wrote, arranged and recorded the tracks simultaneously.,,, One track after the other….We changed nothing, in all of the tracks, sounds, lyrics, melodies or arrangements….they all are as they were written. Robert is an amazing musician, composer and Soul and we had a very spiritual connection which ran all through the album. This album got great reviews and proved to be a very positive and thought provoking album. The theme of the album is all about good over evil…Love will always conquer all..

Would you be up for collaborations if other musicians wanted one with you? and who would they have to contact?
Given the time I am always open to working with new musicians and collaborating with them, so given the opportunity I would very much like to do some more collaborations with various artists/musician and in all genres as described above including more Dance, House, Dubstep, Trance, bass and drums and most all other dance genres…and I would also be open to another experimental album.

Do you play any instruments?
Yes, I play most instruments badly, my voice is my true instrument, I play enough to write and put down ideas and I know what I want when it comes to involving the band or recording. I play a little piano, guitar, blues harp and various other percussion including a Kahon. I used to play more guitar but I developed Carpal tunnel in my hands though the side effects of a cancer drug and this can and does restrict me on guitar now I mainly compose on piano …When it comes to recording I would rather use the accomplished musicians who have spent there life playing their instrument and perfecting their art then I can concentrate on my instrument of choice, my voice performance and delivery. I was and still am a fidget and can not be still or in one place for too long unless I am performing or recording. I like being active and I was always actively involved in sports and outdoor pursuits , I rode racehorses from an early age, played and competed in every sport there was and was involved in many other dangerous hobbies and pursuits….I love the freedom and exhilaration of it all and I will try any ;dare devil’ exploit given the chance even now…

Who are your influences?
There are so many artists and bands that have inspired and influenced me throughout my life, too many to mention , all the great singers and composers from the past through to the present, Aretha Franklin, Lavern Baker, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Martha and the Vandellas, Sam Cook and Sam and Dave , Elvis, ,Tina Turner and Ike and Tina Turner, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Small Faces and Rod Stewart, Barry White ,Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens, Carole King, James Taylor, Dusty Springfield, Julie London, Doris Day, Etta James, Joe Cocker, Niles Rodgers, Stevie Wonder, The four Tops.
I grew up in one of the best eras of music. Everyone of these artists or bands was unique/ All of the above and more is the classic music we all listen to today and what inspired me to get involved in music when I was growing up. I was spoilt for choice of musicians and artists to admire and be influenced by. There was no one artist/band of singer that I admired more than another, all of the above and more were original and had their own sound or voice or both..and I loved them all for who they were…individual and original with masses of talent and real emotions.

How do you get inspiration to write songs?
Inspiration to write is all around us, our relationships, our family, our friends ,strangers on the street, nature and animals, events and politics and world affairs and everything that occurs around them. Injustice inspires me to write and express my feelings to help find solutions. to correct this injustice. Compassion and empathy is lost on and in the people who are behind these injustices in the world….The song is about the injustice of these wars and who gains from them…All wars are about Power, money and Egos…and ethics, morals, human rights and justice do not come into it …’The Powers that be’ don’t or won’t acknowledge the effects of all of this turmoil, torture and fighting on the children and parents held captive in these hostile and barbaric conditions…It is called ‘Collateral Damage’…..It breaks my heart and if I can do anything to help and stop this pain and suffering I will. I feel compelled to try and right these wrongs. I will always fight against injustice.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Continuing writing, recording and performing music and ideally living in the heart of the countryside surrounded by nature and all the animals I have had in the past, Dogs, Horses, Cats, Chickens, ducks and any other animal that needs a loving home. I would dearly love to use Music, animals and nature as grounding and therapy for young kids. I have done this in the past with all of these animals and more and I have seen the pure joy on there faces of these children just to be around theses animals and I would like to continue with this. I would love more than ever to have an animal sanctuary where I could involve the kids and teach them about animal husbandry and the joy and love that animals can give . To have horses back in my life and the freedom that brings me would be a perfect antidote to the parts of the music industry and life that I find frustrating restricting and difficult to tolerate…

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
When I had my horses I loved nothing more than to just jump on my horse and ride off with a saddle bag attached and go as far and as fast as I could into the countryside and then find a quiet place under a tree, take the horse’s saddle off and let it relax and eat grass while and I could relax, exhale and take in the beauty and sanity of the natural countryside and the peace that it brings me. I love long walks preferably with a dog amongst nature and I have always loved gardening and growing plants, trees, flowers, scrubs and vegetables when and where possible. The garden is the biggest room in your house but outside and I enjoy everything about it, including feeding the birds, foxes and any other wildlife and animals that wonder in. The garden and outside space keeps me sane and fit and it helps me relax. I still ride when the right horse presents itself….I like to ride the horse that no one else can or will not ride as I am fearless. I have a strong and natural affiliation with all animals, nature and children and I get along with all of them famously.

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more into the music scene?
The blues and the freedom of blues was my inspiration….the blues liberated me and as I said before there were so many artists and musicians and genres that I admired and who influenced me in some way or other when I was growing up and through my teenage years, I was literally spoilt for choice. All the music I grew up with and was into is still the Classic music we all still listen to today. They were all original and had their own sound and voice. There are not so many artistes/bands now that are unique or original , with the exception of a few there seems a deluge of singers that all sound very similar and have similar sounds and genres.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
nothing is impossible if you truly believe’ and ‘There is no such word as can’t only won.t’

Where in your hometown is it a must go to visit?
My home town is in Hamilton on the Bothwell borders in South Lanarkshire Scotland. It was originally an old Mill town and it is built on a hill hence the name. It is so convenient just 11 miles to Glasgow and approx 30 miles to Edinburgh and Stirling and Stirling Castle is only a 30 min drive away with everything these three beautiful locations have to offer. It is walking distance to ‘Strathclyde Country Park’ with many walks and events and activities happening there throughout the summer and beyond. The Park has a Lake where you can take part in most water sports including sailing, rowing and water skiing. There are walks and trails and a beach by the lake which is often full of Swans, Ducks and other wildfowl. The commonwealth games rowing championships have taken place in the lake amongst other competitions.. Hamilton has a beautiful Racecourse and it is surrounded by countryside and Hamilton golf course. Hamilton is on the River Clyde and only a couple of miles from the ‘Clyde Valley’, which is stunning and leads high up to Lanark and on through the scenic back roads to Edinburgh and so much more you can visit.
Suffice to say there is much of Historic interest in and around Hamilton and the surrounding area.

Your coming off tour; 3 parts…
1/ Where do you go first?

go home to my own home and bed and relax and chill out and when I am refreshed spend time catching up with my friends until I have to get back out there again…
2/ Who do you see first?
it would be my animals when I have them otherwise it would be my friends….
3/What do you eat first?
Anything I have in the house, I would transform this into a dish that was really healthy and nutritious [fish or chicken] and plenty of fruit and veg….this would be to compensate for the lack of healthy meals on tour. and to start building up my energy for the next tour.

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Volcalzones’ for my throat and chest, Spring Water, My stage clothes and make up, any instruments and /or percussion that I want to use on stage and last but not least ‘I must remember not to forget my lyrics or arrangements whilst performing.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
i have Facebook  There is the official Natasha England site  and and there is the Platform Record Company website and twitter account

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