Lauren, How have you been?
I have been very good thank you, keeping busy as much as I can.



You released your EP ‘Inside This Silence’ this year, how has the response been?
It’s been really positive (as far as I can see anyway). Dull Ache and Be a Man were the lead singles but it’s been nice to hear how much people are responding to Upstream and Black Wings too.



You also shared the stage with known acts, what was it like to do so?
Having the opportunity to tour with artists like Lucy Spraggan, Rebecca Ferguson and Anastacia has been incredible. They’re all so different in their style and sound but they’re all accomplished and talented women in music and so there is so much I have been able to observe and admire in them.



Did you receive any advice from the artist/bands you have shared the stage with?
Lucy made the valuable suggestion that I should get the audience to participate in my songs more and teach them the chorus to ‘one of the lucky ones’ from my first album. It’s not something I’d ever done before and had been nervous to do so but having the gentle push from Lucy was enough for me to get over my nerves and start doing it.



You are heading on the road for some solo shows this month, tell us what we can expect from it.
This is a great opportunity for me to get out and start performing my brand new songs for the first time and see how the fans engage with them. I have just released my EP as you mention and I am promoting those songs and I love touring so I was keen to get out and about again as soon as I finished recording my latest project. All the shows, except London where I have a small band will be acoustic sets so the audiences will be hearing the new songs as they were written.



What are you most looking forward too?
I love chatting to people and I am at the stage in my career where I am seeing a lot of familiar faces at my shows along with new and it’s so nice catching up with people and hearing what they think of the new songs too. I asked some singer-songwriter friends that I know to support me at various shows so I am also just really looking forward to hearing my friends perform too. There are still tickets for some of the remaining solo shows left so if anyone fancies coming to see me and my talented artist friends such as Beth Keeping or Roxanne de Bastion they can find info and links on my website 



How did the opportunity to support Paul Carrack come about?
I was put forward for it as he was looking for support and I was lucky enough to be selected by Paul and his team. They very kindly invited me to Paul’s album launch event which was great as I got to meet Paul and some of his team and hear his incredible new album.




I’ve heard you have a new album in the works, can you tell us more about it.
Yes I do! I have just finished recording it and have just started the final stages of mixing and mastering so it’s not ready for release just yet…aiming for late spring 2019 all going to plan. I am very excited about this album because I am very proud of the songs and then I have been fortunate to have been able to work with writer and producer Julian Emery who is known for his work with Lissie and Nothing But Thieves. I can’t wait to share the songs!


Describe the album in three words.
It’s almost ready.



Let new fans know your socials so they can follow and see what else you are up too.
I have kept it easy and I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube – fans can also join my mailing list which I use to announce new tours and new music and give away free songs from time to time. Fans can sign up at laurenraymusic.com


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