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Give us a bio about you and describe your music for new listeners.
The stylistically unique Indie Pop artist Hazel Bloom is composed of one main singer/songwriter named Dave Carlin. He designed his stage name largely from a few main facets; the continuous blooming of love and nature. Dave wanted a title that fully defined his artistic vision as well as the ongoing growth of his persona. The main inspiration underlying Hazel Bloom is to create an infectious sound that induces feeling of all emotions accompanied by heart felt lyrical composition and melodies. Hazel Bloom encompasses bright and lively Pop melodies mixed with a unique, hard-hitting R&B style to create a uniform sound that will resonate with you. Though being well versed in the music scene, Hazel Bloom is the first artistry that Dave has felt completely alive and at home with. Hazel Bloom plans to leave his footprint in the music industry and has no intentions of letting anything get in the way of that.



Your latest release ‘I Loved You, Once’ is out, tell us more about it.
I wrote ‘I Loved You, Once’ during the early months of 2018. I wrote the lyrics to this song during the middle of a snowy night at the lake near my house. I feel I write most of my best work there, there’s a certain sense of peace and serenity I feel there. I was in a vulnerable state of mind where I was still in love with a person but I knew things weren’t going to work out so I wanted to hate them so badly. It’s essentially about feeling lost, then you stumble into this person that makes you feel complete. How beautiful it feels in that moment, then the next it’s over and you feel like you’re back to where you started. I feel the musical composition displays this feeling beautifully. There’s a sense of desperation and love that flows throughout the song into the outro. Then the saxophone takes over and you really feel those emotions, but I feel it gives the listener a sense of hope.



What was the recording process like?
I like to be as professional as possible with my music career. So, for this single, I decided I wanted to work in an atmosphere with that same mindset. Working with Chris Curran from Reclaim Music Group (PVRIS, Set It Off, The Dangerous Summer) was exactly the person I needed to help evolve my artistry. His years of experience and expertise really helped shape my sound and has tested my limits as a musician. I was able to pitch my idea to him and he truly transformed this song into something higher than my expectations. I couldn’t be more excited to see what else evolves throughout my music career.




What was the writing process like?
“I Loved You, Once” is the first song I wrote while experimenting with new production methods and instruments. I had never experimented with elements of electro-pop or R&B before so it was like a breath of fresh air to start producing music of this genre.
I gain a lot of inspiration and write mostly from life experiences which is where “I Loved You, Once” stems from. I was going through a tough breakup at the time of writing this song and that was when I realized I wanted to try something different. I wanted to channel all my emotions into this track as a way of letting go. I wanted to produce a song that’s upbeat and blissful sounding that I feel inspires hope in the listener. I also wanted to incorporate catchy melodies and lyrics anyone can relate to. Writing this song stretched my musical vision as a solo artist and helped in opening my eyes to what i could create with music.



Describe the track in two words.
Mentally Refreshing




You are also set to release the music video, what can we expect from it?
This music video is set in the theme of a summer breakup. Working with Nick Valaskatgis (award winning Director / Writer / Producer) on the music video for “I Loved You, Once” was a lot of fun. He did an incredible job on bringing the story behind this song to life. It was awesome to work with someone who had a different perspective on the song as well as someone who could visualize the meaning behind the song. There are beautiful, colorful scenes filled with life that resemble the life of the relationship. Then there are more blue overcast scenes that represent the hardships in the relationship. I feel the visuals help express the song beautifully and can’t wait to share it with everyone.




You also have some shows coming up in New England, let the readers know where your playing and where tickets can be bought.
As of right now I have a few shows coming up at Starlite Art Gallery in Southbridge MA! I plan to add a lot more shows to this list in the next month which you can find out about on my social media feeds! ( HazelBloomOFCL – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…)
October 1 – Open Mic at Starlite Art Gallery
November 15 – Starlite Art Gallery (Tickets available at door)
January 7 – Featured Artist as Starlite Art Gallery




Will we see an EP or album from you this year?
I have two singles I hope to release individually late 2018 or early 2019. I also have 3 more songs I am finalizing and recording by the end of the year. I do not have an EP or album I plan to release this year but it is a possibility for early 2019. However, new music is absolutely on it’s way.




What else can we expect from you?
Booking and playing shows are my main focus for the rest of 2018. However, I am planning my next single release for late 2018 or early 2019. I am also working on a lot of new material, some that include great featured artists, as well as a new music video. A lot of new material to be excited for so be on the lookout!




What is your go to quote this year?
The quote I seem to keep coming back to this year is “You make your Own luck” – Neale Donald Walsch
I fully stand by this quote and it has inspired me to work harder than I ever have. Great things come from hard work and perseverance and that is exactly the mindset I have. One of my favorite things to monitor is how I grow as a person every year and I can’t wait to see how I bloom over these next few years.




Do you have any social media for new fans to follow you?
You can find me on almost every social media if you search “HazelBloomOFCL”
But here are all my links!
Snapchat: HazelBloomOFCL

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