Hey, How have you been?

Iv been very well thank you. Been a while since we last spoke!




Give those new to your music a little bio about you.

Owner of 6th Floor Recordz. Im a producer from Bedford in the UK. I make Hip-Hop & RnB beats. The beats are usually a lot different to what most artists are used to. But when the artist hears them they just want more & more.




You latest release ‘DISCOVERY’ is out, tell us more about it.

This is my 1st album. All the tracks are produced by myself & feature artists on each track from the UK & USA.
I named it ‘Discovery’ because i like discovering talented artists & giving them a project to work on.




What was the recording process like?

The recording process is quite long. I wasn’t in the studio with a lot of the artists. So it was a lot of emails & files being sent back & forth. But i enjoy it so can’t complain.




What was the writing process like?

I let most of the artists choose what they want to do with the track. Unless i have an idea in mind for something.




Describe each track in two words.

Winner (London heat)
Rap Game (Serious Rap)
BBQ Business (Summer anthem)
Never Been Close (Raw explosion)
Keep Going (Catchy sh*t)
Unapologetically Me (From Within)
Blitzkreig (Hard Anger)
Longer (Head bopping)
Hip Rock (Hip Rock)
Freestyle (Straight lyrics)
Why? (Pure emotion)
Good & Bad (Real Life)
Cruise Too (Cruising track)




How is this different than your last release?

This is actually my 1st album that i have released. Its alot different from my last project. I have brand new artists involved & also some returning artists from my 1st ever project.




Who did you work with on the album?

I put the whole concept together myself. My friend Crossflow helps with the mixing side of things for the tracks. The artists on the album are Nutty P, London Ivy, N-Hance, Emillio Egbar, Sonny Skyes, Duck City, Loq, Dotz, Elizmi Haze, Zant Hakeem, AMillionWays, Maddog McGraw, NdaKut, Miss R Lee, Just Zeuse, Becki Yates, Patrice Lee & JM7.




What else can we expect from you this year?

As soon as this album is released i will be back in the studio starting my 2nd album. Also look out for the new projects by N-Hance, Becki Yates & Emillio Egbar this year. All produced by 6th Floor.




What is your go to quote this year?

Keep working hard & enjoy it!




Do you have any social media for new fans to follow you?


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