How did you come up with the group name?
Spadez: While I was at NYU, I put together a final project and presented it to the class and for our professors. PRTTY MUSIC the label was my business plan. One part of it centered around signing artists and producers so we decided why not be the first artists on the label and make everything PRTTY such-and-such or PRTTY so-and-so. Boom.
Johnie B: Exactly. Any success we have as the PRTTY BOYS will hopefully help us build the larger brand over time. And it’s just a fun name for some pop / hip-hop producers.




Give us a little bio about you as a group and individuals.
Spadez: Let’s see…I’m a producer from El Cerrito, California (right outside Berkeley). I like long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners and making slaps. I’ve released a few projects before this which you can find out and about on the internets. We met at the Clive Davis Institute and were roommates in college. Senior year we started talking about moving to LA after graduation
Johnie B: I’m a singer, songwriter and producer from Lexington, Kentucky. In high school I was the frontman of a pop rock band. After a few years at NYU with my guy I started to explore the pop side of singing a bit more.




You have released a couple of track thus far, First tell us more about ‘Cop Car’.
Spadez: Cop Car is the first single we released and it’s also the first song that we made together as a duo. Issa banger for everyone. Your 5 year old nephew can bump it or your 80 year old grandma can turn up to it.
Johnie B: It’s about some wild nights we had in New York.




What was the writing process and recording process like?
Johnie B: We live in the same apartment together and Spadez had been working on the instrumental. I was actually in the other room just listening in when I had the idea for the verse melody. Once I got some lyrics down I was eager to show him my top line for it, he digged the concept and we went from there.

Spadez: Facts. THAT PART.



You also have ‘Lose Your Mind’, tell us more about it.
Spadez: ‘Lose Your Mind’ is one of the more hip-hop sounding songs on the album. That one’s for those nights you’re trying to get all the way T’d UP. Like a tea cup.
Johnie B: #WyldBois. You can also put “in bed” after a lot of our titles. There’s usually a second meaning behind it.




How are the two singles different to you?
Spadez: The first single is totally different sound than the second one. Like worlds apart. ‘Lose Your Mind’ is hip hop and ‘Cop Car’ more pop / electronic.
Johnie B: We wanted to highlight the variety of styles we can do with the first few singles.




Your gearing up to release your album, what can we expect from this?
Spadez: A lotta lotta lotta SLAP.
Johnie B: Tunes you will bob your head to. Electronic, a little Dance, some moody flavors, and that Palm Tree Pop & B ™




Describe each track in two words / Or if you don’t want to release track names, describe the whole album for us.
Spadez: That’s a whole lot of tracks haha so I’ll keep it simple. The whole album is basically mix of everything but with the PRTTY touch. Hip Hop, Electronic, R&B, Pop, you name it, we got it (except country and jazz…and all those other little sub-genres but you get the picture).
Johnie B: I’ll give you a few…Drip: Splish Splash. Citrus: Yung Turnip. Pineapple: Sandy Cheeks.




Do you have any shows coming up or will you be planning a tour?
Spadez: We don’t any shows locked in yet but once the album is out we’re definitely planning on going live widdit.
Johnie B: TBC




Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
Spadez: Having a hand in all the hits, performing around the country and having the PRTTY MUSIC business booming.
Johnie B: Wembley.




What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Spadez: Have fun.
Johnie B: Stay frosty.




Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?
Spadez: You definitely have to hit up Telegraph Avenue. The food, the people and just the atmosphere around there are a whole vibe.
Johnie B: Keenland race track. Horse capital of the world bruh.



When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Spadez: Pants. Wallet. Lighter. Herbal Essence. Phone.
Johnie B: Haircut. Water. Mic. Sauce. Umm…fingerless gloves?




Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Spadez: Twitter, Facebook,Instagram on everything. Also, Twitter,Facebook ,Instagram everywhere (  YouTube ).
Johnie B: P-R-T-T-Y Music and Twitter,Facebook

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