Give us a little bio about you and your music for those new to your fan base.
I am Icey Stanley a recording artist from Coventry; I got into music during my school years, I fell in love with the process. I then became involved in Coventry’s Hip Hop scene made a name for myself making musical compositions for other artists eventually grabbing the attention of the small city with the inimitable, melodious flows which I become known for. I have supported a mass of talent including JME, Fuse ODG, Meridian Dan, Big Narstie, Lady Leshurr, Devlin and many more. We’ve also played shows in Africa, Europe and America including sets at The Global Youth Conference in Carolina and Loveworld Music Festival in Nigeria.




What have you been up to since we last chatted?

We have been working on developing the sound, not many artists are on the same wave. I have grown musically as an artist, I now understand how to put together a song; it’s more than just a catchy hook and a strong rap. We have been working on several projects, we did some a for Ironik’s project ‘Truth Be Told called ‘Notice’ produced by Kevin Gani and some afro trap singles, we have just been working and building.




You have a new single ‘SNM’ out with DJ Ironik, tell us more about the single and how the collaboration came about.

Ironik is such a genuine guy. I recall about a year ago I hit him up looking for some feedback on a project I was looking to release at the time and from there we worked on some track for the album. After this I sent him a few demos for my own singles and he sent me a verse back for ‘SNM’. I feel as a duo we compliment each other very well. If he’s down for a Joint EP, I’m down!





You have also released your new Ep ‘No Love In February’, tell us more about it.

‘No love In February’ is a concept I had had for a while; I feel the concept goes against the norm, as February is known to be the month of Love. The whole project is a journey, starting off with SNM, the breakup, then you have ‘I Wanna Know’, the make up after the breakup, then No Love In February title track, accepting that maybe this relationship maybe is not meant to be. I like to picture moments in life and take my listeners on a journey. Give the listeners perspectives; I’ve felt it and growing up poetry was a big part of my musical foundation allowing me to more emotive with my songwriting.





What is the meaning behind the Ep.

To me ‘No Love In February’ is me capturing feeling and what I’ve felt in the past. Songs such as ‘Down’ is a reflection of my early teens and what life was about back then. Expressing relatable emotions.




Describe each track in two words.

SNM (Feat. Ironik) – Smooth, Vibes
Emotions – Video – Pain, Emotion
I Wanna Know – Enjoyment, Island
Down – Lifestyle, Feelings
All The Girls (Feat. Nehmy, Drama & Derryvocalz) – International, Feelings
No Love In February – Different Unique




Do you have any shows coming up or a tour in planning?

I’m looking to do a headline show in the summer to be announced and possibly support a major tour.



What else can we expect from you this year?

Me and the team are working on various things; I’m currently in the process of recording my next project/ singles, parallel to that I have a joint project with Mr Macee from Birmingham; we can’t give away too much away but just know we have a lot in store for the people!



Where can fans follow you?





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