What is your name?

Katie Costello.



What is your genre of music?

I like to call it “Rebel Pop” because I’m a pop artist and songwriter producing and releasing my records independently.



Give us a little bio about you.

I was born in Southern California and from a young age I knew I wanted to be a singer, songwriter and performer. I started writing my own songs and playing shows around Los Angeles when I was 13. I released my first album “Kaleidoscope Machine” at age 17 and moved to the East Village in New York City a year later to continue following my dreams. As they say… The rest is history! I’ve been making music and releasing it independently ever since.



Tell us more about your music.

My music is an ever-evolving expression of my life. I try to capture classic pop elements while always staying true to myself and my uniqueness. Writing music started opening doors for me that I never thought were possible and continuing to compose and record music has been an anchor in my life. My music often discusses the journey I’m on and the ways it shapes my life.



You have released your Single ‘Holiday’, tell us more about it.

“Holiday” is a record I made with songwriter/producer Justyn Pilbrow in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a kind of dark song about being alone with yourself… I got to know Justyn in Brooklyn and we hit it off right away… “Holiday” was the first song we wrote together.



What was the writing process like?

Writing “Holiday” was one of the those songwriting experiences that could spoil you… Not every song comes out so easily… Justyn started playing the chords you hear on the guitar and I pretty much sang that vocal as you now hear it. It was a very organic experience.



What was the recording process like?

We recorded “Holiday” in Brooklyn at the same time we wrote the track. As we were solidifying the lyrics, the track was coming together and taking shape.



Tell us more about the naming process.

Titles typically jump out at me… Whatever title helps you remember the song and the album is the best title. It’s also nice when there’s a interesting story and some spice behind it too.



The single comes from your new album ‘Twice The Love’, tell us more about it.

I recently released my third full-length album “Twice the Love”. It’s unlike my other albums I’ve released previously… Instead of going into the studio with finished songs, I collaborated with a different songwriter/producer for every track. You can hear the common themes and sonic threads woven throughout, but each track is very different too.


Stream the ALBUM here




Describe each song in two words.

1 New York Graffiti – BRIGHT HEART
2 Up in the Air – DARINGLY OPEN
3 Why Does My Heart Break – BROKEN PROMISES
4 New World – DAWN LIGHT
6 Silver & Gold – GLITTERING DAY
7 I’ll Be Here – RIGHT HERE
8 A Beautiful Mystery – KALEIDOSCOPE DREAM
10 Here & Now – RIGHT NOW



Do you have any gigs or a tour coming up?

Yes…! Live shows and touring are in the works… Stay tuned on my website:




If so where will you be heading?

I intend to return to New York City, Los Angeles, Denver and maybe some other cities too.



What else can we expect from you in 2018?

I’ll be releasing some Singles that I’m featured on… I just released the Single “Bon Air” with Hardsoul via Armada Deep. Download, stream and share through your favorite platform: Plus, I have more surprises in development… Stay tuned!



Do you have any social media pages for readers to follow you?

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