Soul legend Alexander O’Neal is back with all his old classics but all remixed,remastered and re-recorded to bringing all those memories back for many of you guys!

Re-releasing under Resurrection Records and recorded and mixed in Manchester,UK.

The fun and upbeat feel throughout gets you dancing on the dance floor and just letting yourself go with music. With his vocals so smooth yet has those rough vocals in between to really give the tracks that extra special feel.
It just makes you instantly sway in a great way to each beat and in music thats what we all love right!

Especially with the all new vocals and 9 piece band it really gives it that 21st century feel yet stills has all the love and passion throughout from the first release.

Each track will mean something different to everyone yet its so beautiful the way it can and flows throughout.


Here is the track listing-


1. Criticize 3.0

2. (What Can I Do) To Make You Love Me

3. Hearsay30

4. Sunshine30

5. Fake30

6. Crying Overtime30

7. The Lovers30

8. Never Knew Love Like This30

9. When The Party’s Over30


‘Hearsay30’ is OUT NOW grab it HERE

We will also see Alexander O’neal on Tour in April 2018 so make sure you grab your tickets HERE!

As well as all this Alex has been very busy with a brand NEW album but you’ll have to wait, for all updates on Alex head to his website right here.

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