What is your genre of music?


Give us a little bio about you.
I’m from Las Vegas and I grew up playing classical music as a violinist. I moved to LA and then started singing/songwriting a few years ago.


Tell us more about your music.
I’ve been trying to make my music a blend of my favorite genres. My EP is very shoegazey but with a subtle twang at times and some slide and baritone guitars.


You released ‘Its Alright’, what is the meaning behind the track?
It’s Alright is a song I wrote about a relationship gone wrong. When you are at a point where you feel totally defeated but try to convince yourself that everything’s alright.



What was the writing process like?
The writing process was pretty fast for this song. I wrote the chorus and guitar/vocal melody in the instrumental sections while on a walk and then ran home and finished the rest.


What was the recording process like?
The recording process was great. My friend Josh Grondin produced this song and we recorded at Seahorse Sound. It was a lot of guitar tracking and just finding the right amount of distortion.



Will we see a EP or Album this year?
I will be releasing my EP next year.


If so what can we expect from it?
The EP is 60s inspired with some Americana qualities to it. Every song on there is very personal and true to experiences that I had throughout the span of a year.


Do you have any gigs or a tour coming up?
I will be traveling a little in December for some shows and then hopefully will be doing a longer tour next year.


If so where will you be heading?
In December I will be going to San Fran and possibly San Diego.


What else can we expect from you?
A full album and more shows!


Are you a signed?
No, I am currently unsigned.


Who are your influences?
There’s a lot but Timber Timbre, Angel Olsen, Patsy Cline, Beach House and Leonard Cohen are definitely some constant ones for me.


Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
I see myself touring a lot and recording more music.


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
I read a lot of poetry and hike but mostly just more music.


Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?
The Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas seems pretty cool, I know they host the Life is Beautiful festival there which I would like to play.


Would you be up for collaborating with an unsigned artist or band? If so how can they contact you?
I’m always open to working with other people. Someone could contact me via my email which is linked on my instagram.



What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
I wouldn’t say one song in specific has influenced me. I listen to a lot of wonderful artists and they have all had a big impact on me musically and emotionally.



Where is your dream festival to perform?
There is a ton of festivals that I would love to play including Pitchfork Music Festival, Bonaroo, FYF to name a few.

What made you go in to music?
I saw an orchestra playing when I was about 6 years old and then I begged my mom to let me play the violin.



What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
I guess the best advice is simple but it was just to keep pursuing music always no matter what.



What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not just about the industry also just as an artist/band?
Keep being driven and passionate about what you do.


What quote or saying do you always stick by?
I don’t really have a quote I can think of to be honest.

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
Water, capo, extra picks, sweater, and of course all of my gear.



You come off Tour
1/ Where is the first place you go?
Back to my apartment in Echo Park.

2/Who is the first person you see?
One of my friends or one of my dogs.

3/What is the first thing you eat.
Probably something from Sage, I love that place.



Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yes, my Facebook , instagram and twitter


Take a listen to ‘Its Alright’ below


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