Hey Jazz, how have you been since we last chatted?
Hey! It’s lovely to be chatting again, a lot seems to have happened in a year! I’ve spent most of it doing lots of behind the scenes writing for myself and other artists, and through doing this have really found who I am as an artist. It’s a really exciting time for me and it’s lovely to share it with a blog that’s supported me so much over the years.


Give us a little bio about you for those who are new to hearing your music.
Hey everyone! I’m Jazz Mino and love singing my heart out whenever I can. I’m also passionate about performing & writing pop/dance tunes for myself and others.
I’m originally from Manchester but was raised in Somerset and I’m now living in Shoreditch, London which I love. There’s always something new and fun to do and I meet amazing people every day from all walks of life. Having experienced diverse cultures and opinions from living in Manchester, Somerset and London, I’ve been inspired to do a colour changing, multi single campaign to promote diversity, equality and self-care. I could talk endlessly about these three topics, they all go hand in hand and I think they’re crucial to a more caring and positive society.


You new single ‘Crush’ will be released on 17th November, why did you choose this to cover?
I chose to do a cover of Crush as I love the original. It’s so catchy and the lyrics really grab me as they’re about feeling confident within yourself enough to just enjoy the moment for what it is. This is something I really struggled which whilst battling with anxiety. It affected all aspects of my life; I was overwhelmed with negative thoughts about myself, overanalysed all of my actions and felt a constant sense of dread. The worst part, was that I felt completely isolate. As I gradually began to talk to my family about how I felt, they were so supportive and that was when I actually realised that this suffocating feeling was anxiety, and it was quite common. I’ve worked so hard to overcome it, and although sometimes it occasionally creeps back – I now feel in a place where I can truly do enjoy every moment, take care of myself more and not worry too much what others think. When I sing Crush, it reminds me of my journey overcoming anxiety and I feel proud of what I’ve achieved.


Do you have any gigs coming up?
I’m just about to start a UK schools tour to promote looking after your mental health, and that it’s just as importance as looking after your physical health. I feel privileged to have been chosen to do this as I think it’s crucial that everybody from a young age understands the importance of self-care. I think my team are also organizing some exciting dates for next year, so you can keep posted about those over on my website –


What else can we expect from you?
Crush will be released on 17th November which I can’t wait for! Then after that, I’ll be releasing a new single every 4-6 weeks as part of my campaign promoting diversity, equality and self-care. Each single has a different associated colour to represent the mood of the song. Crush is orange as it’s my favourite colour. You can keep up to date with all the colour changes over on my Instagram! – Instagram



Do you have any collaborations with any other artists in the planning?
I have a really exciting collaboration coming out but I’m not allowed to announce it yet! All I will say is that it’s with one of my favourite producers and when my manager called me to tell me I was like, waaa?? I’m going to be revealing it very soon on all of my socials… 😉



Would you be up for collaborating with artists and bands? if so where can they contact you?
I absolutely love collabbing with artists and bands when I can find the time. The best way to chat is by getting in touch with my manager and sharing your ideas


What quote or saying do you always stick by?
“Treat everybody with love and kindness on your way up; you never know who you’ll meet again on your way down”.
I’m a very strong believer than no matter who you are in the world or what you’ve achieved, we are all equal and no one person is superior to another.


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yeah! My absolute favourite is Instagram & I love doing cover requests over on my stories
You can find the rest of my socials on my website along with my Spotify page <3
Have an amazing week surrounded by people you love, and lots of laughter xxxxx

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