Jess And The Bandits consist of Jessica Clemmons, Ricci Riccardi, Louis Riccardi, Dave Troke, Steven Reid Williams bring that pop/country back with a bang!

Smoke & Mirrors straight away just draws you without a doubt which gets you excited to see how the album plays out and I will tell you, it does not disappoint at all.
With stories coming through each track and hear the personal touches throughout makes you want more and more of their music.
From Track 1 to 14, kicking off the album is ‘ Im Not Going Home’ A slow build up to start the album which I think is was brilliant then when Jess’s vocals come through you just move to the beat instantly.It sounds such a personal track turned in to a power track to influence many!

Track 2 is the title of the Album ‘Smoke And Mirror’ gives the impression theres always going to be a bumpy road and even if there isnt any ‘Gold and Glitter’ you still have to continue your day life to help support your career, really gives you that push that if you ‘live your little life’ who knows where it will take you.
With such a strong message and sang so beautifully really makes you hear the passion put in throughout and what they have been through and helping others to push themselves.
Such a perfect track!

Track 3 ‘ Worlds Still Round’ a more of love story track with a fun upbeat yet the echo vocals in the background gives it that extra special feel. Not every love story ends well and this track is just something to say that even if it isn’t working out the ‘worlds still round’ so move on and be happy.

This whole album has a fascinating and happy feel throughout, with many more message hidden in each track, sit down take a listen and take it in then stick it on repeat and dance the night away.

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