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Hey Nancy , thanks for chatting to me again, how have you been?
Hey MOTF, thanks for having me here again! I have been good thanks, keeping busy and spent a lot of the summer writing new material and collaborating with some great artists.


Since we last chatted you have been doing a lot of things, Firstly tell us about your new single ‘Faith’.
‘Faith’ is the debut single from my latest EP ‘Carry the Flame’. It’s a song that I wrote over a year ago when I was going through a bit of a tough time, suffering from a bought of depression and anxiety I turned to writing to try and get some of those thoughts and feelings out of me and into something productive. I think without a creative outlet I would be in a dark place so I really believe that music has saved my life many times over the years.


What is the message you want to get out to your fans by collaborating with ‘Faith’?
The message within ‘Faith’ is simply to never stop believing in yourself, to keep fighting when this life gets hard and to respect yourself, have self worth. Love yourself, be you and own it. I also believe that in some way, we are guided at times in this life, perhaps by spirits, perhaps by angels or just certain people who are meant to come into our lives when we might need them the most. Who knows but just have ‘Faith’, especially in yourself.



What was the writing process like?
I wrote ‘Faith’ in two parts. I wrote the chorus sometime before the verses and when I was in a tricky place. The verses were written after. It all eventually came in to place and it wasn’t a song that I wanted to rush, it was a song that I wanted to take a journey.


What was the recording process like?
I went into the studio with Will Angeloro once I had the basic structure of the song. Me and Will work well together and he understands my creative so I knew instantly that I wanted him to produce the track. In an evening, we had the rough demo and some great hooks. To finish it off I asked a Pianist friend of mine to come in and work some magic on the keys and then song really came to life and it really got the right mood across.


What was the video process like?
Making the music video was a challenge but thanks to a great team behind the project, we manged to pull it off. I worked with Deaf Nick visuals, he understood the vibe I was going for and we managed to film it in one day in a studio in London. I wanted it to be a simple but expressive video, I didn’t want to complicate the song itself and I was pleased with the outcome. (Once again, a massive thank you to everyone involved).



Watch the video right here;



Who did you show first and what was their reaction?
Firstly, I showed it to my producer, Will Angeloro. He was happy with the result and said that’s exactly how he envisioned the video to be, so that was a good result. Secondly I showed my Nan , I think she was impressed especially with how long my hair suddenly was in the video HA! (Thank you to Popellas for the hair extensions)!


How has the response been like so far?
It’s been a good response, I think people are hearing quite a change in style compared to my last EP. But I like to mix it up a little and to keep things interesting, I think it’s important to show versatility as an artist.


Will you heading out on tour or have any shows coming up?
At the moment, I am in the studio working on the next EP but I hope to be gigging again soon.


What is next after all of this?
I have a few collaborations on the way and I’ve also been focusing on rapping as well as the singing. The next EP is set to be something completely different so watch this space! For more you can follow me on Facebook  





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