What is your genre of music?

We like to call ourselves dream pop or indie pop. Although I do feel like our music speaks for itself and it’s hard to put it into just one genre.



How did you pick your genre of music?

We don’t really follow trends or genres that other people are doing, we just created what we wanted and what came out was dreamy pop melodies. : )




Give us a little bio about you as a band and as individuals.

Moxi is an indie pop duo comprised of Anna and Andy Toy. We started writing and recording music as Moxi in 2013 and haven’t stopped since. We met while in the studio recording Anna’s solo folk project long ago. We became instant friends and eventually started writing and recording together. After we wrote our first song we felt like we had something special. When we showed a few trusted friends and heard their reaction we knew we were right. Thus began Moxi and the rest is history. We draw on elements of pop, classic cinema, and 80’s new wave. Andy writes the tracks and Anna does topline- the perfect combo. We have a new EP coming out August 18th titled “Figures Bathed in Light” and we could not be more excited. The music off this new EP feels so raw, new and exciting. We think it’s pretty special. Anna spends her time running a pet care business on the side, drinking wine in her backyard, and listening to true crime podcasts. Andy spends his free time learning about new wine producers or making new cocktails, & reading sci-fi books.



How did you meet each other?

Like I said before we met in the studio when I was recording my first solo folk record. Andy and I became fast friends and it wasn’t long before we were writing music together. We have a pretty strong creative connection and it’s so special to be able to make music with your best friend.



Are you a signed?

We are releasing our Figures Bathed in Light EP through Cat Beach Music but we aren’t signed with a label and consider ourselves independent artists.



You released you BRAND new single ‘Paclew’, tell us more about it.

Paclew is named after and partially inspired by our cat child Mr. Lewis. But the lyrics were written about staying out of the depressed state that I can find myself in more often then I’d like- Anna. Paclew is a fun song, we recently filmed a really fun video for it that includes us running around an abandoned warehouse in cat masks. I’ll leave you with that.





What was the recording process like?

Most of the time, we start with a track that Andy writes, and I (Anna) write lyric and melody afterward, but more and more we’ve been collaborating on both sides of the track/top line. After we finish the demo, we bring the song to Bobby Hartry to help refine and bring the demos to life!




What was the writing process like?

We had a lot of fun writing for this EP. We wrote Figures Bathed in Light first and knew that we wanted that to be the title track for the EP. From there we focused in on themes of light vs dark, spirituality, and the supernatural. We also drew a lot from personal events happening in our own lives. We actually wrote the bulk of the EP during a writing retreat we took to Big Bear California. We rented a cabin, holed ourselves up for 3 days and just wrote non stop. It was really fun and creatively refreshing to be out of the city and just focus on the art. Writing is always our favorite part, its very therapeutic for both of us.




What was the process like for the title of the track?

Figures bathed in light was written about a terrible car crash we survived together a few years ago. We were driving on a very windy road in the hills north of Santa Barbara. Our car clipped the guard rail which sent us flying off the road straight toward a 50 foot cliff. Our car was finally stopped by a concrete pillar that had just been built recently. If we would have been a few feet to the right or left we wouldn’t have made it. We walked away with just a few scratches and both felt like we had survived for a reason. We wrote Figures Bathed in Light a few weeks later.




Describe your new single “Paclew” in three words.

Intense, Haunting, Industrial



Will we see a EP or Album from you this year?

YES! We are releasing our EP Figures Bathed in Light on August 18th. WOO!




If so can we get any spoilers? Well we’ve already released two singles “Figures Bathed in Light” and “Paclew”.

We are premiering our official music video for “Figures Bathed in Light” on August 14th plus we’ll be posting lots of teasers of the other songs next week. Follow us on social media to get all the good stuff. Social handle is moxilovesyou.




Will ill you be heading out to any shows or a tour this year?

We have several local Southern California shows on the books right now and hope to play other places later this Fall.



If so where?

We’ll be at Echo Park Rising in Los Angeles on August 19th. Our EP release show is at Holiday in Costa Mesa on September 9th. We’ll also be at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on September 28th.



Do you play any instruments?

Anna plays a little guitar and piano as well as omni chord. Andy plays a little of everything 🙂



Who are your influences?

Tom Waits, Feist, Ryan Adams, Brandon Flowers, Lana Del Rey.




How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Our inspiration comes from so many different things. Anna- I draw a lot of inspiration from life and the things that happen to me and people close to me. All of our songs are very personal to me but I like to use lyrics that are abstract and dreamy so that people can interpret and relate to the song how they want. I also get so inspired whenever I travel, I think seeing the world is so important for everyone but especially for artists. Writing has always been therapeutic for me so I tend to write a lot when I’m upset or troubled by something.



Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

We’d love to still be writing and performing music. We’d love to be on a tour with a bigger act or headlining our own. We’d also love to be signed to one of the bigger indie labels that can help us with tours and getting our name out there more and more.




When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

We both love drinking wine in our backyard, hanging out with our little cat, and watching horror movies. We also love to travel.



Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?

Hollywood Bowl. I love it there its so magical under the stars.



If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?

Brian Eno or arctic monkeys.

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