New York duo ‘VISTA’ Are made up of Hope Vista who is the lead vocalist and Greg Almeida who strums the guitar.

Consisting of seven tracks which pulls you in from the get go,
Track 1 ‘Allegience’ – If you haven’t yet checked it out let me introduce their brand new single set to release this Friday, it straight away creates a unique and mystical sound, that fun rock feel with their own modern twist which is infectious in a fantastic way.

Track 2 ‘Inside Anxious’ a very deep title that instantly gets you questioning the meaning.
Giving off a Paramore vibe which I love so if you do I recommend you check this out.
Vocals scream through but in a great way in this case.With a beat that matches the fantastic track you can just rock out to anywhere.

Track 3 ‘ Hellbent’ uprawr with beat to get you entises you in with their modulated vocals and Gregs rusky vocals, the two glide together so perfect
Written and sang with so much professionalism and makes you fall in love with the duo

This is just 3 of the 7 tracks on the Album and once you hear the rest you’ll be jumping at the chance to see them live especially on their Long Live Tour!




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