What are your names?

Our band is called CRANE. We consist of members, Bobby Crane (Me), Jesse Rhodes, Jeremy Bauer,

Mark Einhorn, and Billy Parks.



What is the bands name?

Our band name is CRANE



How did you come up with the bands name?

Originally CRANE started off as a solo project of mine. I made all this music but never did anything with it

until a couple friends (who are in the band) convinced me to move forward with it, and so we just

transformed CRANE into a band.



What is your genre of music?

My favorite is definitely Alternative Pop!



Give us a little bio about you as individuals and a band

Bobby Cane: I do majority of the writing and producing for CRANE. I have a sister and two brothers. I

have an American Mastiff named Duke that is the sweetest, yet most terrifying dog in the world.


Jesse Rhodes: Works at The Abstract Recording Studio in Los Angeles. Has the best living situation of all

of us. Is notoriously cynical. Loves beer. Plays guitar, and runs ableton for the band!


Jeremy Bauer: Works at Toppers. Has the most unique Snapchat/Instagram Stories I have ever seen.

Plays Bass like no other!


Mark Einhorn: Is seriously tall.. 6’6”. Plays keyboard for the band. He also works at The Abstract

Recording Studio in Los Angeles. Probably the best Basketball player of the band. He also plays the

saxophone extremely well.


Billy Parks: Billy is our drummer! He is attending college at Long Beach State. I’m pretty sure he’s a

surfer…I think. Drives a Subaru.



You are set to release a new album tell us more about it.

Yes, The EP actually just recently released. It is called, “Fear Of Flight”, and it encompasses multiple

genres and influences into a general alternative sound.



Describe each tracks in two words

“Bitches Upstate” = DARK. CREEPY.

“Party With Me” = Seventies Party

“Pretty Little Girl” = Love Song

“Again” = Old Fling

“Minivan” = Jokes n’ Beats (Close enough to two words).

“Drunk Summer” = Banger BANGER.

That was much harder than I anticipated.



What was the recording process like?

The recording process consisted of me doing all the vocals in my bedroom, actually! All the initial

production was done in my home studio as well.



What was the writing process like?

The writing process took place over two years. I wrote many songs in that time, but these are the ones I

felt most confident about when narrowing down my EP list. I wrote some of those songs when I was at

school in Montana, and the other ones were done at home during all sorts of moods.



Will we see any gigs or a tour with the new album?

As of right now, we currently doing gigs within the California area. A tour is something we look forward

to doing, but most likely will not pursue until after the release of our next EP.



If so where will you be heading?

Depends where we’re wanted 




Where is your dream festival to perform at?

Coachella! I would be so thrilled to play at a venue like that. It’s iconic.




What made you go in to music?

Nothing made me go into music as much as it is just something I always gravitated towards. It’s really

hard to picture myself pursuing anything but music. Nothing else can control your emotions so greatly.





Are you a signed?

We are an unsigned band!




Will you be touring this year?

We will be playing shows that we are tying to the release of our EP, but not necessarily any touring yet.



Do you play any instruments?

I personally sing, play piano, guitar, drums, bass, and even a little ukulele!



Who are your influences?

My influences are definitely the greats. Whether they’re older artists or modern, they all have a huge

impact on me and my sounds. For example, I am a huge fan of Coldplay, Rage Against the Machine, Lana

Del Rey, Jon Bellion, Stone Temple Pilots, Boston, Deadmau5, M83, Smashing Pumpkins, Death Cab for

Cutie, Chainsmokers, Diplo, Skrillex, Radiohead, and the 1975.



How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Most of my inspiration starts to form in the first couple minutes of writing a song. I’ll usually come up

with some chord progression or riff that I love at the moment, and then depending on how it makes me

feel, I’ll just follow that down wherever it takes my mind and makes me feel.



Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

In 5 years I see CRANE being a band that a lot of you will know. I see us being a lot closer to our ultimate

dream of getting our music heard by everyone 



When you’re not doing music, what do you do

I work as a project manager for a construction company, and I also spend a lot of time napping!





Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?

I would have to say the Honda Center of Anaheim, or as it used to be called, The Anaheim Pond.





For anyone visiting LA, where would you recommend them to go?

I would most definitely tell them to go to Phillipe’s sandwiches. GET THE TUNA SANDWICH!!!





If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?

I am not sure if they are actually from the UK, but The 1975 would be my foreign band of choice!





If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?

Chainsmokers, absolutely! Drew Taggart and Alex Pall are my heros.



What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

It was honestly probably Lana Del Rey’s music and Deadmau5’s music, to be honest.



What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I have ever been given is from my Abuelo. He said this, “ one is no better

than you. And you’re no better than anyone else.” (He had a really thick Cuban accent.) This is what

motivated me to get out there and not be afraid.



What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

I would tell them to keep their minds open to change. The music you start out making isn’t always

what’s going to be your best. You have to be able to adapt in this industry, as the ear is always craving

something new.



What quote or saying do you always stick by?

My Abuelo’s quote above!



When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

I’m assuming you mean equipment, and in that case it’s

1. My iPhone

2. Laptop

3. Acoustic Guitar

4. Pants

5. Mic setup



Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

Of course 




Or check out our website to find us with a click of a button at

Thanks for taking the time to interview us!

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