Hey guys, how have you been since we last chatted?

Doing fantastic just busy with the upcoming release of the new album. 



Introduce yourselfs to those who may not know what JATB are about.

We are a UK based contemporary country bands comprised of 4 Brits and 1 Texan. 



You have a new single out ‘Kings Of Summer’, tell us more about it.

Well this is the first instant grat on the album and we thought, what better song to put out there prior to the first single! The sun was shining at the time, so at least felt like summer for a few days when we released it!



What was the writing process like? 

As much as we’d love to take credit for this one, we actually had this pitched to us. Jess spent tons of time in Nashville and wrote 30 plus songs for the album and then another 30 plus were pitched. This song was so much fun and very different from what we have done previously that we knew it needed to be on the album. It’s nice to have a fun, carefree song that really showcases the harmonies in the band. 



What was the recording process like?

It was a lot of fun. Because of some schedule conflicts Jess actually had to record her parts in Nashville and then Femke Weidema, the producer of the album, came to London and got all of the parts from the Bandits. Jess got to Skype in and still be part of the process which was great! 



You are also set to release a brand new album, what’s it called and what’s the reason behind the title?

The new album is called Smoke & Mirrors. I think sometimes in life many of us put up a front. We either pretend to be happy, pretend to be someone we aren’t or anything where we aren’t being authentic. That’s where the song Smoke and Mirrors came from and I knew from the minute I wrote that song, that was going to also going to be the album name.



Describe each track in two words.

I’m Not Going Home – fiercely determined 

Smoke and Mirrors – storytelling

World Still Round – pop country 

White Lies – clever story

Kings Of Summer – very fun

Kiss Me Quiet – sexy song 

Gone girl – bluegrass feeling

Sister – gospel choir

Start A War – strong women 

The Bullet – most personal 

Already Written – love song 

Line of Fire – country rock 

Fault Lines – bonus track 



What can you tell us about the tour? 

Yes absolutely, we are going to be going up and down the country that using the new album. We will of course do all of the favorites from the old album and even mix in a few new covers! As usual our goal is to put on an amazing show so the audience is already excited about the next one! 



Do you have the support lined up, if so can we know who?

That’s all being kept under wraps right now but all will be revealed soon! 



Where are you most looking forward to on tour?

Oh it’s hard to choose just one place. Honestly all of the cities are going to be amazing but London, Glasgow and Newcastle are always so much fun!



What is the one thing that is a must have at your gigs?

My fan! It’s so hot on the stage that I never travel without a fan to put on stage with me. It’s the best! 


Let everyone know your socials right here for all your updates;

Just head over to www.jessandthebandits.com for all of the links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and all of the others! You can also pre-order the album NOW and if you pre-save the album and singles on Spotify you get songs before anyone else!

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