What are your names?
Theo Chaumard 
Louis Arcens
Thomas Fariney 
Ced Machi 
Tell us the story behind the name ‘ Caesaria’.
The name Caesaria is the latin word for the woman of Caesar. We wanted to emphasise on the female face of this name cause we always have a muse, or a symbol which inspires us in our lyrics. 
What is your genre of music?
We play dance/pop/rock music. 
Give us a little bio about you as a duo and individuals.
CAESARIA draws its origins from the new English-rock wave.
Our last EP Come on & Dance is a playground for dancing and dynamic experimentations, we mix pop-music vocal harmonies with more recent electronic and powerful guitar riffs. As individuals, Ced is the drummer. He likes Infected Mushroom, Eric Bib and sausages with beer (in the morning). Thomas is the bass player. He likes Jungle and Glass Animals and the only reason why he’s playing bass in Caesaria is because he has the bigger fingers. Louis is guitar and keyboards player. He likes Daft Punk and The Shoes and he’s still looking for his hairdresser. Theo is the lead singer and guitar player. He likes Hot Chip and Battles and for him « we can sleep when we’re dead ».
Are you a signed?
We’re signed with Try & Dye Records, label located in Strasbourg, France. 
You work with Pluggin Baby, how did that come about?
Our manager, Fred Tavernier who is also the singer behind Ted and the guitar player of Yeallow (signed with Try & Dye Records too), used to work with Pluggin Baby and particularly with Emma for some of those projects and that’s why he decided to extend this collaboration to us. 
Btw, thanks a lot Emma for everything ! 
Your Single ‘Wavin’ Goodbye’ is released, tell us more behind the title.
This song is a story about a dying person who stands back on his life. He
puts in perspective what he did, looks at others in the way they act and
realises that they do not enjoy life as they should. It’s a pretty sad song but
the message is to celebrate life as long as you can.
The music video spreads this message by focusing on a transsexual. We
wanted to give another perspective to this message and show that some
people start a new life in their lifetime, such as transsexuals.
What was the writing process like for  ‘Wavin’ Goodbye’ ?
The intro had been created for several years but we never thought about doing anything with it. But one day, Theo brought the intro out and we decided to start on working on it again. We finished the structure of the track and then, Theo wrote the lyrics. 
What was the recording like for ‘Wavin’ Goodbye’  ? 
As we always do, we went to our home studio with our friend, Alex Lopez, who is also our sound engineer to record this track. We spent two days in that place. The first day was dedicated to the drums and the bass then, the second one to the leftovers : guitars, keyboards and vocals. 
You have an EP also coming soon what can you tell us about it? 
Yes we have. It’s going to be an other 2 tracks EP with a remix of one song. Its name is « Come on & Dance » and will be released in September. We’re gonna to release one music video coming from this EP at the end of May, called « Take It Out On Me ». 
Check it out starting from the 26th on May on Youtube ! 
Did you collaborate with any one on the single or EP? 
Yes we did. The song « Come on & Dance » which is also the name of the entire EP is a featuring with a rapper : Sheridan. 
Will you be heading out on tour with the album? 
Yes, indeed. We will be on tour June & July in France and this tour will start again in September. Hopefully, one day we will come to England ! 
What made you go in to music?
First, we all had parents listening a lot of music when we were young and in particular, classical rock bands such the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who… Then, with the development and the growth of the internet and specifically with Youtube when we were young teenagers, we discovered the amazing shows in huge stadiums of Metallica, Muse, Depeche Mode and these kind of videos made us feel like playing music and creating a band. That’s how it started. 
Do you play any instruments?
Theo plays guitar. Louis plays guitar & keyboards. Thomas plays bass & PADs. Ced plays drums & PADs. 
Who are your influences?
Our most influences are The Klaxons, Hot Chip, The Rapture, The Shoes…
How do you get inspiration to write songs?
I get inspiration with my every-day life. The reality is really inspiring if you see the things when they happen, when you look at them from above, when you feel empathy for others… 
Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
No clue, it is hard to picture your band life in few years because it depends on a lot things. But, let’s say we just want to continue as we do : playing more and more gigs, continue to record, making collaborations, work with an increasingly number of people, etc…  
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
Thomas surfs. Louis plays with his playstation. Ced teaches drums lessons to his students. Theo drinks wine and eats cheese. 
Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?
In our hometown, it would be l’Axone, Montbeliard of Le Zenith, Strasbourg. 
If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?
It’d be Joseph Mount or Bonobo.
If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?
It’d be James Murphy or Asher Roth.
What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 
Theo : Knight of Cydonia, Muse.
Thomas : Master of Puppets, Metallica. 
Louis : Hells Bells, ACDC
Ced : Dani California, Red Hot Chili Peppers
What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
The most important thing is to remain into the controversy : either you are loved or you are hated. Don’t ever end up in indifference because the contrary of love is not hate but indifference. 
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
« Don’t take this too seriously » 
What quote or saying do you always stick by?
« Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work »
When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 
  1. Bottles of water
  2. Spare instruments 
  3. The cigarette you’ll smoke after the show
  4. The bass player
  5. The Setlist 
You’re Home from tour, 
1/Where is the first place you go?
I’ll go to the best kebab shop ever in Paris ! 
2/Who is the first person you see?
The owner of the kebab shop in Paris ! No seriously, my friends !
3/ What is the first thing you eat?
The best kebab ever ! 
Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Yes, of course ! 

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