What is your name?My name is Elena Ramona

What is your genre of music?
My main musical genre is Pop but I like to experiment with different genres such as Dubstep, Electro and Jazz.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up on Skiathos Island in Greece, I speak both Greek and English fluently.
I came to the UK at the age of 10 to attend boarding school in Wiltshire.
At school my friends would give me topics to write songs about at breaktime and mark me out of 10.
I moved to Guildford, Surrey in 2008 to study vocals at the Academy Of Contemporary Music.
I like keeping fit and watching sports, my favourite sport to watch is rugby.
I can mono ski.

Are you a signed?
No I am not, but I hope to be in the future.
You recently released your new single ‘The Neon Lights’ what’s the story behind the title?
The main message in the song is, be yourself embrace who you are and keep going,I used the analogy of neon lights to portray a happy confident message, neon lights are strong, bold and unique and I want my listeners to feel like this when they hear this song.
Describe it in three words.
How long did it take to write?
About 4 months, the song evolved a lot and I changed my mind about a lot of things before I was happy.  
What was the recording process like?
Quite stressful to begin with ,but also rewarding in the end when it all came together.
Where can it be purchased?
The most popular platforms you can buy this track on are iTunes,Amazon and Google Play.
Do you have any gigs coming up ?
I have some gigs planned for this Spring and I am in contact with some decent venues in and around London at the moment and hopefully will be playing at a local Festival or two this Summer.
Will you be releasing an EP, if so what can you tell us about it?
I plan to release one or two more singles first.
Would you be up for collaborating with other Artist/bands, if so how could they contact you?
I am always happy to collaborate with bands and artists, if they would like to contact me via Facebook or Twitter I am happy to organise something.
Where is your dream venue to play in the uk?
Wembley Stadium.
Where is your dream venue to play overseas?
Coachella Festival.
Do you have any collaborations with any other artists coming up?
You will all have to wait and see.
What made you go in to music?
Music has always been a part of my life , it happened very naturally.
Do you play any instruments?
I can play piano but not enough for me to sing and play at the same time.
Who are your influences?
I have so many, my main influences are The Beatles, Sia and The Spice Girls.
How do you get inspiration to write songs?
The ups and downs of life feed my inspiration to write songs, I live in my own world a lot of the time and I am always writing down my thoughts as they usually evolve into a song.
Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Ideally, I see myself as a successful songwriter in 5 years
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
I enjoy going to the gym and seeing my friends.
What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
Teardrop -Massive Attack., I was 9 when I first heard it and I remember loving how powerful the song sounded.
What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
Do it now because you don’t know what the future holds.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry but as an artist?
Try not to get distracted by what other musicians in the local area around you are doing, discover things about your craft and follow your heart.
What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Winners never quit and quitters never win.
You are away from home for ages and you get back, where is your go to place in your hometown?
The beach with friends.
Do you have social media accounts for new fans to follow you?
Yes I do
Facebook : @elenaramonamusic
Twitter: @elenaramona90
Instagram : elena_ramona_music
SoundCloud: ElenaRamonaMusic

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