What is your name?Kambui Olushala Nefta Chui-Moore.

For those who don’t know of you, give us a little bio about you.

I’m a native Texan. Youngest of 3. Band kid turned sports teen that finally went back to music when he realized he could be all these things at once and didn’t have to sacrifice what meant the most. I live in Detroit now, where I teach high school and I’m building a label from the ground up.

We last chatted about your single ‘Final Words”, what was the response like to that?
It’s definitely my favorite song and the one people have openly gravitated to the most. I think when people start to learn about me, they will come back to that song for sure. It was cool to hear that people connect to the meaning because I dealt with an unwavering sadness for so much of my adult life. When more people find it, I think it’ll have a second life and we can get more into the conversation about what it really means to me.

You have now released a 5 track album ‘Confier’, tell us more about the title of it.
Confier is an idea I came up with in 2014. It means “to entrust”. That was around the time I started to make these abstract R&B songs. I was trying to focus on being honest and direct with my lyrics but also personalizing it to me. Every song isn’t about trust or relationships but I try to capture the emotions of change, loss, and growth. I sing words I’ve thought to myself or conversations I’ve had with friends about the changes that were happening in my life. And I’m kind of giving those moments to the listener to hold on to.

Describe each track in 2 words.
Confier = Unrequited attention
Final Words = Understanding struggle
Space and Tempo = Breaking Up
Before I Let Go = Valuing honesty
For Healing = Knowing worth
Will you be touring this year?
People are reaching out for shows and my friend Mike is helping me with that. I plan to get that experience of being in random places and making connections through music. After the EP push is over, there will be specifics on my site. But nothing big for now because there is so much music I want to share first.

 What was the writing process like?

The writing process came so long after the music was finished. I actually finished a bunch of compositions before I had a single lyric written. I knew I wanted to create this empty R&B sound, absent of heavy tones and drums. I just wrote what I was dealing with at the time and I do that one song at a time. I’m not one of those people who can write everyday. If the words aren’t flowing it’s because the moment I’m pulling from didn’t alter my life enough. Most of the EP is about a girl I dated on and off from 2014 – Summer 2015. I had enough stories and memories to put this collection of songs together and I think it’s pretty cohesive sonically. There were a lot of songs I write before and after the finalized list (that didn’t make the cut) but those will probably come out later in different forms.

What was the recording process like?

It was actually hard recording these songs because I had to travel so far and often. I didn’t get multiple shots at recording vocals and changing arrangements because I was paying for everything. I recorded the entire album at The Lava Room in Cleveland, Ohio. I only record with my engineer Austin, who just understands how to track my voice and who is also getting his feet wet in the business. We get to grow together and that’s the most important part to me. I found two mastering guys, Greg and Hans, who engineer some of my favorite bands and singers. They really gave me a professional sound I didn’t have and I know the future records are gonna be crazy. I bring raw song ideas and they make them sound presentable.

Do you have any festivals in planning?

I would love to get on some festivals late 2017. I think a lot of that has to do with keeping the momentum going and building off the next record I drop. I plan on having singles and another EP out this year so fingers crossed for sure.

What’s the response been like so far for the album?

From what I’ve heard and felt, it has been pretty positive so far. Thanks to my team at Planetary, I’ve been getting picked up at non-commercial radio stations all over the country and getting a few shoutouts from music blogs. It’s still kind of surreal to know your music is being played because people enjoy it. Seems like you’ll either love it or think it’s awfully boring, which I’m ok with. I don’t want to make anything I’ve already heard so I count that as a success as well. I’m excited to see what opportunities come from it. It gives me the confidence to share what I’ve been working on because I don’t want to ever get caught in one sound for too long.

If you could get one of your tracks on tv show which one would you like it to be?

Final Words. I could imagine it on just about any TV drama. It’s one of those lonely walk home scene records.

 Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

Everything is @kambuicm. I don’t post a lot but I always share what I consider to be great music I’m listening to or content that moves me. I think it’s a win-win.

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