R: Raúl (lead guitar)
P: Patty (vocals)
A: Alber (bass)
What  are  your names?
R: Our names are Patty (vocals), Alber (bass), Pepe (drums), Dani (rhythm guitar) and I’m Raúl (lead guitar).
What is the bands name?
R: Screams On Sunday!
How did you come up with the bands name?
P: It was this day in which we were all talking on WhatsApp giving ideas of band names –we all live in different parts of Madrid, so sometimes it’s hard to meet. Thing is, I have two small sisters and they were arguing over something, I don’t know what, to be honest. But I came up with the name at that moment. To be honest, I kind of proposed it as a joke, but we all liked it! So that’s the story behind it. Guess I gotta thanks my sisters even though they are a pain in the ass sometimes. 😛 
What is your genre of music?
R: We don’t like to label our music since we write anything we want without worrying about if we are making rock, hard rock, heavy or even pop.
P: Some kind of rock, I guess. Definitely not pop, nor jazz (even though I love both and other genres!). That’s the only thing I dare say. But, these times, I think it’s kind of a stupid habit to try and label music into something more specific. Who cares, anyway? 
Give us a little bio about you as a band and as individuals.
P: The guys always leave the tedious parts to me! Thanks for the gift, guys! :* We met each other on the Internet three years ago, when we started out as a band. In my case, I didn’t know about anyone who was into rock at school or where I lived and even less that played it, and I wanted to be in a band so badly that i started searching on the Internet for people who wanted the same as me. I was so lucky that these guys were doing the same. We then started rehearsing, and writing music… and the rest you know it hahaha. We’ve been to the UK several times already –and we hope to do so again soon!– we’ve recorded an EP, released a single and are now about to release The Night, which we recorded at Sound-Hub Records. 
Are you a signed?
P: Nope, no one loves us enough to sign us hahahahaha. Do you wanna adopt us? *-* I cook really well (lie!).
you are set to release   ‘The Night’ , tell us more about it.
P: Well, after we recorded “Behave” we decided our sound needed to mature a little, that it needed to be differenciated from other stuff that was around us and that meant nothing to a lot of people. We were looking for ourselves. And, somehow, The Night was the next song that we came up with after that turning point that was Behave. We are really happy about it, I personally believe it’s powerful and catchy and has something interesting to it. I hope people that listen to it feel the same. Regarding the lyrics, I wanted to talk about this situation that is becoming more popular lately in which people, specially online, tries to look cool every single time. I mean, who cares about what you had for breakfast or if you went to a party with that someone you only met for one minute? Or if you just got cut your hair? C’mon, stop trying to look that awesome, life kicks all of our asses. Wonder how many people post about their shit. I think that is a way of escaping your problems, but escaping is not the solution, confronting them is. Anyway, those are my thoughts, people can do whatever they please. I’m too lazy and busy to keep people updated on my life.
A: It’s a step forward for us, a really important one in many ways. 
What was the writing process like?
P: I don’t know if Alber came up with the main idea or who did… I remember working on something he sent me and then he worked on that again. We then showed it to the rest of the guys and the magic began. It always works the same way, or almost most of the times. Someone comes up with an idea, brings it to the rehearsal, we start improvising over it and then… we get stuck for a month or two on some part hahahaha But we did come up with a nice track in the end, we’re really happy about it. And it’s fun to play live.
A: Someone gets to the rehearsal with a piece of the song and the rest of us start improving it and building it. Patty writes the lyrics.
What was the recording process like?
R: It was awesome. We were impressed about the song production. We loved the experience, although sometimes It was boring because we had to record one by one and repeat the same parts a lot of times. Even so, we could say It was amazing, and the studio workers were (are) very friendly and nice.
P: It was really different from the experience we had in Spain. I felt kind of free when recording and I guess I had improved my skills, ‘cos The Night was almost a one take, which made me really happy. well, we all had improved –thank God!. We all did much less takes than when we recorded Behave, specially Pepe, who had been rehearsing the song a thousand times. He was almost a human metronome! The guys at Sound-Hub were awesome, worked really hard and we felt our music was understood and not just criticised. They even invited us to doughnuts! Best doughnuts I’ve ever had. They had some amazing ideas regarding production and mixing that made the track what it is today, we really appreciated that. For example, they introduced some effects, which we had never though about. We were kind of afraid to use them. Now, Theu guys have bought some pedals and are obsessed with them hahaha Tom, Barrington and Doug (the dog) really took care of us! 
Do you have any gigs coming up?
P: Yup, we are preparing some stuff here in Spain 🙂
if so where will you be heading? 
P: Mainly Spain. We are waiting to see how people react to The Night and then decide if we move somewhere else or not.
What can we expect this year?  a new ep? or Album?
R: EP.
P: An awesome, catchy, powerful and… Just listen to it. EP!
Do you have any collaborations coming up with any other artists or bands?
A: No.
P: That is one of the things I’d like to do soon. But, to be honest, I don’t think we have a track right now suitable for a collab. When that happens, we will sure do it!
R: hadn’t thought about it, but we’d like to do it. 
What made you go in to music?
 R: the feelings that makes you feel.
P: Everything! But mainly, it helps me release energy and talk freely about what I want–not that I shut up, anyway. What I love the most is being on stage, though I might seem crazy sometimes.
Do you play any instruments?
 R: guitar, piano, bass and drums.
P: I play my vocal cords! And the guitar. And I literally play WITH the piano and keyboards hahaha.
Who are your influences?
 P: My fave bands are All Time Low, specially, and then I also love A Day To Remember and My Chemical Romance. But, I think Bon Jovi and U2 have influenced me a lot.
A: Spanish rock bands like Marea, Extremoduro… International ones like Three Days Grace, A Day To Remember, Linkin Park…
How do you get inspiration to write songs?
P: when I’m waiting for the bus to go to work I start improvising stuff, when I’m at home doing the chores, same thing; when I am angry, when I am happy, when I am sad… Every moment is a good moment to come up with a good tune. Not that all of them are awesome, of course. Regarding the lyrics, I like to talk about stuff that people don’t like to talk about: problems! And not love ones.
A: From a lot of silly things the singer sends us.
Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
R: Hopefully being successful, but that’s complicated.
P: I always see myself on stage. Always. 
A: Playing at Reading!
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
R: I study, look for a job, enjoy my spare time with my partner, friends and my PS4.
P: I work as a graphic designer, I do stuff for the band, study Japanese, watch tutorials, read, play with my cat Trece and get scratched by him, go out with my friends and boyfriend, and very few times: relax. 
 A: Not much.
What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
P: Wow, that’s a tough one. Hmmm, I think that maybe Scars by Papa Roach, Dear Maria by All Time Low, or… I don’t know, honestly. Rock made me go into the music scene.
A: No song in special.
What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
R: If you want results: effort, determination and tenacity.
P: I generally worry a lot, so this one was really good advice for me: don’t worry before the problem even starts, ‘cos you won’t be able to solve anything and you’ll just have a bad time…TWICE!
A: Heads high and never give up.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and  just as an artist?
R: Do whatever you want that you like, but it should be good and original.
P: don’t copy others, people are tired of copies. Pour your heart and your thoughts into it. Music is power, use it!
What quote or saying do you always stick by?
P: Aim High!
How did it come about working with Quite Great PR?
P: They were awesome, really good people and professional. Looking forward to working with them again 😀
Where is the best places to go when your home?
R: What?
P: My room, that’s my small and private sanctuary. And then the bathroom and kitchen for physiological needs.
When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
R: The songs, the pedals settings, the choreographies, enjoying the moment and tht what I do I do it because I love it.
P: The lyrics, never stop moving, lots of water, giving my all and paying attention to all of my bandmates. 
A: instruments, stretching, water and confetti!
Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
P: Yes, give us some love! And share it

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