What is your name?

 – Jethro Sheeran  

What is your genre of music? – hypnotic sound darkly sensual and cinematic fusion of hip-hop /trip-hop rhythm and soulful melodies.


Give us a little bio about you.

 – Jethro “Alonestar” Sheeran’s new 10 track album “Cornerstone” has been exemplified as a hypnotic sound darkly sensual and cinematic fusion of hip-hop /trip-hop rhythm and soulful melodies. Having worked with massive attacks band the album has that “Bristol” sound to it, with mature cinematic vibes and deep vocals.

The Album was released on

launch Party and the Album Cornerstone went to number 3 in the chart on iTunes.

alonestar is a great performer. His club and festival performances from London to Port of Spain (Trinidad) have earned enthusiastic crowd responses and radio and television play.
Jethro has won two awards of ‘Exposure Music Awards’ for Best Male Artist and Best Urban Song. Jethro appeared in a live U- stream supporting his cousin Ed Sheeran in promoting Ed’s new single, “You need me, I don’t need you”. Part of the song was taken from Alonestar’s single “Shottas Paradise”.
Since propelling into the spotlight Alonestar has been very busy not only as a Recording Artist, but also as a Music Producer to many established artist including the famous duo “Bars and Melody”. Jethro produced all the tracks on their album 143 which successfully went straight to number 4 in the UK “Official” Charts and has subsequently on platinum. 

What made you go in to music?

 Are you a signed artist? I havent signed to a major yet. Ive just started my own label Eternal Life records. 


 You have a brand new track out ‘Lovelorn’ tell us more about it. 

 Jethro Sheeran aka Alonestar (Ed Sheeran’s cousin), has been working alongside the live band members of Massive Attack to produce this hedonist, sexy, dark track which also sees Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding feature in the breath-taking video.

‘Lovelorn’ tells the story of a heartbroken woman who falls in love, but the lust of her life doesn’t love her back – something we can all relate to!
Also featuring on the chorus is top 10 singer Rosie Ribbons, her haunting vocals sound like a falling beautiful angel. This sits perfectly on an addictive resonating drum beat recorded by Damon Reece (Massive Attack), and flawless production of the song by Jethro Sheeran and Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack).
And to even more add intrigue- the song itself is about past life experiences for both Jethro Sheeran and Rosie Ribbons, which added to an overly emotional ride when writing and recording the song together!
“Lovelorn is the strongest and most powerful song I have written & produced to date, it reflects my new sound and style. It’s something fresh, and different to anything else out there at the moment. I dug deep to exercise the darkness in this track, and fell into the depths of my soul when coming up with the concept.” 


What was the recording process like for ‘Lovelorn’?

 – it was a long process. i produced the drums first and played some parts in and sent the track to Angelo (Massive attack) for some guitar parts and he laid down some amazing guitar, bass and programmed some strings it started to take shape and i wrote my verses very quickly, i was very inspired. there was a massive editing process because Angelo had played so many cool parts that we weren’t sure what to keep or was a painful process but was very busy so we had to cull a few sounds to let the track have space and breathe. I then took it to matrix studios to mix it with Pete “Boxsta” martin and Craig Dodds and they did a fantastic job. 


you work with some fantastic artist in the track, how did it come about working with ‘Rosie Ribbons’ and ‘Angelo Bruschini’ ? 

 I was actually in one of Rosie’s music videos when she was signed to Telstar after the shoot we became very good friends and started working together, i knew she was the perfect vocalist to sing the chorus on this song. she wrote it in my front room on a trip to Bristol. shes so talented. Angelo i met through 3D from Massive attack and we hit it off and starting writing together. we’re working on a new EP for 2017 and its really coming together we’re very creative together and partnership works very well in the studio. 


Whats the most memorable memory you had during the recording of the track? 

– the mixing process.. i let the guys go to town on the track, i trust them and when i came back to listen they sat me down and played it on 4 sets of different speakers and it blew my mind, the mix was fantastic and i couldn’t stop smiling when listening to it, it was truly a great feeling. 


 Will we see a new EP or Album next year?

 – Yes I’m in the process of writing a new Ep for 2017 a much darker deeper Alonestar.


Do you have any gigs or tours coming up? 

 – yes, Ive got lots of gigs coming up soon after Xmas and Ill be doing a UK tour in April / may to promote my new Ep. I’m confirmed for Glastonbury festival 2017 which is very exciting. 


Do you play any instruments?

 – Id call myself a beat maker / producer. I use alot of outboard equipment, i program drums on Ableton push 2 or mpc 2000xl and i have a Yamaha motif xs6 so i play keys and program brass and string arrangements on that and then bring in live players to the studio to replay the parts. 


Who are your influences? 

– i have so many! from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan, 2pac , Eminem, Royce 5’9, alot of 70s soul music, massive attack, i love cinematic film scores and classical music also, Gregorian chant and alot of meditation music. 


How do you get inspiration to write songs?

 through pain. music is my therapy.


Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years? 

id like to be producing other artists and build my label up and sign a few artist. Ive just produced a whole album for bars and melody and just received my first platinum disc. id also love to do a world tour! 


When you’re not doing music, what do you do? 

– my daughter skyla rain is my life so i spend alot of time with her, i love reading, movies, cooking and relaxing, i love boxing training and the gym and I’m on social media alot! i think i need to go to facebook rehab! lol 


What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 

 – 2pac “dear mama” listening to this record and watching the video for the first time really made me feel you could be a strong, tough character but also sensitive and rap about loving your mother. he was a great artist, one of my favourites. 


What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

 – my mum taught me to surround yourself with positive real people that will support and walk your journey with you, support and help people when possible and to follow your dreams and be true to yourself. 


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist? always believe in yourself and your music always and the rest will follow. 


What quote or saying do you always stick by? 

 – “live hard, love strong” its my motto. 


Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?

 – the suspension bridge, stokes croft to see some few Banksy street art and graffiti, the harbour side is stunning also. 


 When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 

 My backing singer Rosie, 


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you? 

 Yes! – 

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