Venus II  are a no stranger to the music industry with Jarrad Brown , front man of The Eagles and The Worm’ and by the luck of meeting producer and Canyons member Ryan Grieve things just hit off immediately.
 ‘Fight For It’ a heavy rock feel which isnt what you except but really gets you listening.

Vocals feel heavy yet so easily listened too throughout.

definitely makes you wonder how the rest of the album will go.


second song is the ‘Inside Your Sun’ the title of the Album and straightaway tells you this is what is going to make you want to hear more.

‘Inside Your Sun’ has more of a electronic feel but very upbeat and has a fantastic party vibe to it. Being completely different to the first track yet the theme of the whole album erupts perfectly. This is a track that would be playing at a club night and the DJ re-spins it a good couple of times. think this is my fave from the album.


Changing it up once again yet still has that electronic vibe throughout, ‘On My Way’ would be the finishing song that just slows you down but still keeps you in that dancing mood with the instrumental and rhythm throughout changing.


Just three of the songs out of 10 on the DEBUT ALBUM this is your cue to take a listen for your self and be sure to grab a copy.



These two just absolutely just excel themselves with each release, also releasing

‘I Want U 4 Myself (Remixes) EP which completely just again shows the how much dedication has been put in and seriously cannot wait to see where Venus II go because I’ll tell you something these are going to be hitting the party scenes hard!

‘I Want U 4 Myself (Remixes) EP


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