Banana High are a 5 piece all the way from the south of England and here to create music with a variety of genres, originality and just bring themselves! 
Join The Evolution  is their latest project with 7 songs that will take you on a ride! 

‘Still In Disguise’ a song that you straight away know it’s personal yet so upbeat. 
A more heavy feel to ‘Little Time Away’ with lyrics you may be able to relate to in ways but the boys have made it in to this to help clear their minds.
A smooth guitar instrumental ‘All That We Are’ shows the boys love abit of variety  like they do in their genres. 

Vocals are so peaceful and fruity making the track sound more fun then what the meaning is behind the song… 
With a variety of vocal range and lyrics that create such an image throughout every song, the peaceful instrumentals and strong beats it just makes you wonder what is next for the boys!
This is just three of the song out of 7,be sure to check it out for yourself!
And prepare yourself a for so much more from Banana High… 2017 will be their year!
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